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Stone Spires Rising Into the Sky


FJ Alaska Banner AdIt’s a place of amazing natural beauty, with stone spires rising high into the sky.  It’s also a place of history, where two cultures collided…

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A Place of Respect

Many would consider this cemetery to be a tourist attraction.  Yet it doesn’t charge admission and is a place of respect.  It’s a place with a steady stream of visitors… SharePrintEmail

A Place Called Boot Hill

There are several cemeteries in the west called “Boot Hill.”  That’s because many of the dead died with their boots on… SharePrintEmail

Tomahawk Throwing

Perhaps you’ve seen a circus side show or an old Western where people threw tomahawks for sport.  It’s a competition still very much alive and this man builds what you need to throw… SharePrintEmail

Well Known For Craftsmanship

This young man began his enterprise at the age of only ten…and now, just a few years out of high school, his craftsmanship has made him well known across the nation… SharePrintEmail

All Seven Stories With A Ground Floor

Imagine a seven story hotel in which each floor is a ground floor.  We’ll take you to the town where that unusual site and much more still attracts thousands… SharePrintEmail

Water Is Their Livelihood

If you think water is just water, then don’t tell the folks in this small town, because it’s the water they owe for their livelihood… SharePrintEmail

The Salton Sea

It’s a lake with an elevation of over 200 feet below sea level.  It’s also a body of water with no outlet and the largest lake in the state of California… SharePrintEmail

The Largest Lake In California

It’s the largest lake in California.  So large, in fact, it’s called a sea.  You couldn’t find this lake on a map at the beginning of the 20th Century… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week: William Howard Taft

He was the only man to serve as president and chief justice, but most people that visit his home here in Cincy have questions about an entirely different subject… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week: Theodore Roosevelt

To date, no U.S. president has been born in North Dakota…but this commander-in-chief experienced a rebirth there that he said was the reason he one day presided in the oval office… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week: John Tyler

This president set the record for having the most children with a total of 15.  His second wife was actually younger than some of the children from his first message, and the last of his children was born when he was 70.  It’s an interesting story about one of the most unpopular of presidents… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week: Millard Fillmore

Most people want to elect a president who knows a little, if not a lot about how to govern a nation.  That’s why it’s a bit unique for a past president to run for office on something called the Know Nothing ticket… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week: Martin Van Buren

This is the man people may have forgot was even President, the man who followed Andrew Jackson… SharePrintEmail

A Funeral Just Like That

When people began attending funerals here, many had the exact same reaction. They mentioned that when they passed, they wanted a funeral just like that. What resulted is a business with deep ties to the mission they men serve… SharePrintEmail

The Clover of 4-H

The 4-H Program is now over a century old and many people recognize the familiar green clover that symbolizes those well-known clubs. But the story behind why 4-H has a clover and exactly what it means is a feature that not many people have heard… SharePrintEmail

Hallowed Ground in a Field

In northern Iowa you will find many picturesque corn and soybean fields dotting the landscape.  But one of these fields it hallowed ground for many.  In fact, music fans still regularly come here to pay their respects to the legends of rock n’ roll… SharePrintEmail

The Day the Music Died

Don McClean wrote the song “American Pie” about the day “the music died.”  It was the night of February 2nd, 1959 and Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens had just finished played a concert at Clear Lake, Iowa… SharePrintEmail

A Night at the Surf Ballroom Over 50 Years Ago

It’s been over fifty years now since a big time music tour rolled through the upper Midwest.  It was called the Winter Dance Party Tour and it included the biggest rock n roll names of that era.  On the night of February 2nd, 1959 they played the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa… SharePrintEmail

Saved Jewish Artifacts

The movie, “Monuments Men,” details the race by Allied forces to save precious Jewish artifacts from destruction by the Nazis.  That story played out in real life at the end of World War II and today you can see some of the items saved… SharePrintEmail

A Museum Dedicated to Jewish Survivors

In 1976 a group led by Frank Collin wanted to march in the city of Skokie, Illinois.  The event drew national attention and multiple court rulings because it was a group of Nazi sympathizers who proposed to march in a predominately Jewish community.  This museum perhaps would not be here if not for that demonstration… […]

A Journey to the US Ahead of the War

Today we know the atrocities committed against Jews at the hands of the Nazis.  However, in the years leading up to World War II, and even during the war itself, many in America simply couldn’t imagine such stories were indeed true.  We visit with a man who made that journey to the U.S. just ahead […]

A Cemetery With Different Markers

Most cemeteries have markers with a person’s name, date of birth and death, and little else.  Not so for many of the markers in this well-known burying ground… SharePrintEmail

The Night of Broken Glass

It is a night that Henry Straus will never forget.  November 9th, 1938.  It’s today known as the “Night of Broken Glass.”  Today we go back to that time with a man who witnessed it as a ten year old boy… SharePrintEmail

The Life of Punxsutawney Phil

He is by far the oldest and wisest groundhog in the nation, and every February 2, you can be assured the eyes of the nation will turn to a place called Punxsutawney… SharePrintEmail

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