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Burning the White House


FJM-HV-Hawaii2014It was an act that seemed unthinkable.  Another nation’s army marched into the United States capital and burned its most important government buildings to the ground, with the president and other government officials fleeing the advancing troops.   It all happened 200 years ago this week…

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The Most Famous Lady to Occupy the White House

Perhaps the most famous first lady to ever occupy the White House was Dolly Madison.  She was known to host parties with lavish desserts, but she is also beloved for the heroism she showed in the face of the burning of Washington… SharePrintEmail

George Washington’s Influence on the White House Design

Although George Washington was the nation’s first president, he never got to live inside the presidential mansion that was being constructed in Washington, D.C.  Our first presidents did have much influence over the way that home and the surrounding grounds would be designed though… SharePrintEmail

The Affect of Farming on Building the White House and Capitol

It was a long and tedious process to build the U.S. Capitol and what we know as the White House.  The hand labor, intricate carvings and movement of materials were all time consumers.  However, one of the biggest delays in getting those buildings ready for service has everything to do with the farm… SharePrintEmail

The Fertile Farmland of Palmer, Alaska

When you think of fertile farmland, you perhaps think of a location with deep rich soil in the Midwest. But to find the land growing the largest vegetables in the nation, you have to travel far to the north… SharePrintEmail

A Trip to St. Genevieve, Missouri

We’ve all seen a log cabin. Such structures were the norm for many Americans early in the country’s history. But did you ever see a log cabin with the logs arranged vertically instead of horizontally? There are only a handful in the U.S?and most are here… SharePrintEmail

Hot Zone Falconry

Farmers might contract with someone to spray for weeds, fertilize the soil or harvest a crop.  Some farmers even contract for a company to come fly falcons around the field.  We take flight with a unique ag business… SharePrintEmail

The Problem with Birds for a Crop

There are many challenges to growing a crop.  Poor weather, weeds, and disease are just a few.  We often don’t think of birds as a potential problem, but here, the birds can destroy a crop in just minutes.  What’s a farmer to do?  SharePrintEmail


Some people turn up their nose at brussels sprouts.  Where do artichokes fare in comparison?  We head to a valley where the unusual crop is grown… SharePrintEmail

A New Perspective on a Vegetable

Sometimes it’s hard to get kids to eat their vegetables.  Now imagine the vegetable looks like a hand grenade and people believe you can choke when eating it.  It’s a marketing challenge, but this lady will convince you, the problems are all in your head… SharePrintEmail

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