The Cannon That Fired Too Soon

When you’re in  Pittsfield, Illinois, enjoy the chance to drive around the city and listen to stories on your car radio.  They aren’t any ordinary stories though.  They are a tour of some of the oldest homes and businesses in town, each with an intriguing tie to Abraham Lincoln…..

A Frequent Visitor

Today we say hello to out listeners on WBBA in Pittsfield, Illinois.  Listeners there know that just over a century and a half ago, there was a frequent visitor to their home town.  That man was none other than Abraham Lincoln.  Although Lincoln visited many towns in the state, this one holds some unique stories no one else can boast…..

Inside Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital

Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital is a place Phyllis Hall knew well.  As a nurse, she had worked in the room many times.  She was present when John F. Kennedy was brought there after the 1963 assassination.  Today we look back at a moment still etched in the minds of Americans…..

A Part of Presidential History in Dallas

Phyllis Hall worked in the emergency room and clinics of Dallas’ Parkland Hospital for eight years.  No day could compare to November 22nd, 1963….

Scenic Route: Inside the ER After the JFK Assassination

Phyllis Hall was a nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and she was on duty on November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated.  Her account of that day is riveting, and at times disturbing, and she sat down with Andrew McCrea to talk about it on our latest episode of The Scenic Route.


A Dallas Emergency Room Nurse

For the next few features we’ll be visiting with Phyllis Hall, nurse at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital.  She was in the emergency room fifty years ago working to save the life of President Kennedy after the bullets struck his motorcade on November 22, 1963…..

An Unexpected Surprise

All this week we’ve heard from Pierce Allman, a Dallas broadcaster who witnessed and reported on the JFK assassination.  The entire interview can be heard on the Scenic Route at  Our final feature with Pierce is perhaps most interesting.  When he went to file his news story he met someone quite unexpected…..

First Hand Accounts of the Kennedy Assassination

One of the first broadcasters on the air with news of the shooting of President Kennedy was Pierce Allman.  He provided first-hand accounts of the scene from a pay phone on the first floor of the School Book Depository.  He reflects on how he chose to break the news to the world…..

A Reporter on the Biggest Story of All

Pierce Allman was a broadcaster and manager at WFFA, a radio and television station in Dallas.  In the fall of 1963 his team had been covering all the events surrounding President Kennedy’s visit to the city.  By chance, Pierce found himself within the biggest story of all…..

On the Scene of An Assassination

In 1963, Pierce Allman was manager of programming and production for WFAA radio in Dallas, Texas.  When President Kennedy came to visit the area that November, his team of broadcasters was there to cover all of the events.  However, Pierce could never imagine just how close to the event he would be…..

The Willard Hotel

The round bar at the Willard Hotel has been the places where generations of politicians, celebrities and power brokers have forged deals, shared conversations or simply relaxed.  The portraits here share the stories of the many notables who have sat in this very bar and made history…..

A Place For the President To Stay

The President, of course, lives in the White House.  But over the decades, when a president or president-elect has needed another place to stay the night in Washington, this hotel has often filled the role.  It’s history is nearly as old as this city…..

The Poisoned President?

Zachary Taylor died in office in 1850, yet his body was exhumed over a century later to determine if his death was really due to natural causes. Today, we head to a cemetery in Louisville to find the truth about what caused his death, on this edition of The American Countryside.

The Wounded Eyewitness

James Tague holds an interesting distinction in the assassination of President John F Kenney. Other than the president and Governor Connelly, Tague was the only other person hit by the shots fired that day. Our full interview can be hard on the Scenic Route at American and today’s feature is next on this edition of The American Countryside.

A Skeptical Eyewitness

We continue our story with James Tague, a man who witnessed the assassination of president Kenney and was wounded by a piece of shrapnel. Remember, you can hear our full length interviews for free on the Scenic Route at You can also go there for more info about Tague and his research on what happened that day. Today’s American Countryside after this.

Scenic Route: Witness to an Assassination

You may think you know all there is to know about the JFK assassination. But there was one man wounded that day who you’ve probably never heard of. His name is James Tague, and he shares his story with Andrew McCrea on the latest edition of The Scenic Route.

Moments After an Assassination…

The city of Dallas was abuzz with excitement on November 22, 1963 as President Kennedy made a visit to the city and rode in a motorcade through downtown. But James Tague had forgotten the president was in town. He was simply on his way to see his girlfriend for lunch. What happened next would change his life forever. It’s today’s edition of The American Countryside.

James Tague – Eyewitness and Researcher

James Tague was not only an unexpected eyewitness to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he also has become a dedicated historical researcher. Tague’s latest book is called LBJ and the Kennedy Killing by Eyewitness James T. Tague. It’s due in bookstores by August, but you can also pre-order a signed copy from James Tague by emailing him. The book is $29.95.

You can read more about Tague at Wikipedia, or read an article by William M. Goggins about Tague’s experience here. And here’s a link to Tague’s first book on the assassination, Truth Withheld: A Survivor’s Story.

Some Abraham Lincoln Stories You Won’t Get from Hollywood

Abraham_Lincoln_by_Nicholas_Shepherd,_1846-cropWhat was Abraham Lincoln doing with 81 bottles of champagne and 14 pounds of raisins? Thankfully he didn’t consume them all himself, but he was an integral part of the party for which the food and drinks were purchased. We go to that party and learn about Lincoln’s failed marriage proposal, to boot. All from his time in the old Illinois state capital of Vandalia. On this edition of The American Countryside.

Witness to An Assassination

In the tragic events that unfolded in Dallas when President Kennedy was assassinated, we may forget that a police officer lost his life in the pursuit of the suspect.  Eugene Boone knew that officer…..