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The Golden Nugget Casino Download (Duration: 2:02 — 954.3KB)Ask someone to name a casino in Vegas and they can rattle off names like the Belagio, Stratospher, MGM and…

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Sequoia Download (Duration: 2:02 — 952.2KB)His work helped teach almost an entire nation to read and write within a matter of just a few years….

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Temple Grandin Download (Duration: 2:03 — 960.8KB)Many people in agriculture know her name well. This weekend, the world will get to know the subject of a…

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The Buckhorn Saloon Download (Duration: 2:02 — 956.1KB)When people can’t pay cash for items they want, they may try to barter. That’s what this saloon did; what…

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The National Cattlemens Beef Association’s MBA Program Download (Duration: 2:01 — 949.2KB)Many universities provide MBA degrees, but the one you can get from this organization will cost you nothing and perhaps…

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Punxsutawney Phil Download (Duration: 2:02 — 954.1KB)He’s by the far the oldest and wisest ground hog in the nation and every February 2nd, you can be…

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The Point Loma Lighthouse Download (Duration: 2:02 — 951.0KB)Not long after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Americans began to see and hear things–things like Japanese tanks, subs and…

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Sunset Volcano Crater National Monument Download (Duration: 2:03 — 957.1KB)Although it’s been about a millennium since this place rumbled to life, the mountain still speaks of the event that…

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Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs Download (Duration: 2:03 — 960.4KB)Mike Rowe is known for the dirty jobs he has to perform. But how many times do those jobs really…

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Dirty Jobs Download (Duration: 2:03 — 957.8KB)Some people believe they have bad jobs. Dirty jobs. Jobs no one else would want to have. So, now they…

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Sun Valley Ski Resort Download (Duration: 2:02 — 1.9MB)The Union Pacific Railroad had the perfect new resort to sell to its passengers. The only problem was convincing them…

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Technology at a Ski Resort Download (Duration: 2:02 — 955.1KB)When you need new technology at a ski resort you of course look to someone in the railroad industry to…

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Looking for a Resort Location Download (Duration: 2:03 — 959.2KB)This town got it’s start because a railroad was looking for a new destination to transport passengers. What resulted is…

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Menno Attema Download (Duration: 2:02 — 951.0KB)Imagine growing up on a farm and then in your early twenties traveling on your own a half a world…

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Farming on Two Continents Download (Duration: 2:03 — 960.2KB)As you know, AgriGold has been our sponsor of the American Countryside for the past few weeks, and I recently…

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Hansen Wheel and Wagon Download (Duration: 2:02 — 950.0KB)If American automakers are struggling to make ends meet, perhaps they should meet one of the country’s premiere wagon builders….

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Frederick Douglass Download (Duration: 2:03 — 957.1KB)Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a national holiday, but this man is noted by some to be the grandfather…

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Inventor Elwood Haynes Download (Duration: 2:03 — 957.8KB)Who invented the first automobile? You might be surprised that it wasn’t Henry Ford, but this man from Kokomo, Indiana…

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The San Diego Veterans Center Download (Duration: 2:02 — 956.1KB)The plan was to tear down San Deigo’s old navy hospital. A new hospital was built, but portions of the…

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Tunnelling to Pass the Time Download (Duration: 2:02 — 1.9MB)Most prison camps wouldn’t want their detainees digging tunnels to freedom, but at Ed’s camp, it was a way to…

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