3 thoughts on “Best of 2009: Okefenokee Swamp

  1. Just kayaked about 37 miles Apr.17-19. There is a world there that has basically remained unchanged for thousands of years.Being my first time camping in such a watery terrain, I have a respect for nature in a way that can only continue to bring my heart peace when ever I think about it. We stayed on Floyd’s Island for one night,Upon arriving in mid after noon we we’re greeted by a very laid back Gator,He/she decided to keep an eye out for any Bear while we unpacked and headed to the house which is just a short walk from the take off.That night we explored the various trails around the historic island, It’s almost surreal being in the presence of such beauty. The Gators,Deer,Fox,and Birds are not shy, If God gave us dominion over all the Earth, Floyds Island is the exception.I will definetely come back for more fishing, visiting more islands,breathing in the fresh air,and taking in the lush environment. P.S. Thank you to all who help take care of the swamp,including all those who take their trash out with them. You’re continuing an epic enjoyment for generations to come!

  2. Yes, what a great place to enjoy! I loved my time there doing broadcasts about the swamp. So much history and nature to see!

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