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Measuring Time

For most of human history…the movement of the sun, moon and planets has been used to measure time.  But even the ancients knew that the rotating earth was not 100 percent accurate.  That’s where Tom O’Brien comes in…

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The Most Accurate Clock on Earth

It’s the most accurate clock on earth…and it doesn’t even have hands to tell the time.  It’s an unusual but very important clock… SharePrintEmail

A Motel With a Radio in Every Room

This motel advertisers a “radio in every room.”  Perhaps it doesn’t sound too elegant, but it’s doing a nice business on the same spot for the last 80 years or so… SharePrintEmail

Movie Stars on Wide-Open Roads

There was a time when the movie stars of the day did not fly to their destination, but rather drove their own expensive cars on the wide-open roads.  This story is about one such star on a trip… SharePrintEmail

Searching for the Crossroads of the Nation

He was a man in search of the crossroads of the nation.  For of course, that would be the best place to build a business – a site where traffic from all directions would meet… SharePrintEmail

A Book That Took 13 Years to Complete

It was a massive book, both in cost and sheer size…yet it’s pages are some of the most recognized yet today.  This is the story of the book that took 13 years to complete… SharePrintEmail

Drawing Birds

Frankly, he had the makings of a man who would squander his family’s money and accomplish little in life.  But his passion for walking the forest and drawing the birds he saw would make him a well-known name in America… SharePrintEmail

The Homestead of Lawrence Welk

His music entertained millions of listeners both over the radio and later via TV.  Today we head to his homestead on the plains of North Dakota… SharePrintEmail

A Cemetery With a Guidebook

Most cemeteries don’t offer a guidebook with brief stories of those you’ll find buried there, but this one does.  And while this is a respectful place, it’s also a site where you may be amazed at those tales surrounding the life in the wild west… SharePrintEmail

A Cemetery Opposite Arlington National

This cemetery perhaps looks the exact opposite of Arlington National in D.C.  The dusty landscape is mostly barren of lush grass and tall trees.  The shallow graves here are marked with piles of stones.  Yet, this place, like Arlington, is a well visited cemetery… SharePrintEmail

A Place Named Tombstone

It’s a town named for what others thought would happen to its founder.  It may sound like a strange way to title a place, but today that city it synonymous with the wildest of the wild west… SharePrintEmail

Man’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard of man’s best friend…but it was this dog that probably gave us the phrase so common today.  We’ll go to a county courthouse where a dog, his owner and a famous lawyer made history… SharePrintEmail

A Famous Canine

In the courthouse square in Warrensburg, Missouri you will find a statue in tribute to a dog named Old Drum.  He’s one famous canine who had a case go all the way to the state supreme court… SharePrintEmail

Defending the Fertile Farm Valley of Virginia

There was nothing left to do.  A group of 15-21 year old students would be forced  into battle if there was any hope of defending this fertile farm valley in Virginia.  What resulted is an event still commemorated annually… SharePrintEmail

A Clash Over the Nation’s Breadbasket

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is one of the most scenic farming regions in the world.  The fertile valley is flanked by tree-lined ridges nears the states border with West Virginia.  It’s also the place where northern and southern soldiers clashed over control of what was then the nation’s breadbasket… SharePrintEmail

Safely Seeing A White Shark

It’s one of the few places where you can see a white shark…safely.  Although these sharks make but a rare appearance here…it has put this place on cannery row on the map as a premier viewing spot in the world… SharePrintEmail

A Career That Brings Romance

Barry Yantis’ family has been in this family business since the days of World War II.  It’s a career that brings smiles to people’s faces around Valentines Day, perhaps even some romance… SharePrintEmail

The 100th Birthday of a Candy Bar

When you rank candy bars by the date they were first introduced, this would be the third oldest in the nation.  It’s celebrating it’s one hundredth birthday this year and we go to the birthplace… SharePrintEmail

A Mercantile Company That Invented

It was in 1876 a new mercantile company began business.  It may not sound that significant if not for one of the products they would end up inventing… SharePrintEmail

Before Got Milk–The Evil Beverage

Before there was a Got Milk slogan…some dairymen used an amendment to the constitution to help keep their product ahead of a more evil beverage of the day… SharePrintEmail

Political Party History

You may have thought this political party died when this became legal again back in the 1930s.  You’ll be intrigued by the history of the political party most think is dead… SharePrintEmail

Time to Make the Donuts

What’s the first thing a father teaches his son about being a good businessman?  How to make donuts of course!  It’s one of the most important jobs around here and 20,000 people per day may show up… SharePrintEmail

Disassociation with Wall, South Dakota

If you’ve heard of Wall, South Dakota then you’ve heard of Wall Drug.  But there was a time when a young man from that small town did not want to be associated with the place.  His story is one that impacts travelers yet today… SharePrintEmail

Offering A Drink of Water

If someone is thirsty you might offer them something to drink.  What seems commonplace served as a business inspiration that brought customers in droves.  The store that offered that free drink is our story… SharePrintEmail

Putting Down Roots for a New Business

The Depression was in full swing and a young family was looking for a place to put down roots and begin a new business.  It was the backdrop for a new pharmacist looking to open his new drug store… SharePrintEmail

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