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The Good Enough Mine


AMC_Brazil2016When the first miners hit veins of ore here, they knew it was “good enough” to open a profitable mine.  And thus, the name “Good Enough” mine stuck.  But what they found underground was far more than simply good enough…it was great…

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What Once Was Called Goose Flats

Not many folks have heard of Goose Flats, Arizona.  After all, the most exciting thing in Goose Flats was the fact that geese sometimes landed there as they migrated through the area.  But then a man named Ed Schieffelin came along and changed everything… SharePrintEmail

Meet A Childhood Idol

We all had people we idolized as youngsters. Perhaps they were movie or sports stars.  Maybe you even got to meet them once. For one young lade from Colorado, she never forgot the day she met the sports star from her small town… SharePrintEmail

The Heavyweight Boxing Champ

When Jack Dempsey held the heavyweight boxing title, he had to defend his belt against the world’s top fighters…and one very mean typewriter. This is the story of a typewriter and the challenge to stay in the ring… SharePrintEmail

Don’t Call Him a Big Baby

If you called someone a “big baby” you would probably insult them as a whining coward. Jack WAS a big baby, and he became an even bigger man. In fact, some might say he was the mightiest man in the world for several years… SharePrintEmail

The Story of Hi Jolly

In Quartzite, Arizona you can find the grave of Hi Jolly. It’s the Americanized name of a man responsible for transporting many of the supplies needed for settlement of what is today. But his journey to this country and the method he used to transport those items makes him a unique individual in U.S. history… […]

Moving Supplies in the Desert

How do you move people and supplies across a desert? Well, the answer may depend on what desert you are attempting to cross. The U.S. military decided to think outside the box. What resulted was an unusual site in the barren stretches of today’s state of Arizona… SharePrintEmail

Boats Cruising the Middle of a Desert

When you picture steamboats, we may have images of stately paddle wheeled ships moving up and down the Mississippi River. So, it may seem odd for us to image those same boats cruising up and down a river in the middle of an American dessert. It’s exactly what happened here for over a half century… […]

Good Fences

Every rancher knows they need good fences to keep the herd from running wild on the neighbor’s property.  In the 1850s there were not any fences here, but those who owned the cattle pushed their luck too far with their new neighbors in the desert… SharePrintEmail

Remembering Flight 599 on the Kansas Prairie

He was perhaps an unlikely tour guide and an even more unlikely person to be recognized by cheering crowds and a large football stadium.  Perhaps that’s what endeared Easter Heathman to so many, his enjoyment of meeting people and sharing part of his unique link to history… SharePrintEmail

The Knute Rockne Tragedy

It’s been over eighty years since Knute Rockne walked the football sidelines at Notre Dame.  However, phrases like “Win one for the Gipper” and his national championships still resonate with many.  His legendary fame still brings people to the wide open spaces of Kansas to honor him… SharePrintEmail

Crash in the Flint Hills

It was an unlikely spot for a national story – the Flint Hills of Kansas in the early 1930s.  A place far from the national spotlight soon attracted attention from around the world as locals searched for survivors of a plane crash on the prairie… SharePrintEmail

A Record Setting Bridge

For over seven decades, this bridge was a record setter, the highest suspension bridge in the world.  It continues to draw visitors from around the world who are amazed as they look through the planks at a river one thousand feet below them… SharePrintEmail

Natural Beauty Stumbled Upon By Accident

Thousands of people still drive to this location to be amazed by the natural beauty of this place.  It makes you wonder what the first explorers thought when they stumbled upon it by accident… SharePrintEmail

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

Perhaps it’s fitting that you have to go a bit out of the way to find the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.  This well known site is certainly worth the drive, but in the early days, it was one of the more remote locations on the shores of Lake Superior… SharePrintEmail

A Fear on Lake Superior

Some sailors and airman have long feared the Bermuda Triangle for the mysterious fate of some who have passed there.  Whitefish Point is a bit different though.  Everyone knows its tremendous toll on ships, but for years, it didn’t seem to deter captains from plowing on through regardless the condition… SharePrintEmail

Whitefish Point

On a road map, it’s simply listed as “Whitefish Point.”  That place name has little significance to most, but for those living in northern Michigan, it’s a place very  well known on land and sea… SharePrintEmail

A Long Bus Ride

Some students must ride a bus to school.  But imagine a school district where a student might spend nearly six hours simply riding to and from school each day.  It’s a reality here… SharePrintEmail

Raising $4 Million In a County With Only 3 Thousand People

A county of only about three thousand people was tasked with a major challenge.  They needed to raise about $4 million to save their historic courthouse.  But how could so few raise so much? SharePrintEmail

A $40,000 Architectural Masterpiece

It only cost $40,000 to build this architectural masterpiece.  Of course, that was about 150 years ago, but the small town building is a unexpected draw for many to see across this nation… SharePrintEmail

A Building Beautiful Inside and Out

I’ve seen many courthouses in my journeys, but this one has to be one of the most amazing.  Beautiful inside and out, with some very unique stories to boot, including a deer that once lived inside the place… SharePrintEmail

Check In and Watch a Movie

When you check into this hotel, you’ll find the name of a movie star on your door.  In fact, you might even find a likeness of their autograph etched in the concrete on the driveway.  And the slice of Americana that this place is, has some tour groups reserving the entire hotel SharePrintEmail

Falling Asleep Watching a Movie

Many folks have fallen asleep on their couch while watching a movie.  In the case of one man in Monte Vista, Colorado, it produced an idea that built a one-of-kind family business… SharePrintEmail

Tunneling In a Prison Camp

Most prison camps wouldn’t want their detainees digging tunnels to freedom. But at Ed’s camp, it was a way to keep the prisoners occupied… SharePrintEmail

Learning Things About Yourself You Never Knew

Ed believed he was a well informed pilot flying for the United States. Then the German captured him and told him things about himself that he’d never known… SharePrintEmail

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