A Florence, Arizona Prison

Arizona did not become a state until 1912, so for several decades of it’s existence, it had a territorial prison to handle the work of that a state penitentiary would carry out it a full fledged state. The same town that housed the prisoners in the territorial days, still fulfills the mission today…

Author: Tom

2 thoughts on “A Florence, Arizona Prison

  1. Very cool website!

    My great-grandpa was sentenced to life there (Florence) in 1911 and wound up serving just four words when word came that he was being paroled, along with another inmate (I don’t recall his name t this time) but he was released just shy of what (would) have been four years….

    Thank you for sharing this site with your viewers! :0) I really appreciate it.

  2. correction- that should have read (obviously) that he served short of four years.. (I said for words) Blah! Sorry about that ~~~ But again, thanks much!

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