A Famous Inventor

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014His first invention involved a kite–and perhaps his most famous discovery involved one too…

A Small Rock Marking a Big Impact

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014There are hundreds of monuments here at Gettysburg National Battlefield. Many times it’s difficult to know the story behind each one…there are simply so many. That’s why one statue placed upon a small rock may not draw that much attention. But when you learn the story about the man it depicts, you’ll be intrigued by his interesting route into this battle…

The Role of Chaplains in the Civil War

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014If you are a student of the Civil War, you probably know some of the important names like Generals Lee and Grant, or battles like Antietam and Gettysburg. It’s easy to overlook important aspects of the war that often go unnoticed. Today we take a look back at one of those areas…the role of the chaplain…

The Importance of Faith in Battle

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014A soldier needs many resources in battle. One of those items is perhaps most important, yet intangible. It’s the importance of one’s faith…and today we take a look at the role of an army chaplain…a position that helps one minister to the needs of those who may be on the front lines

The 125th Anniversary of The Great Johnstown Flood

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014It was an American disaster that was hard to imagine. A giant flood and an immense fire were destroying a city of over 30,000 people simultaneously. We remember the tragic story of tragedy 125 years ago…..

A Story of Heroism and Tragedy

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014It was a story of miraculous heroism among a story of deep tragedy.  125 years ago a wall of water cut loose from a breached dam was about to swamp Johnstown, Pennsylvania. As a tidal wave thundered down the valley, one locomotive engineer braved the swell to warn people of the impending danger…

The Problem with 51 Inches of Rain

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014When 51 inches falls on an area in one month…well, it’s likely there’s going to be problems. Here, those problems provide tragic. It was a tragedy that took place 125 years ago this week…

Overwhelming Dead in Gettysburg

The numbers of dead and wounded soldiers and horses overwhelmed the population of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1863.  It was up to them and surrounding citizens to repair and rebuild the homes and businesses engulfed by a major battle…..

The Impact of Gettysburg

Most people who visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania tour the battlefield and learn about the fighting that took place in the first week of July 1863.  Many fail to grasp the long term impact the battle had on those who were living here at the time.  Today we take a look at the story of average citizens coping with the horrific aftermath of war…..

Getting Caught in the Battle of Gettysburg

When the battle began here in Gettysburg, Hettie Shriver and her two young daughters left town and went to stay with her parents.  Unfortunately, her parents didn’t live far enough away.  The story of ordinary citizens caught in an extraordinary battle…..

The Dangers of Being Kicked By A Cow

If you’ve spent much time around cattle, there’s a good chance you’ve been kicked.  The right blow can put a person down in pain.  Now imagine a secret service corp tasked with protecting a world leader, not from bullets, but a swift jolt from a bull…..

The Eisenhower Farm

It may be an overstatement to proclaim that a herd of cattle helped thaw the cold war.  However a visit to the Eisenhower farm was a way for the president to size up world leaders and better accomplish the global tasks at hand.  We look back at a visit by the leader of the Soviet Union…..

The President’s Farm

Many U.S. presidents grew up on a farm.  However, their duties as chief executive often took them away from rural life for months or years.  However, this general turned president not only liked farm life, he bought and then helped manage a farm while he was in the oval office…..

Gettysburg Week: The General (Most of) America Forgot

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 3.02.54 PMIn the three days leading up to Indpendence Day, 1863, Americans waged the greatest of battles against one another at Gettysburg. So on the 150th anniversary of the battle, we’ll spend this week there, taking a look back at the the people and sites that played at important role in the conflict. We begin with the man who led the Union…a man most Americans cannot name.

The Liberty Bell

July 4th, 1776…Indpendence Day in the United States.  One of the symbols of our freedom is the Liberty Bell.  But most folks don’t know the real story behind that bell–a bell that really was not famous at all until more than a half century after that famous July 4th in Philadelphia…..

Benjamin Franklin, Inventor

His first invention involved a kite–and perhaps his most famous discovery involved one too…

Jim Thorpe

In 1912 he was proclaimed the world’s greatest athlete and some of his Olympic records from that year still stood two decades later. He was a well rounded athlete that even won the Dancing with the Stars competition of his day…

A Star Athlete

When you think of historically great collegiate football programs, names like Notre Dame, Penn State and Alabama might come to mind. Most people don’t name the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in that list, but with this star athlete on the team, they beat the top programs of their day.

Punxsutawney Phil

He’s by the far the oldest and wisest ground hog in the nation and every February 2nd, you can be assured that the eyes of the nation will turn to a place named Punxatawnery…