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Mobilizing the Defense of New Orleans


Before you can get a group to move toward a goal, you have to get them working together.  That was the biggest challenge facing this leader in his effort to save an American city from falling to the enemy…

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 Keeping American Independence

We think of Yorktown as the place where the United States secured its independence.  However, this battle over three decades later kept the young nation from losing the freedoms for which it had fought… SharePrintEmail

Steptoe & Custer

We’ve all heard of General Custer and the battle at the Little Bighorn, but you’ve most likely never heard of Lt. Colonel Edward Steptoe.  In a moment you’ll learn why it was Steptoe, rather than Custer, that almost made it in your history books… SharePrintEmail

The Army Hostess of Walla Walla

When James Payne was told of an elderly lady who wanted to donate items to his museum, he headed to her home to see her collection.  The biggest find turned out to be a box she was ready to throw in the trash… SharePrintEmail

The Invisible Walt Coleman

Walt Coleman has the type of job where he hopes no one even notices he’s there.  That means he’s had a really good day… SharePrintEmail

The Man in Stripes

He doesn’t wear a helmet, but he’s running alongside the biggest guys in the NFL every football Sunday.  He’s the man in stripes and he’s got quite a story to tell… SharePrintEmail

His “Off-Farm” Job

Some folks take a second job to make ends meet.  Sometimes that second job is something folks are really passionate about, that makes it not seems like work at all.  Perhaps that’s the case for Walt… SharePrintEmail

The Large Windmill of Elk Horn

  Many people like reminders of their heritage.  For the residents of this small town, the reminders is one very large…windmill… SharePrintEmail

Losing Traditions

When a couple marries they often incorporate traditions from both of their families.  But for the immigrants from this nation, they found they were losing centuries old customs within one generation of coming here… SharePrintEmail

 The Danes Come to America

Immigrants from many countries came to the U.S. during the 19th century, but the young men from this country often came because the farms in their homeland were simply too small to support more people… SharePrintEmail

The 1904 World’s Fair

Some say this event was the beginning of the ice cream cone and iced tea.  Those facts may be debated, but there’s no doubt it was a world gathering that still impacts us today… SharePrintEmail

The Unusual Marathon of 1904

It was a race like none other.  The Olympic marathon of 1904 featured a runner who hoped a ride, two runners without shoes and a winner who was carried for part of the race… SharePrintEmail

The Unusual Olympics of 1904

You would think hosting the World’s Fair would have been a large enough event to keep a city busy.  But then they decided to host the Olympics at the same time.  What happened when the two events crossed paths is still talked about today… SharePrintEmail

The 1904 World’s Fair

Today, St. Louis’ Forrest Park is home to several museums and plenty of green space.  Roll back the clock over a century and you would have found one of the busiest showcases on earth… SharePrintEmail

The Cemetery that Drew a Crowd

Most cemeteries are peaceful memorials to those who have passed.  That was the case here, until one of the newly interred brought so many visitors, he had to be moved… SharePrintEmail

The Waters – Del Rio

When the first pioneers set about buildings homes and towns they often looked for a good water source to sustain the settlement.  That’s the case here, and the water source even became the very name of the town… SharePrintEmail

The Unusual Goat Gland Doctor

You can still find the mansion and the hotel here in Del Rio, Texas of a once prominent and controversial doctor who touted his cures around the world.  His chicanery brought him riches, but also brought him to the courts… SharePrintEmail

Dr. Brinkley’s Million Watt Signal

We are thankful for the many stations that air our broadcasts every day, but nothing could match the power of this renegade station and the man behind it.  He was the doctor with a million watt signal… SharePrintEmail

Black Seminole Scouts

At one time, this group of people left the US for Mexico to find a safe haven.But in the years following the Civil War, the military recruited them for a special and important duty… SharePrintEmail

A Nose for Food

If you love the smell of food, nothing can match this creature’s sense of smell to find a good meal.  When they’re hungry they can pick up a scent 18 miles away… SharePrintEmail

Wayward Bears Find a Home

Anyone who’s camped in bear country knows that you need to keep your food in air tight containers – otherwise you could have some very large visitors show up.  But what happens when they do find that food? SharePrintEmail

Don’t Feed the Bears

You may have seen those cute pictures of people feeding bears out their car windows at Yellowstone National Park.  That’s a rare scene these days and there’s good reason for that… SharePrintEmail

British or Revolutionary?

Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran…there are many labels that may be placed on churches.  However, during the early years of this church, the label was either “British” or “Revolutionary” and those who stepped inside the building were most likely not going to hear a sermon… SharePrintEmail

St. Paul’s Church

Just outside of New York City proper, yet well within the urban corridor, there sits a church in the suburb of Mt. Vernon, New York.  It looks out of place as business and industry surrounds it.  However, the reason it remains is because it is a symbol of the struggle for freedom that took place […]

A Town with Streets Paved in Gold

If in heaven the streets are paved in gold, then perhaps this town was pretty close to paradise.  For a century ago, their streets were literally paved in gold.  In fact, there was so much gold in the streets they eventually dug them up to get their hands on more of it… SharePrintEmail

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