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One of the Busiest and Important Towns in the Nation


Today the place is almost a ghost town.  But over a century ago it was one of the busiest and most important towns in the nation

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How a Sixteen Year Old Saved the United States

Where did the American Revolution end?  Why Wheeling, West Virginia of course–when a sixteen year old girl saved the newly founded United States… SharePrintEmail

A String A Battles on the Western Frontier

It’s a chapter of the American Revolution that few know today–a string of battles fought on what was then the western frontier… SharePrintEmail

Facing What Seemed to be a Lose-Lose Decision

Samuel McCulluck faced what seemed to be a lose-lose decision.  Either surrender to his enemy and face certain death…or plunge over a three hundred foot tall cliff in an effort to escape… SharePrintEmail

The Wedding Capitol of the South

It’s billed as the wedding capital of the south.  The scenic beauty draws couples here and perhaps some legislation initially helped people tie the know as well. SharePrintEmail

A Drug Store Soda Fountain Reopens

When this drug store soda fountain reopened, they began charging 1950s prices. What’s unusual is they’re still using prices from decades ago… SharePrintEmail

Back from the Past

Once upon a time, just about every town had at least one drug store soda fountain. Today we head to such a place that vanished but then came back to life… SharePrintEmail

Coronado’s Exploration

It’s been nearly half a millennium since Coronado’s exploration party marched through what is today’s Arizona. We head to a mountain pass to recall that history… SharePrintEmail

The 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe

Melvin Alper fought an entire year in Europe during WW II, but it was the last two months of the war that produced two stops he will long remember. We look back on this 70th anniversary of the Victory in Europe… SharePrintEmail

Trained to Face the Enemy

Melvin Alper had trained to face the enemy, but nothing could have prepared him for the scene he would face in southern Germany in 1945. We look back on this 70th anniversary of the Victory in Europe… SharePrintEmail

The Second-Most Visited Cemetery in the United States

Arlington National Cemetery is the most visited cemetery is the nation.  Which one ranks second?  Well a stop here honors a president who was buried 150 years ago this week… SharePrintEmail

One Bookend of the Lincoln Presidency

On the surface, this old train station in Springfield, Illinois may not seem to be that important.  However, when you consider the bookends it represented to Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, you see why so many people travel here… SharePrintEmail

A Quick-Draw Shootout

John Sellers says the key to winning an old-west shootout was not quickness, but accuracy.  And when you take into account how difficult it was to hit a distant target, well, that changes the reality behind how those duels were conducted… SharePrintEmail

Gambling Over a Pocketwatch

In a movie “western” you might see two gunslingers fire their pistols at each other in the town square.  That’s exactly what happened here.  It was all over a small gambling debt and a stolen pocketwatch.  What resulted was a first of its kind confrontation… SharePrintEmail

Deadly Tensions

When the Civil War ended, there were still many unsettled scores of course.  Towns along the border with North and South were especially prone to violence between individuals supporting one side or the other.  That was the case here in Springfield, Missouri, and the tensions would have deadly results… SharePrintEmail

Don’t Break Down Here

If your car breaks down you probably call for help, or walk if needed.  Here, if your car breaks down it could likely mean your life, for there is no one to call and there’s a good chance no one will be driving by for many days.  It’s a beautiful yet harsh landscape… SharePrintEmail

Laying Out the Streets from Afar

The folks back in Europe were only trying to help lay out the streets of a fledgling town.  Too bad they couldn’t actually see the terrain to know how their plans would need to be interpreted.  What resulted is a unique piece of history… SharePrintEmail

The St. Thomas Historic Trust

Many cruise ships pull into the main harbor on St. Thomas every week.  Most of those who visit don’t understand the centuries old history of this place.  Perhaps it’s best represented by a colorful fort standing watch on those who dock here… SharePrintEmail

The One Successful Coal Strike

In 1892 there were four coal workers strikes taking place in north America.  Only one was successful.  The location of that strike and the people behind it will surprise you.  It was an historic moment… SharePrintEmail

The Coaling Ladies of St. Thomas

The coaling ladies of St. Thomas loaded coal for steamships in wicker baskets for about a penny per trip. But why were they paid in Mexican silver on a Danish island? It all has an unlikely connection to a man at the Alamo… SharePrintEmail

A Penny For a Basket of Coal

The historic photos of their work will amaze you. Hundreds of ladies with one hundred pound loads in their wicker baskets, day after day, for about a penny’s pay per basket… SharePrintEmail

The Unexpected Inhabitants of the Virgin Islands

So if you take a trip to the tropical forested hills of the Virgin Islands you might expect to see some wildlife. But one of the chief creatures you’ll find may surprise you. People are constantly asking, why are all the donkeys on the lose? SharePrintEmail

300 Years of Remains

Take a walk around the US Virgin Island of St. John and you’ll find numerous remains from the old sugar plantation days. In fact, roads and trails over 300 years old can still be found winded through the forest… SharePrintEmail

The Contributions of Columbus to Change

When Columbus made his voyage to the Caribbean in 1492, life for both civilizations began to change. Today we head to one of the islands marked by that change… SharePrintEmail

People often come to the new community center in Marshall, Missouri for regional meetings on a variety of topics.  But what may go unnoticed is the museum attached to the other side of that community center.  For those who venture inside, they’re amazed at the story they had never heard so close to home… SharePrintEmail

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