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Wayward Bears Find a Home


Anyone who’s camped in bear country knows that you need to keep your food in air tight containers – otherwise you could have some very large visitors show up.  But what happens when they do find that food?

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Don’t Feed the Bears

You may have seen those cute pictures of people feeding bears out their car windows at Yellowstone National Park.  That’s a rare scene these days and there’s good reason for that… SharePrintEmail

British or Revolutionary?

Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran…there are many labels that may be placed on churches.  However, during the early years of this church, the label was either “British” or “Revolutionary” and those who stepped inside the building were most likely not going to hear a sermon… SharePrintEmail

St. Paul’s Church

Just outside of New York City proper, yet well within the urban corridor, there sits a church in the suburb of Mt. Vernon, New York.  It looks out of place as business and industry surrounds it.  However, the reason it remains is because it is a symbol of the struggle for freedom that took place […]

A Town with Streets Paved in Gold

If in heaven the streets are paved in gold, then perhaps this town was pretty close to paradise.  For a century ago, their streets were literally paved in gold.  In fact, there was so much gold in the streets they eventually dug them up to get their hands on more of it… SharePrintEmail

A Vending Machine for Your Divorce

You can buy a lot of things out of a vending machine, but this town had perhaps the most unique such device anywhere in the nation.  For at this vending machine, you could get the paperwork filed for your own divorce… SharePrintEmail

An Unusual Capital in Utah

Sometimes people and towns like to go against the grain and live life differently.  For the folks in Corrine, Utah that was definitely the case when it was founded over a century ago.  In fact, it was such a unique town in the state…some wanted it to leave its borders… SharePrintEmail

Rock of Ages

“Rock of Ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee.”  It’s the chorus of a well-known church hymn, but it’s also the name of one rock-solid business who’s product has stood the test of time in locations throughout the nation… SharePrintEmail

Para Olympic Basketball

As we all know, you have to be at the top of your sport to compete in the Olympics.  John Gilbert is a high school chemistry and physics teacher who spends most of his spare time preparing to compete against the best in the world… SharePrintEmail

John Gilbert, Olympian

Perhaps we remember some of the things our mom said or did that inspired us to do good or work hard.  For John Gilbert, it was the fact his mother hit a basketball free throw while sitting on the ground… SharePrintEmail

Rolling over a Challenge

What happened to John Gilbert at the age of nine would be devastating to most.  The physical challenge dealt to him became a challenge but also motivation to excel at something at which today he is one of the best in the world… SharePrintEmail

Leaving Your Mark

If someone makes a difference in the world, we may say they’ve left their mark.  Well this spot is known today for the literal mark one man made on it.  It’s the equivalent of graffiti in the early 1800s, but because of who wrote it…it’s historic. SharePrintEmail

The Youngest Member of the Lewis and Clark Team

He was the youngest member of the Lewis and Clark journey.  Although he didn’t make the entire trip, he ended up having one of the biggest landmarks on the trip named for him… SharePrintEmail

The 1936 Berlin Olympics US Basketball Team

Eighty years ago the first Olympic gold medal basketball match was played.  You can bet the scene back then is far different than anything you’ll find now.   It was all a surprise the to Americans when they arrived in Berlin back in 1936… SharePrintEmail

Dunking the Basketball

What would the game of basketball be without the dunk?  You have some unlikely folks in central Kansas and one New York sports writer to thank for the rim bending slam that is commonplace today… SharePrintEmail

Training for the Olympics

Today’s Olympic athletes may be able to devote many hours to training for their big event.  Eighty years ago, this group of Olympians was first simply focused on having a job during the Depression… SharePrintEmail

Getting Your Name Out In Public

Businesses may use a variety of ways to get their name out to the public.  In the first half of the 20th century, one sport provided a way for companies, large and small, to advertise via the teams they backed… SharePrintEmail

Uncovering Treasure in Lost Luggage

Some describe it as a hunt for lost treasure.  Others think it would be like hitting the lottery.  It’s a unique hunt through the lost luggage of the airlines to see the valuable and not-so-valuable items we’ve left behind… SharePrintEmail

Losing Parts of Your F-16

Who would pack a surfboard in their luggage to go on an airplane?  Someone did, and then lost the surfboard.  Someone else took a pair of McDonald’s golden arches – and then there’s the person that lost the guidance system to a F16.  The unique menagerie all wound up here… SharePrintEmail

Where Does Lost Luggage Go?

Where does lost luggage go?  Perhaps you’ve wondered that if you’ve ever landed at an airport and your bags didn’t arrive.  Today we tell you where that luggage most likely gone if you don’t soon locate it… SharePrintEmail

Where Elvis Began

About 70% of the 100,000 visitors that come to this small home each year are from outside the U.S.  Yet the fame of this man seems to keep growing…long after his death… SharePrintEmail

Battlefield Immortality

Jacob Thomson is in one sense…immortal.  It may appear that he has met his demise…but soon he will come back to life again.  It’s all a part of his favorite pastime… SharePrintEmail

A Battlefield “Know-It-All”

Jacob has the best of both worlds.  Hindsight is 20/20 and he can predict the future.  So you’d think he’d have it made in his role…but in a moment you’ll see things don’t always turn out like you’d think… SharePrintEmail

Fighting the Greatest Battles

Today’s guest has not spent time fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, yet he has fought some of the most important military battles in this nation’s history… SharePrintEmail

Arco, Idaho’s Claim to Fame

It was an attention getter.  A statement that showed the world the United States was serious about using nuclear energy for peace.  But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the humor in the event… SharePrintEmail

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