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Escaping a POW Camp in the Midwest


FJ Alaska Banner AdIf a soldier is taken as a prisoner of war, they may try to escape to freedom.  That was the case for the Germans living in this U.S. based POW camp.  However, when they escaped in the middle of Iowa, they found it was a long way back home

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Enemy Soldiers Working the Fields of Home

Imagine the pain of losing a son or daughter who was fighting in a war.  Now imagine hiring one of the enemy soldiers to work with you, taking the place of that child.  It sounds unthinkable, but the situation played out many times here SharePrintEmail

A Shortage of Labor at Home During World War II

When young men went to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II, many communities were left with a shortage of labor.  To help ease that burden, POWs, mostly from Germany, were sent into the countryside to work field and perform many other jobs. SharePrintEmail

Experiencing World War II In a Unique Way

During World War II, some U.S. communities experienced the conflict in a unique way.  They became the homes for foreign POWs, captured abroad and sent here for the duration of the war… SharePrintEmail

Farming Taro

We have all heard of corn and soybeans, but most of us are not familiar with taro.  However, go to Hawaii and you’ll find it is a long time crop that is made into poi, a long-time staple of diets there.  But growing taro has many challenges… SharePrintEmail

A Sixth Generation Farm in Hawaii

Some long-time ag operations in the U.S. are designated as Century Farms.  Family members have been stewards of those acres for over a century.  But not all of those farms are found in the lower 48.  Today we head to a sixth generation farm in Hawaii… SharePrintEmail

Martial Law Following Pearl Harbor

When we think of Pearl Harbor during World War II, we often focus on just the events of December 1941.  However, for those living in the area, it marked the beginning of three years of martial law.  Jimmy Lee experienced that life from the ages of eight to eleven… SharePrintEmail

Witness To Pearl Harbor

The December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor cost the lives of over 2000 American servicemen and women.  Over half of those killed that morning were on the USS Arizona.  It was an event 8 year old Jimmy Lee witnessed from his farm on the other side of the harbor… SharePrintEmail

On The Banks of Pearl Harbor

Jimmy Lee’s family lived on the banks of Pearl Harbor.  As a kid, one of his jobs was feeding their hogs.  That’s what he was doing on the morning of December 7, 1941.  He would soon become a witness to one of the major events of the 20th century… SharePrintEmail

A Unique Tie to the Family Farm

Malcolm Jameson’s family has a unique tie to their family farm.  It all began with a grandfather who fought on the property during the Civil War… SharePrintEmail

Calls to Start and End the Day

Any good bugler knows to play Reveille in the morning, Taps in the evening.  But how did those calls become commonplace in the military.  Well, the story for the latter can be traced to a 400 year old farm  in Virginia… SharePrintEmail

Keep Your Comments Brief – Or Else!

Public speakers are often warned to keep their comments brief.  Long windedness can bore an audience…or even worse it might kill you… SharePrintEmail

The Sand Creek Masacre

It’s been 150 years since a massacre on the high plains angered a nation.  The subsequent military investigations showed that what some thought was a battle was most likely a widespread murder… SharePrintEmail

A Sad Chapter in American History

While U.S. troops fought Confederate forces in the eastern half of the country, troops on the high plains were concerned about an Indian uprising.  Their fear produced a very sad chapter in American history… SharePrintEmail

High Tensions Far From War

Most of the battles during the Civil War were fought east of the Mississippi River.  However, today we take you to a place where tensions were high far from the major skirmishes of the war… SharePrintEmail

The First Thanksgiving Feast

You may have thought Thanksgiving dates back to the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, but this place claims to have held the first feast… SharePrintEmail

The Butterball Turkey Talkline

You’ve heard from her before, but considering the way some of us cook, maybe you should listen again.  If your Thanksgiving meal needs help, we’ll talk to the lady who helps turkeys in trouble… SharePrintEmail

A November Pardon for the Birds

It’s one of the most controversial decisions that can be made in the legal system.  The end of November has annually produced more Presidential pardons than any other time of the year, though… SharePrintEmail

A Trip to Joe & Aggie’s Cafe

Today we’re at Joe & Aggie’s café, a restaurant that’s been serving up great meals for over 70 years now in Holbrook, Arizona… SharePrintEmail

The Wigwam Hotel

If you, your kids or even your grand kids have seen the movie Cars, then you probably remember the Cozy Cones.  They’re patterned after a real-life motel of concrete wigwams… SharePrintEmail

The Battle of Island Mound

You may have never heard of the Battle of Island Mound, However the skirmish that took place here is still remembered not for its outcome, but rather who fought in the battle… SharePrintEmail

Recruiting Students for Careers in Agriculture

If you were recruiting students for careers in agriculture, a large city might be the last place you’d think to make your pitch.  However this man believes it’s the first place many businesses need to be looking… SharePrintEmail

An Unlikely Choice for FFA President

Twenty years ago a the Future Farmers of America made an unlikely choice for their national president…for his years were spent far from any working farm… SharePrintEmail

Life Without Limbs

He’s a nationally known speaker who will never experience his knees  shaking or his palms sweating.  That’s because he has neither… SharePrintEmail

A Life with No Arms or Legs

Imagine living in a world where you had no arms or legs.  Some might say it’s a life not worth living.  But today you’ll meet a man doing more than many able bodied people… SharePrintEmail

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