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A Host to Presidents Since Washington


Perhaps no church has hosted more national leaders over the past two centuries than this one.  In fact, you can still worship there and sit in the pew of the presidents…

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Paying to Sit in Church

Some people sit in the exact same spot in church every Sunday.  This president did the exact same thing, but he paid for the right….. SharePrintEmail

A Strange Meeting

It was a strange meeting – a British general requested the assistance of an American signer of the Declaration of Independence. It took place at the largest battle of the Revolution… SharePrintEmail

A Battle Lost But An Army Respected

It was a place the new American nation lost, yet won – a battlefield where they stood ground for six consecutive baynotte charges and earned the respect of the British… SharePrintEmail

The Battle of Brandywine

In the first years of the American Revolution, General Washington lost many battles, but he always survived to fight another day.  The battle of Brandywine was one such place… SharePrintEmail

Going To A Stranger’s Home for a Free Meal

If you showed up at a strangers’ home and asked for a free meal, they  might slam the door in your face…or just maybe you’d find a kind soul  who would take you in.  The later will be the case this weekend in one  city… SharePrintEmail

A Unique Homecoming Theme

Many high schools and colleges pick a theme for their football homecoming.  In Brookings, South Dakota the theme remains the same…perhaps the most unique in the nation… SharePrintEmail

A Symbol of Freedom and Equality

It’s a church that symbolized the march for freedom and equality, yet it’s a site of blood spilled in the effort.  We go to 16th Stree Baptist Church… SharePrintEmail

A Place Dubbed Bombingham

It was time for change, but for those who spoke out, their life was in grave danger, in a place dubbed Bombingham… SharePrintEmail

Passionate for the Cause

The attack on this pastor’s home was meant to kill him.  Instead, it inspired him.  In fact, those who wanted him to be quiet were now in for a man more passionate than ever for his cause… SharePrintEmail

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