Down Under: The Challenges of Camels

American farmers and ranchers may have predators and feral animals that pose problems to their business. The same can be said her in central Australia, but the challenging animal is a camel…..

Down Under: Learning from the Old Guard

Sometimes you need someone to “show you the ropes.” The same can be said for this cattle ranch. Here the older animals may save hundreds when they know the path to the best grazing or the nearest watering hole….

Down Under: 200 Miles to the Nearest Vet

We continue our series outside our nation’s borders today with a visit to the Curtin Springs Station in central Australia. It’s about 200 miles to the nearest vet and you may go weeks or even months without seeing some of your herd, yet it’s a place where one family is making a living…..

Down Under: Managing Drought

U.S. farmers and ranchers are no stranger to droughts. However, here in central Australia, these ranchers must manage their ground as if each rain, may be the last one they’ll see for the next decade. It’s a million acre ranch in the Outback…..

Down Under: The Story of Curtain Springs Station

Today we begin a fascinating series from an over million acre ranch in the Australian outback. The story of Curtin Springs Station is one you won’t want to miss.

Scenic Route – The Curtain Springs Station

In central Australia you will find Ayer’s Rock…the iconic red monolith that’s the country’s well-known landmark. Just 60 miles east of that famous site, you’ll find the Curtin Springs Station. In Australia, ranches are called stations, and this one’s over one million acres in size. Andrew McCrea visits with Lyndee Severin, who along with her husband and father-in-law own and manage their cattle herd……

Down Under: 6 Stoplights in 1700 Miles

It’s a highway that once had no speed limits. There are still portions of the road where you can go as fast as you like. And you can travel a very long way without stopping. This two-lane highway is over 1700 hundred miles long and has just six stoplights…..

Down Under: Alice Springs


The city of Alice Springs is a place with rich history and amazing landscapes. It’s still the center of business for those who call central Australia their home and a place that people love to explore…..

Down Under: Linking the Rest of the World

In the heart of the Outback, you can still see the telegraph station that helped link cities like Sydney and Melbourne with the rest of the world. The town of Alice Springs grew up around those first buildings and today is a seeming metropolis in the sparsely populated interior of the country…..

Down Under: A 4000 Mile Walk

It was a walk of over 4000 miles across some of the most remote stretches of land in the world. Add to it a harsh landscape with little water and temperatures that can easily top 100 degrees. This was the area that had to be conquered and we’ll head “down under…..”

Down Under: The Outback of Austalia

For the next couple of weeks we’ll be outside of our country for a look at life “down under.” We’re headed to the Outback of Australia, a place some compare to the western U.S., yet a place you’ll find to be much more remote than any spot to be found in America…..