Inside the Earth Lodge

It this country…the U.S. Capitol is the place where laws are made…but 1000 years ago…it was perhaps this earth lodge where the most important decisions of the area where handed down.  We visit a remarkable piece of history uncovered by archeologists…

Unique Mounds and Lodges

Most of what we know about this group of people comes from the mounds they built all across the U.S.  In the state of Georgia though, some of these mounds and lodges are unique to the rest of the country and give us extra insight into life a millennium ago…

The Methodist Museum

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014If you do something the same way day after day, you might be said to have a method to your work. The method these brothers used in their work is still copied today…in fact, the method is still in the name…

The Great Locomotive Chase

It’s called the Great Locomotive Chase – an event that occurred in 1862 when a secret force of Union soldiers captured a confederate locomotive and attempted to destroy tracks and rail movement near Atlanta.  Confederate forces took pursuit and the subsequent race between the locomotives General and Texas is legendary…..

Clark Gable and the Cyclorama

Many people remember Clark Gable in the movie Gone With the Wind.  But have you seen him in his role of a dying Union soldier.  His joke turned out to be taken literally and today he’s immortalized in this famous scene…..

The Bankruptcy of a Circus Benefits a City

Never was the bankruptcy of a circus so fortuitous to a city.  Not only did they pick up what would become a major attraction, they got a zoo to boot.  And it all came at a rock bottom price…..

What Started as a Campaign Poster…

It began life as a campaign poster, although you would have to have one very large wall to ever hang it.  However, this elaborate painting was never used to herald a general who had eyes on public office.  Rather it took on a very interesting life of its own.

Remembering the Civil War in Atlanta

It’s been over a century and a half since the beginning of the U.S. Civil War, yet many Americans are still fascinated by the battles, artifacts and stories from that war.  That’s why this popular location in Atlanta is hosting several events to broaden people’s perspective of the conflict…helping them connect with subjects once forgotten…..

Hostage Chuck Scott

There have long been tensions between the U.S. and the middle east, but Chuck Scott believes today’s challenges stem from an incident decades ago–an ordeal in which he was held captive…

Being Held Prisoner

When the Iranian hostage situation began, most of those Americans held would have told you the conflict would have lasted a week at most. But in the end, the ordeal would stretch for well over a year. We visit with one of those men who spent 444 days as a prisoner…