The Adventures of Roy Bean

Roy Bean found a steady job supplying railroad work camps.  Then he discovered something rail workers really wanted…something to drink…

The Kickapoo Attack at Fort Lancaster

You might think of a “fort” as a place with high, secure walls that could repel an attack.  The reality in the west was few forts had such walls because it was very rare there was ever a direct attack.  The exception was this place…

An Abandoned Fort in the Civil War

When the Civil War began, U.S. troops at some forts suddenly found men headed two different directions, north or south.  The fate of those forts was also in question…

The Army’s Camel Train

Before the days or cars and trucks, horses and mules were often called upon to bear the load.  But at one point, the army had a different idea on the best way to transport its supplies here in the southwestern U.S…

Fort Lancaster, Texas

Today’s traveler might meet the occasional challenge of a traffic jam or a flat tire, but the travelers here back in the 1850s had a lot more on their minds.  That’s in part, why this place was constructed…

Getting An Appointment

FJ Alaska Banner AdGetting an appointment to one of the military academies can be difficult. But Mike Hagee had a hometown connection that he thought might be able to help him make the cut. The top admiral of World War II once lived just down the street…

The War in the Pacific Museum

FJ Alaska Banner AdWhere is the War in the Pacific museum located? It stands to reason it would be next to the Pacific Ocean of course. However, it’s actually located hundreds of miles from any large body of water. The reason why has everything to do with one very important military leader…

A Permanent Trip to Luckenbach

Hayden Whittington began driving to Luckenbach, Texas before most people had ever heard of it.  He remembers the days when you might be the only person in town sitting under the shade trees next to the general store.  Over time, the crowds grew and he would up being employed by the town…..

Back to Luckenbach, Texas

This town has been on the map since the 1840s.  Yet many would tell you no one every came looking for it until 1977.  That’s when one song put this place on the map the world round.  Today we take you to Luckenbach, Texas…..

A Ghost Town with a Steady Stream of Visitors

In the hill country surrounding Fredericksburg, Texas, there are many communities settled by German immigrants.  They became place to get supplies, sell farm goods and trade news of the area.  One such place is all but a ghost town, yet it sees a steady stream of visitors….

The National Museum of the War

Some say Marvin gets to play with very large toys.  He might even say that himself.  Machine guns, tanks, flame throwers and explosives are all a part of the gadgets at his disposal.  But what may appear to be a “show” has a very important purpose.  We head to the National Museum of the War in the Pacific…..

Tanks and Barbed Wire in a Tropical Oasis

In the middle of Texas’s hill country you’ll find a tropical oasis.  There’s sand and palm trees, but you’ll also find tanks and barbed wire.  It’s part of a unique island created by one local man…

The Menger Hotel

Imagine a well-known general riding his horse into the lobby of a hotel…and it was met with applause.  Another military man came here to recruit his best troops for a famous charge against the enemy.  It’s a unique combination of history that still serves customers in the present…..

A Bath With Every Room

Today just about every hotel room in America has a private bathroom included.  Turn back the clock over a century and shared baths were the norm.  But in this city, the baths were in such demand, people raced from the stagecoach to claim a room with the luxury item….

Streets Wide Enough for Ox Cart U-Turns

Today cities don’t need to be laid out so that ox carts can make U-turns.  However, that was the plan behind this Texas town.  While the oxen on the roads are now gone, they left the streets wide and never forgot their German heritage here.  It’s a recipe for success in the state’s Hill Country…..

Inside Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital

Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital is a place Phyllis Hall knew well.  As a nurse, she had worked in the room many times.  She was present when John F. Kennedy was brought there after the 1963 assassination.  Today we look back at a moment still etched in the minds of Americans…..

Scenic Route: Inside the ER After the JFK Assassination

Phyllis Hall was a nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and she was on duty on November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated.  Her account of that day is riveting, and at times disturbing, and she sat down with Andrew McCrea to talk about it on our latest episode of The Scenic Route.


A Dallas Emergency Room Nurse

For the next few features we’ll be visiting with Phyllis Hall, nurse at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital.  She was in the emergency room fifty years ago working to save the life of President Kennedy after the bullets struck his motorcade on November 22, 1963…..

Alibates Flint

It’s called Alibates flint, and this spot in the panhandle of Texas is the only place in the world where you can find it.  Not only was it valuable as a tool, but it was so important, that it was even used as currency…..

An Unexpected Surprise

All this week we’ve heard from Pierce Allman, a Dallas broadcaster who witnessed and reported on the JFK assassination.  The entire interview can be heard on the Scenic Route at  Our final feature with Pierce is perhaps most interesting.  When he went to file his news story he met someone quite unexpected…..