A High Value Crop Grown Right in the Middle of Town

Imagine attempting to grow a high value crop in the middle of one of America’s largest cities.  That’s exactly what happens here….

The Secret to Growing Great Strawberries

What does it take to grow great strawberries? A good railroad of course. That’s one of the reasons many of the strawberries you eat come from this location…..

Fort Mose

In the marshlands on the northern edge of one of America’s oldest city, you’ll find an amazing story of the struggle for freedom. It’s an important piece of history that is being uncovered yet today.

Slaves Escaping to the South

Long before there was an American Civil War waged over the issue of slavery, there was the struggle for slaves to find freedom. The first chapters of that story are ones few have ever heard, with slaves escaping, not north, but south…..

The Oldest House

oldesthouse(St. Augustine, Florida) – Some people may purchase older homes and restore them to their original beauty. But when it comes to old homes, it’s difficult to find one with more age than this property in Florida…