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Breaking the Color Barrier


Jackie Robinson is known for breaking the color barrier in baseball.  However, some people say the first athlete to break that trend took the field decades earlier in a different sport. His story is one still well known in mid-Missouri…..

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Tom Bass

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A Surprise in Law Enforcement

In 1963 this city’s police force brutally attacked Gwen Webb.  Just over a decade later, she was a member of that law enforcement group.  But there … [Read More...]

Jailed for Participating in Civil Rights

In May of 1963 hundreds of Birmingham school students were jailed for participating in Civil Rights marches.  There were so many kids that had been … [Read More...]

Children on the March in Birmingham

The images from Birmingham were difficult to watch.  Kids under the age of 18 where being knocked off their feet by water cannons and attacked by … [Read More...]

A Pivotol Moment in Civil Rights

Gwen Webb was a high school student in one of Birmingham, Alabama’s segregated public schools.  In early May 1963 she was ready to participate in what … [Read More...]

The Effort to Change

It is said that in the early 1960s, there was no large city more racially segregated that Birmingham, Alabama.  It was the city in which Gwen Webb was … [Read More...]

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