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Station Testimonials

KAAN – Bethany, Missouri
KFEQ – St. Joseph, Missouri
KREI –   Farmington, Missouri
KWBW – Hutchinson, Kansas
KXRA – Alexandria, Minnesota


Sponsor Testimonials

Deluxe Truck Stop – St. Joseph, Missouri
Mitchell’s Park Street Pharmacy – Calico Rock, Arkansas
Brush Art Corporation


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Show Demos

What’s it like to grow up Amish and then make the decision to leave your home?


Meet the farmer who fought the courts to get back his own grain. Several thousand people showed up to help him…


Don’t even mention maple syrup to this guy. He says there’s only one item you need to top your breakfast and he grows it…


You know him as Fonzy from Happy Days. Here’s some things you probably didn’t know. Listen to our visit with Henry Winkler: