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Jumping Off the Train

Imagine a train chugging south out of Kansas with people jumping from the cars all along its route.  This is the reason they jumped and mass chaos took place that September day…

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The Cherokee Strip

It’s called the Cherokee Strip…a stretch of land in north central Oklahoma originally given to the Cherokee and later opened to settlement by the U.S. government… SharePrintEmail

The Trio Who Saved the Nation and a President

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of John Paulding, Isaac Van Wart or David Williams.  Yet, each has a county in Ohio named after them.  The trio arguably saved the nation and the life of our first president… SharePrintEmail

The Simple Rules of Being a Spy

If you’re going to be a spy, it’s best to not be carrying incriminating evidence.  So when this man took off his boots and secret papers began to appear, well, this story was going to have a most interesting ending… SharePrintEmail

Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

If you are a soldier in battle, you usually don’t want to be trapped behind enemy lines.  Yet that is exactly what had happened to John by his own fault.  Now the race was on to see if he could wiggle his way back to safety without being discovered… SharePrintEmail

Known By the Friends Kept

There is a cliché that says, “We are known by the friends we keep.”  One of the friends of this couple was up to no good – at least in the eyes of many, and soon that friendship would blossom into a story we still know well from history… SharePrintEmail

Heroes, Love, and Espionage

It’s a story that involves war heroes, love and espionage.  It may sound like a novel, but it was real life and the outcome changed the course of American history… SharePrintEmail

An American War Hero

Today I’ll introduce you to an American war hero – a man who had a great hand in this country’s independence.  However, you’ll probably be surprised by his name, for we all know him for something else… SharePrintEmail

A Story Fitting for Halloween

It’s a story fitting of Halloween.  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the headless horseman.  Today we go to the location where the tale was set… SharePrintEmail

Sleepy Hollow

Mention the name Sleepy Hollow and our minds quickly jump to tales of a headless horseman.  It’s quite a tale but some of the pieces of that story have roots in truth in this town… SharePrintEmail

Children Playing In Graveyards

You don’t think of a graveyard as a place where children would play.  But here that was the case, and because of who was playing around those stones gave us some of the classic stories we still know today… SharePrintEmail

Fort Fredrica

When European nations sailed to America, each began to lay claim to new lands.  Many built forts to protect their new empire.  Today many of those sites are ruins at best…but here on the coast of Georgia…you can still see where one superpower changed the course of history when it defeated its rival… SharePrintEmail

Representing Some of the Biggest Stars on the Screen

Their names are often not known to the world, however the people they represent are some of the biggest stars on screen.  Today we go behind the scenes for a dangerous yet thrilling line of work… SharePrintEmail

A Gold Medal Winner

She is a gold medal winner – and that’s quite an accomplishment no matter the sport.  However, while you may not know her name, there’s a chance you’ve seen her and just didn’t know it… SharePrintEmail

A Museum of Slave History

It is called the Freedom House.  This free museum is housed in what used to be the headquarters of one of the largest slave trading companies in the U.S.  The stories you’ll find here are of tragedy and triumph… SharePrintEmail

The Freedom House Museum

I always enjoy the chance to explore Alexandria, Virginia.  It’s a historic city and I  recently happened upon a museum that’s unfortunately a bit of a secret…a place I recommend all to visit…and the price is free SharePrintEmail

A Premiere Zoo in Rural America

We’ve probably all been to the zoo sometime in our lives.  It usually requires a drive to a large city to see it.  Not so here.  For the premiere zoo dates back over eight decades and it serves a town of under 10,000 in rural America… SharePrintEmail

A Big Fish Story

We’ve all heard of fish stories – maybe you’ve even told one.  But today I will tell you the biggest fish story of them all, because it is the biggest fish… SharePrintEmail

The Historic Chicago Fire

Bells rang the warning.  Prison cells were opened to allow inmates to save their own lives ahead of the coming disaster.  No one had see anything like it, and hopefully we never will again. SharePrintEmail

A Fast Moving Fire

It was a fast moving fire. In fact, it was moving so quickly that people could not find aware to avoid it.  Some thought the river would offer protection, but when the first jumped that barrier, it was clear, this would be a destructive and deadly tragedy SharePrintEmail

The Most Famous Cow in History

No doubt, she is one of the most famous cows in history…but is she really to blame for the problems she caused?  This is the story of a cow that caused quite the disaster… SharePrintEmail

The Jesse Owens Story

He won four gold medals in track and field at the 1936 Olympics, a feat that would not be duplicated until 1984.  His name is still well known, but life had its struggles for this amazing athlete… SharePrintEmail

From Sharecropper to Legend

He was born into a family of sharecroppers in northern Alabama.  His time on this farm lasted until the age of nine, but people remembered him here and decades later they would build a museum in his honor… SharePrintEmail

An Old Five & Ten Store

Imagine a place where you can purchase some thread, a lava lamp, a stuffed unicorn and some pencils and paper all in one stop and it’s not some store with a hundred aisles.  This place still thrives as an ol’ five and ten store… SharePrintEmail

The No-Miss in Downtown Branson

Many of you have been to Branson, but have you been downtown to the old dime store that’s been there for over five decades? SharePrintEmail

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