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A Bridge In American History

Today you can drive over this bridge and perhaps never know its important place in American history.  But today we will take you back to the events that will always make this span a site that still draws many visitors…

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Find the Right To Vote Too Difficult

Many of us take the right to vote for granted. It may be something we do when there is an election, but the process of actually registering to vote is a right guaranteed.  Or so was it? SharePrintEmail

Skipping School for Something Far More Important

Most parents would not wanting their children skipping school.  But in this case, there was something far more important – so important it should not even be considering missing school but doing to learn… SharePrintEmail

One of the Most Famous Churches in the Nation

It’s one of the most famous churches in the nation – a place that is about more than just a place to worship, but a place that put people into action… SharePrintEmail

Going to Where the Need Is

For Rich Casebolt it’s always been about going to where the need is, not waiting for the need to come to you… SharePrintEmail

Coffee That Helps Fill a Need

A lot of people enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning, but here it was hard to find such a thing.  This shop opened to fill much more than that need… SharePrintEmail

An Unbelievable Story

It’s a story that will probably make you mad, make you laugh and shake your head AND a story you’ll probably pass along to someone else because it seems so unbelievable… SharePrintEmail

Prison Warden: Balancing Act

It’s a job that can be a real balancing act.  A place where you have to manage the best and worst of people and somehow try to keep things running smoothly… SharePrintEmail

The Path of a Heavyweight Champion

When this man became heavy weight champion of the world, one of the first men he thanked was a prison boxing coach.  It’s the tale of an unlikely route… SharePrintEmail

The Largest Prison in the Nation

It was once the largest prison in the nation and quite possibly the world.  A place housing criminals from a huge swath of the US… SharePrintEmail

Three Decades in a Supermax Prison

This week we focus on a man who spent over three decades of his life in a SuperMax state prison… SharePrintEmail

Brice’s Crossroads

His cavalrymen fought like none other…and their maneuvers are still the topic of military studies today. That has many history buffs and even the general public stopping at a small site with a big story… SharePrintEmail

The Patriotic Girl

One would think the title of “Patriotic Girl” would be a good thing.  However, the general public was appalled by her – so much so it’s hard to find her anywhere – except for here of course SharePrintEmail

A Special Cash Register

There is a cash register in Dublin, Texas that many might simply pass off as a unique antique.  However, when you hear the story of its age and the product it was ringing up, you’ll stop and find a true piece of history… SharePrintEmail

Shoot Me A Waco!

If someone said, “Shot me a Waco” what would they want from you?  It may sound like an odd request but you simply know it by another name… SharePrintEmail

A Role of Feeding Americans

If you were dropped inside this building and had no idea what it was, it might take you awhile to figure out what business operated here.  That’s because this place looks at its role of feeding Americans in a unique and proactive way… SharePrintEmail

An Old Mattress Warehouse–Repurposed

What can you do with an old mattress warehouse?  Use it to feed thousands of people in twenty counties.  That’s what this organization is doing… SharePrintEmail

Old Artifacts from Early Settlers

How old is old?  Well, it may depend on who or what you are talking about, but when it comes to museums, this one has some of the oldest artifacts from early Europeans settlers that you will see in the country SharePrintEmail

Studying Graves from Over 400 Years Ago

They are some of the oldest graves of Europeans settlers you can find in this nation.  It’s Steven’s job to study those burials to tell us more about life 400 years ago… SharePrintEmail

The Unique Village in the City

It was a village inside Arlington National Cemetery…a place where people found refuge during the Civil War.  This is the story of the unique city and the history behind those buried in this section of the grounds… SharePrintEmail

The Historic Spot at Arlington National Cemetery

Although most visitors to Arlington National Cemetery simply see the Tomb of the Unknowns and perhaps the JFK grave site…there are many interesting areas of these grounds…including what is perhaps the most historic spot…section 27 SharePrintEmail

From Summer Job to Over 30 Year Career

Tom thought he was coming here simply to fill a summer job.  After more than 30 years later, he says it was a great role…  It’s a role that has him sharing history of a place we remember on Memorial Day… SharePrintEmail

Three Presidents in One Place

It’s hard to imagine a U.S. president taking time to check into a hotel, sign their name to the registration card, complete with their home address.  That’s exactly what happened in this small town…THREE times… SharePrintEmail

Linking Two Ends of the Nation

Today interstate highways provide the roads for multistate trips, but when this country was founded, any road at all was quite a feat.  But there was always the idea that trail of some sort should link the two ends of the nation and it was this road that resulted… SharePrintEmail

The City of Porches

Some say this small Midwestern town has the look of New Orleans’ French Quarter.  When you drive down Main Street you’ll see what people mean and today we will tell you why it has had that appearance for over a century… SharePrintEmail

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