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They Also Ran


If you competed in a race and didn’t win, you might be labeled an “also ran.”  But in this town, it’s the “also rans,” not the winners who are celebrated…

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June McCarroll

Today you could get a ticket if you don’t drive on your side of the road.  But in 1917, Dr. June McCarroll could not get drivers to understand what seems so obvious today… SharePrintEmail

The Man Who Buys Museums

Did you ever imagine you might turn a collection into your own museum?  This man has museums within museums.  In fact, you might call him a collector of museums… SharePrintEmail

Harold Bell Wright

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Harold Bell Wright.  He was one of the top author’s a century ago, selling books at an amazing pace, and helping found a city in the… SharePrintEmail

The World’s Largest Toy Museum

The parents of every young kids, and some old ones, know they love their toys.  Tom Beck set out to put as many of those toys in one place as possible… SharePrintEmail

 Tom Beck’s Collecting

What should you do with your time when you retire?  Tom and Wendy Beck took an adventure that resulted in the largest collection of its kind… SharePrintEmail


She is probably the most well known Native American woman in our country’s history…a lady vital to the success of an incredible journey two centuries ago… SharePrintEmail

10,000 Bottle of Soda Pop

This is the type of store you can get lost in.  Not because the layout is a maze, but rather because you just don’t know what you may find around the next corner.  It’s a unique blend of new and nostalgic… SharePrintEmail

Revival of the Dime Store

An average Wal-Mart SuperCenter has 142,000 items.  Steve Hartley runs a store much smaller in size, yet carries over 75,000 items…and he’s competed and succeeded in a town with a Wal-Mart for several decades… SharePrintEmail

Dick’s Five and Ten

You might think Steve is operating a business that died long ago.  After all, almost all the other similar stores have disappeared.  But Steve is not only surviving, he’s prospering… SharePrintEmail

Hanging on to the “Bitter End”

If you told Columbus’ crew to hang on to the “bitter end,” they probably would not take you up on that offer.  That’s because the definition has changed in the 500 plus years since the explorer made his first trip to the Americas… SharePrintEmail

Columbus Day, Today

We’ve all learned that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 14 hundred and 92.  We know he had three ships, the largest of which was the Santa Maria.  But most people do not know the story of what happened to that ship and her crew… SharePrintEmail

The Shop that Time Forgot

His business is truly a time capsule.  When Matthew Edel died in 1940, the doors were closed and no one entered until decades later… SharePrintEmail

The Matthew Edel Blacksmith Shop

You most likely have never heard of Matthew Edel.  You might never have known him if not for the business he left behind… SharePrintEmail

A Meal in Meers

Just northwest of Lawton…in the Wichita Mountains of Okalahoma, you will find a town named Meers.  Its one business is a restaurant that has people coming back time and time again… SharePrintEmail

Meers Store & Restaurant

If you can find your way to Meers, Oklahoma you won’t have a problem spotting the restaurant…it’s just about the only thing there…but it’s mighty good eating… SharePrintEmail

Reviving the Longhorn

Like the buffalo that roamed the great plains,Cheap Jerseys from china longhorn cattle are an icon of the old west.  But by the early 20th century most of the herd had vanished.  So how did the Longhorn survive? SharePrintEmail

The Power of Prayer in Battle

There is power in prayer. Cheap Jerseys free shipping For the residents of this city, the results of their prayers are still celebrated every year to commemorate an event that took place over two centuries ago… SharePrintEmail

What you know about this battle probably comes from a song you’ve heard.  So today we’ll “Take a little trip along with Colonel Jackson” to see how much is fact and fiction… SharePrintEmail

Christmas 1814 – New Orleans

It was Christmas of 1814 and the residents of New Orleans knew the British were heading their way.  Soon they’d be on the ground intent on invading their city.  But could they repel the larger army and keep their freedom? SharePrintEmail

Mobilizing the Defense of New Orleans

Before you can get a group to move toward a goal, wholesale nfl jerseys from china you have to get them working together.  That was the biggest challenge facing this leader in his effort to save an American city from falling to the enemy… SharePrintEmail

 Keeping American Independence

We think of Yorktown as the place where the United States secured its nfl jerseys  However, this battle over three decades later kept the young nation from losing the freedoms for which it had fought… SharePrintEmail

Steptoe & Custer

We’ve all heard of General Custer and the battle at the Little Bighorn, but you’ve most likely never heard of Lt. Colonel Edward Steptoe.  In a moment you’ll learn why it was Steptoe, rather than Custer, that almost made it in your history books… SharePrintEmail

The Army Hostess of Walla Walla

When James Payne was told of an elderly lady who wanted to donate items to his museum, he headed to her home to see her collection.  The biggest find turned out to be a box she was ready to throw in the trash… SharePrintEmail

The Invisible Walt Coleman

Walt Coleman has the type of job where he hopes no one even notices he’s there.  That means he’s had a really good day… SharePrintEmail

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