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Inside A Titan II Missle Silo


FJ Alaska Banner AdIn the 1980s there were 54 Titan II missile silos across the U.S.  Those missile carried the largest land-based nuclear warhead ever developed.  Today, this is the only one of those site you can visit…

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Standing Alert

They were some of the largest and most devastating weapons ever developed and today we visit with a lady who stood on watch in case those armaments needed to be used… SharePrintEmail

An Interview Underground

Over the year’s we’ve done some of our interviews underground.  That’s the case for today’s feature…situated on “level seven” of one of the most important sites of the late 20th century… SharePrintEmail

San Marcos Resort

Phoenix, Arizona has plenty of golf resorts that attract thousands of visitors, but ask someone who established the first course in the state and they’ll be hard pressed to tell you it was actually a Midwestern veterinarian who had more grazing land than he could manage….. SharePrintEmail

From Board Room to the Classroom

What happens when the CEO of a major corporation decides he wants to begin teaching middle school math? It’s a real life story that played out in a challenging neighborhood in Kansas City. SharePrintEmail

H&R Block Career Change

Tom Bloch’s father and uncle founded H&R Block, a company that Tom eventually led as CEO. But there was something else that weighed on his heart…another career. The story of an extraordinary decision is today’s American Countryside SharePrintEmail

H&R Block

There are some folks that think they can run your business better than you can. In this case, the man at the newspaper was right. His advice to two brothers helped them launch a major corporation. SharePrintEmail

The Bloch Brothers

Very few people like to figure their taxes and even fewer like to pay them. But this pair of brothers found an unlikely business doing something few enjoy. SharePrintEmail

Oklahoma Oil

The price of oil is a figure many Americans closely follow. Now imagine a time when the price dipped so low the top producer cut drilling to help spike the price. It all happened inside our nation’s borders and its today’s American Countryside SharePrintEmail

Striking Oil at the Governor’s Mansion

If you struck oil underneath your home, well you might just move in order to strike it rich. But what happens when you strike oil next to the home of the governor. SharePrintEmail

Glen Miller – Musician and Soldier

He was one of the most famous Americans in the early 1940s…a man who was making up to $20,000 per week. But he knew he wanted to use his talents to serve his country and he would give his life in the process. SharePrintEmail

Glen Miller – Hitmaker

Even if you are not old enough to have enjoyed this man’s music when he originally created it, there’s no doubt you’ve heard it. In fact, he recorded fifty-nine, “Top 10” hits in just four years time…a feat never matched. SharePrintEmail

It Started with a Trombone

  The gentleman who ran a store in Grant City, Missouri could have never imagined what would happen when he bought one of his young employees a trombone.  That purchase propelled the young musician to become world famous. SharePrintEmail

Clark’s Trading Post

Imagine a animal show where bears bolted from the stage to barrel past tourist and make a break for the ice cream stand. It’s just one of the many stories from a show that still draws huge crowds for over half a century….. SharePrintEmail

A Roadside Stopper

Along I-93 in northern New Hampshire you’ll find a spot that’s been attracting families for three and four generations now. In order to get those families to pull over, the place needed a stopper….. SharePrintEmail

A Place Called Hildene

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and lived most of his adult years in Illinois. But where did future generations of the Lincolns reside? Most people don’t know it was in this beautiful stretch of mountains far from Abraham’s Midwestern roots….. SharePrintEmail

The Son of a US President

Being the son of a U.S. president has its perks. However, it does provide a very high bar of achievement for that second generation. Which presidential child did the best? It might just be the son of one of the nation’s greatest presidents….. SharePrintEmail

Chiricuhua National Monument

Southeastern Arizona has been a place for ranchers to graze cattle for well over a century.  However, one ranch family found this spot too beautiful to keep to themselves… SharePrintEmail

Stone Spires Rising Into the Sky

It’s a place of amazing natural beauty, with stone spires rising high into the sky.  It’s also a place of history, where two cultures collided… SharePrintEmail

A Place of Respect

Many would consider this cemetery to be a tourist attraction.  Yet it doesn’t charge admission and is a place of respect.  It’s a place with a steady stream of visitors… SharePrintEmail

A Place Called Boot Hill

There are several cemeteries in the west called “Boot Hill.”  That’s because many of the dead died with their boots on… SharePrintEmail

Tomahawk Throwing

Perhaps you’ve seen a circus side show or an old Western where people threw tomahawks for sport.  It’s a competition still very much alive and this man builds what you need to throw… SharePrintEmail

Well Known For Craftsmanship

This young man began his enterprise at the age of only ten…and now, just a few years out of high school, his craftsmanship has made him well known across the nation… SharePrintEmail

All Seven Stories With A Ground Floor

Imagine a seven story hotel in which each floor is a ground floor.  We’ll take you to the town where that unusual site and much more still attracts thousands… SharePrintEmail

Water Is Their Livelihood

If you think water is just water, then don’t tell the folks in this small town, because it’s the water they owe for their livelihood… SharePrintEmail

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