The World’s Tallest

It is one of the highest points in the world and it isn’t out of reach for any climber, no matter their level of experience.  In fact, I recently enjoyed my trip there…as well as eating lunch at the local pizza place in full view of the magnificent peak…..

A Hotel on the Frontier

Imagine a six story hotel in a place some would consider the frontier border of Oklahoma and Arkansas.  That was the plan and there was definitely a need.  The place did get built and it remains today…..

A Place Called Poteau

Most folks aren’t quite sure how to pronounce the name of this town.   The name looks like it belongs to the country of France, but why would such a place be located in Oklahoma?  Dig a little deeper and an interesting story from a few centuries ago begins to unfold…..

The Oklahoma Land Rush

Imagine a train chugging south out of Kansas with people jumping from the cars all along its route. The reason they jumped and mass chaos took place that September day is this edition of The American Countryside…

Getting to FFA Contest

An FFA advisor was driving his students to a competition when the bus broke down with twenty eight students and the teacher stranded on the roadside. What happened next worked well in the 1940s, but today it would probably land you in trouble…

Where Horses Wouldn’t Drink

George Keeler noticed his horses wouldn’t drink from this spot on the Caney River.  The location is today an important spot that draws visitors from around the world…..

A New City Overnight

If a city grows quickly, we might say it sprang up overnight.  This state capital literally sprang into existence in just one night.  We go back to that night and the events leading up to the mass migration to buy those town lots…..

Land on the Run

If you found a great deal on a house or a piece of land, we might say that we ran to get the deal.  In 1889, thousands literally ran to get a deal…..

Stockyards City, Oklahoma

You might go to a fancy clothing store to get measured for a suit.  But where do you go to measure your horse?  It still takes place here, in a portion of the city that has farm roots that date over a century…..

The Cattlemen’s Cafe

Why are nurses on the night shift eating breakfast in the Oklahoma City Stockyards?  Here’s a place popular for breakfast and great steaks–any time of the day–all at a café won with the roll of the dice…..

The Banjo Museum

When I was in fifth grade I wanted to play the trumpet.  My parents scratched together $300 for a used trumpet–the one I still play today.  It was  a lot of money back then. It’s just a good thing I didn’t play the banjo, for that may have cost the entire farm…..

Duelling Banjos

You’ve heard of dueling banjos–now multiply it times several hundred.  It’s a unique convention of sights and sounds that arrives in the Midwest this weekend…..

Collecting Specimens

Jay’s father could have scolded him for what he’d unearthed.  Most parents would say, “Put down that filthy thing!”  His father didn’t do that though, and because he didn’t, Jay went on to build a company and a museum about what he’d found…..

A Prisoner of War Reintured

Over 65 years after this Prisoner Of War died in a work camp, his body will be reintured near his birthplace this week. The story is unusual though, because the POW died here…..

One Famous Horse

At one time this fort raised and trained over 14,000 horses and mules at a time. Many of those animals were shipped overseas, but there’s a good chance you remember one very famous horse…..

An Unlikely Field Trip

Many schools take field trips this time of the year. They are usually a fun event for students to get some time out of the classroom. But some field trips don’t go as planned…..

An Agriculture Student from the Ivory Coast

It’s not everyday you find a young man who hails from the nation of Ivory Coast attending a farm conference in western Oklahoma. What’s he doing there and why is it so important to his nation?

Pawnee Bill

It may have seemed this famous western showman had married the wrong woman. After all, his bride was a city girl who didn’t grow up around horses and cowboy life. It turned out that she might have been the better cowboy of the pair…

The New Farmers of America

Most people have heard of the National FFA, formerly the Future Farmers of America. In fact, many listeners to these broadcasts are past FFA members. Some may not be aware that during the years of school segregation, another organization existed for African Americans, the New Farmers of America…..

A Career In Agriculture Education

At 96 years old, W.G. Parker has memories of teaching agriculture well before World War II. Most of his career his students were active in the New Farmers of America, an organization for African American youths similar to the FFA…