American Countryside Video: The Eisenhower Farm

Video: St. Joe’s Early Entrepreneur

The latest American Countryside video features St. Joseph, Missouri, and one of its early entrepreneurs. William Wyeth helped outfit settlers as they headed west from Missouri — and even helped them stock up along the trail.

The video was produced with the help of Freedoms Frontier National Heritage Area. Freedoms Frontier is dedicated to preserving stories from along the Missouri-Kansas border, where the fight over slavery played a big part in the start of the Civil War.

“Too Tough for Women and Churches”

Holbrook, Arizona

Holbrook, Arizona, is just what you’d expect from a town in the Old West. It had a reputation as a place that was “too tough for women and churches.” Find out why on this installment of American Countryside Video.

American Countryside Video: Kansas Territorial Capital

KS Territorial Capital

We’ll be adding more video over the coming months, as we bring you a fuller picture of The American Countryside. Here’s the first installment.