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The Best House at the Fort


Life at a frontier outpost could sometime be isolated and lacking the amenities of affluence.  This commander had a plan to remedy that problem…

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What are the Dalles?

It’s one of the more unusual place names in America.  The Dalles.  Where is it and what is it?  If you were a westward traveling pioneer, you probably knew the name well… SharePrintEmail

A Great Train Robbery

Great train robberies are the stuff of some great wild west movies.  In real life though, they say the first such event occurred here.  Today we travel to the spot were an infamous gang pulled the rails and waited for a big pay day… SharePrintEmail

The Walter Kronkite Memorial

How fast do you speak?  You’ve probably never thought about it, but this man knew the exact pace he needed to become one of the best in his profession SharePrintEmail

The Most Trusted Man in America

He was known as “the most trusted man in America.”  That’s a big title to live up to, but one this newsman filled for several decades… SharePrintEmail

A Heroic War Correspondent

This man made a name for himself as a war correspondent.  In fact, he even flew into the front lines on a glider just to get the story from the perspective of the soldiers in the heart of the battle… SharePrintEmail

The “Other” History at Fort Knox

When most of us hear of Fort Knox, we think of gold.  While gold is there, there is much more to the story, for this is a military post with a very long and storied history… SharePrintEmail

Who Has the Most Gold In the US?

Whether you have any or not, many of us are fascinated by gold.  It’s the storyline of many a tv show and movie.  Where can you find the biggest vault of it?  The answer may surprise you… SharePrintEmail

Is the Gold Still at Fort Knox?

Everyone knows that much of the nation’s gold is at Fort Knox.  Or is it?  That’s the question many wondered a few decades back… SharePrintEmail

Building the Vault at Fort Knox

You’ve heard of the gold at Fort Knox, and while we can’t go inside the vault, we do know much about the beginnings of that heavily fortified treasury and its contents.  We visit with a  man who lives just next door… SharePrintEmail

The Gold Act

During the depths of the US Depression in the 1930s, the federal government took several steps to spur the economy.  One was forcing the sales of all gold to the federal government… SharePrintEmail

Patton’s Armored Diesel

Sometimes people will use secret codes to keep vital information from slipping into the wrong hands.  General Patton used such a code in World War II, just so he had something to drink… SharePrintEmail

Rediscovering Drinks Before Prohibition

When the U.S. adopted prohibition in 1920, most alcohol production ceased, but when production resumed in the 1930s, it seems some of the old recipes, so to speak, had been lost.  This man combines history and a distillery to unlock some unique products… SharePrintEmail

Boundary Oak Bourbon

You can still find some old deeds that use a large tree to mark a property boundary.  Such was the case for Brent Goodin’s farm.  But their Boundary Oak is much more that simply a marker – it’s their business… SharePrintEmail

Wonders of the Tuckaleeche Caverns

For centuries, people have recognized the natural beauty along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. We call it the Smokie mountains, but Steven Fananda’s family is hoping visitors want to see what is below ground as well… SharePrintEmail

One Amazing Vantage Point

It’s only five stories tall, but it might as well be a skyscraper when you consider the view you get from the top.  It’s one of the few vantage points of a vital link connecting mid America to the rest of the world… SharePrintEmail

Docville Farms

It’s called Docville Farms, a working farm that is really just a portion of the vast acreage owned by one family.  Yet it was that family who had a dream to give that farm, in a sense, to the citizen’s surrounding it… SharePrintEmail

New Orleans’ Plantations

The plantations east of New Orleans once grew indigo as a cash crop.  Today, some of that land has been swallowed by development, or lost due to the mighty Mississippi River, but look closely and you’ll find  a unique story dating to the families of a century ago… SharePrintEmail

Composing Music for Walt Disney

You’ve most likely never heard his name, but you’ve likely heard his music.  His family tried to dissuade him from majoring in music, but it turned out this small town musician hit it big with a new movie company… SharePrintEmail

The Small Town that Served 1.5 Million Troops

Many people like to be patriotic and support our troops.  This small town went well above and beyond, helping over 1.5 million soldiers all with volunteer labor and food… SharePrintEmail

Discovering Pluto

He was a farm kid who discovered one of the most distant objects in our solar system.  And recently, his ashes were sent to that speck of light he discovered way back in 1930… SharePrintEmail

Sutter and the 49ers

It was all quite by accident.  A mechanic installing a water powered sawmill discovered gold in the process.  But the man you may have thought would get the richest, left the state and many say he died poor… SharePrintEmail

The Bear Flag Republic

You may know the state of California’s flag has a bear on it.  But did you know that before it was a state, some knew it as the Bear Flag Republic? SharePrintEmail

Illegal Americans in Mexico?

California had an immigration problem.  There were simply too many Americans coming to Mexico illegally.  Sounds strange today, but that’s what happened when this man came to California… SharePrintEmail

John Sutter

If it were not for this Captain of the Swiss Guard, the history of California might be much different.  Never mind the fact he was never in the Swiss Guard and he abandoned his wife and kids for 15 years to make it all happen… SharePrintEmail

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