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Tunneling In a Prison Camp


AMC_Brazil2016Most prison camps wouldn’t want their detainees digging tunnels to freedom. But at Ed’s camp, it was a way to keep the prisoners occupied…

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Learning Things About Yourself You Never Knew

Ed believed he was a well informed pilot flying for the United States. Then the German captured him and told him things about himself that he’d never known… SharePrintEmail

Crossing the Atlantic for World War II

Ed Davidson got to cross the Atlantic on the Queen Mary…but his trip wasn’t for pleasure, for he made that trip during World War II… SharePrintEmail

Napoleon’s Link to Concordia, Kansas

Most of us recognize the name Napoleon Bonaparte as that of a famous French general. But for the residents of Concordia, Kansas, that name may mean something quite different. It’s an intriguing link to one very famous building… SharePrintEmail

An Opera House In Rural America

Today you don’t see many opera stars performing in rural America. But a century ago, the name on many buildings would lead you to believe those booming voices were a regular on small town stages… SharePrintEmail

Escapees With Nowhere to Go

At first glance, housing enemy soldiers in low security camps in the Midwest may not have seemed wise.  But for those who decided to escape, they soon found they had nowhere hostile to go… SharePrintEmail

Prisoners of War in the Midwest

During World War II thousands of enemy soldiers taken as prisoners of war where housed in hastily built camps in the Midwest.  Most were peaceful, but here in central Kansas, the endeavor had an auspicious beginning… SharePrintEmail

A Place Surprising To Both Sides

When the Allies began the fight against Germany in World War II, they began to take prisoners of war.  Some of those enemy soldiers would up in a place perhaps surprising to both sides… SharePrintEmail

Misery Among Beauty

This island has some of the best views of San Francisco Bay and the city itself…yet most people didn’t want to live here. It’s a unique story of misery among beauty… SharePrintEmail

The Story of One Very Famous Rock

At one time it was one of the nation’s most important forts…but that’s not how people would know it today… SharePrintEmail

Not the Man For His Daughter

There was no doubt in Fitz’s mind that Joe was not the man for his daughter. The story of what happened when they married anyway is one that made American history… SharePrintEmail

What Looks Like Another Street in Suburban Boston

Beals Street looks to be just another street in suburban Boston.  But one house here is special, as it’s a home that produced a family lineage that’s still in the public eye today… SharePrintEmail

All About Pirates

I recently had a fun conversation with a man who knows all about pirates. And he can set the record straight on much of the fact and fiction behind the men who plundered the seas. It’s fact and fiction in the pirate world… SharePrintEmail

An Early Tourist Trap

If a vacation spot tried to sell you all kinds of tacky trinkets and charged you a mint to enter the attraction, you might call it a “tourist trap.” Over a century ago such a situation was already taking place with people selling fake items to unsuspecting tourists. SharePrintEmail

Pirates Roaming the Seas in Search of Treasure

We’ve all heard stories of pirates roaming the seas in search of golden treasure. It’s true there were men roaming the waters to commander and plunder other vessels, but what they were in search of was often not precious metals. SharePrintEmail

More With Holocaust Survivor Judy Straus

We conclude our story with Holocaust survivor Judy Straus.  If you’ve missed any of her story of tragedy and triumph, be sure to go to and listen to each feature… SharePrintEmail

Lives In Jeopardy

As the end of World War II in Europe drew ever closer, the Germans stepped up the pace of sending Jewish families to death camps.  For the three members of the Straus family, each of their lives was very much in jeopardy… SharePrintEmail

Nazi Death Camps Through the Eyes of a Child

The scenes from Nazi death camps were staggering.  Now imagine experiencing those horros through the eyes of a child.  That was the case for Judy Straus… SharePrintEmail

The Nazis Invade Home

The Straus family left Germany in the 1930s to escape the rising power of Adolf Hitler.  Then, in the early 1940s, the Nazis invaded the new nation they called home… SharePrintEmail

Holocaust Survivor Judy Straus

This week we visit with Judy Straus, a survivor of the Holocaust  Her story is one of tragedy and hope…and a story I hope you’ll tune into each day… SharePrintEmail

A Reminder of the Cost of Freedom

Every independence day we celebrate our freedom.  This soldier is reminded of the cost of that freedom…as he protects the resting place of America’s heroes… SharePrintEmail

Wearing The Uniform

Some jobs require you to wear a uniform.  Imagine a job where that uniform had to be worn with perfection…where a deviation of 1/64 of an inch could cost you your position SharePrintEmail

Campaigning Against Another Player

Ty Cobb was a great baseball player, but he was also known as a guy who would bend and break the rules.  So it’s somewhat unusual that Cobb would campaign to kick another player out of the majors for his behavior… SharePrintEmail

A Baseball Career Not Recognized By Cooperstown

Carl Mays had a career worthy of the baseball hall of fame, however many in his hometown will tell you that he’s not in Cooperstown because of one pitch he threw in his 15 year career… SharePrintEmail

A Gun Without Bullets

Some boys grow up hunting animals in the woods.  That was the case for Carl Mays, but he didn’t use a gun to hit his target and that made all the difference in his future career… SharePrintEmail

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