More With Holocaust Survivor Judy Straus

AMC_Brazil2016We conclude our story with Holocaust survivor Judy Straus.  If you’ve missed any of her story of tragedy and triumph, be sure to go to and listen to each feature…

Lives In Jeopardy

AMC_Brazil2016As the end of World War II in Europe drew ever closer, the Germans stepped up the pace of sending Jewish families to death camps.  For the three members of the Straus family, each of their lives was very much in jeopardy…

Nazi Death Camps Through the Eyes of a Child

AMC_Brazil2016The scenes from Nazi death camps were staggering.  Now imagine experiencing those horros through the eyes of a child.  That was the case for Judy Straus…

The Nazis Invade Home

AMC_Brazil2016The Straus family left Germany in the 1930s to escape the rising power of Adolf Hitler.  Then, in the early 1940s, the Nazis invaded the new nation they called home…

Holocaust Survivor Judy Straus

AMC_Brazil2016This week we visit with Judy Straus, a survivor of the Holocaust  Her story is one of tragedy and hope…and a story I hope you’ll tune into each day…

A Jewish Family’s Challenges in Nazi Germany

FJ Alaska Banner AdWe resume our moving conversation today with Henry Straus as he share his family’s challenges living as Jews in a country where the Nazis were rising to power. We appreciate the assistance of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center with this series…

Growing Up Jewish in Germany

FJ Alaska Banner AdFrom his earliest memories, Henry Straus remembers discrimination. As a young Jewish boy living in a German city, his family faced laws that stripped them of many of the freedoms they once had enjoyed. His family knew they needed to leave the country…but was it already too late?

Surviving the Romanians and the Nazis

Paula Neuman Gris, her mother and younger sister had survived life in a forced labor camp at the hands of the Romanians and the Nazis.  However, their struggle would continue as they raced to find surviving family and to escape the descending Iron Curtain that would cut them off from the freedom they desired…..

The Holocaust From the Eyes of a Child

Paula Newman Gris was but six years old, but the decision she was about to make could impact her life and the lives of her family forever.  Her story of the Holocaust from the eyes of a child…..

The Difficult Stories of Surviving the Holocaust

Paula Neuman Gris was but three years old when her family began to be torn apart by the Holocaust.  Although her young memories are few and the years have passed, the story is still difficult, as it would cost the lives of many close to her…..

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

Over the next few days you’ll be hearing from Paula Neuman Gris, a girl of only four years of age who survived the Holocaust.  We are especially grateful to the Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta for their help with this interview and encourage you to visit them…..