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A Symbol of Freedom and Equality


It’s a church that symbolized the march for freedom and equality, yet it’s a site of blood spilled in the effort.  We go to 16th Stree Baptist Church…

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A Place Dubbed Bombingham

It was time for change, but for those who spoke out, their life was in grave danger, in a place dubbed Bombingham… SharePrintEmail

Passionate for the Cause

The attack on this pastor’s home was meant to kill him.  Instead, it inspired him.  In fact, those who wanted him to be quiet were now in for a man more passionate than ever for his cause… SharePrintEmail

The Life of a Winemaker

Just as a chef might experiment with many ingredients to find the perfect dish, a winemaker works with a multitude of factors to create the best product from their grapes… SharePrintEmail

A Unique California Vineyard

The state of California has great diversity in its agriculture.  Part of that industry is it’s thriving vineyards and wineries… SharePrintEmail

If You Build It, They Will Come–Two Grand Hotels

In the movie “Field of Dreams”, a farmer builds a baseball field in the middle of his corn field.  Perhaps the people in this southern Indiana town feel a bit the same.  Here it’s two grand hotels that rose from the surrounding countryside over a century ago… SharePrintEmail

A Famous Front Porch

Many homes have a front porch.  It can be a place to relax and simply enjoy the outdoors.  In this town, it’s the hotel that has the front porch.  The rockers are also a place to relax, but the folks that have sat here aren’t your run-of-the-mill crowd… SharePrintEmail

Trophies From the Game of Basketball

Most museums will put the artifacts behind glass, not to be touched.  Sure it’s interesting to look, but it might seem a little stuffy.  That’s not the case here.  Do you want to see some of the biggest and most important trophies from the game of basketball?  It’s not problem to get them out and let you […]

The Birthplace of a Basketball Legend

Many of our towns and cities have people that we look up to.  Perhaps they aren’t known to the rest of the world…or just maybe they are an international superstar.  The latter is the case for one small Indiana town that produced one of the greatest basketball players to ever set foot on the court… SharePrintEmail

The Birthplace of Stephen Douglas

Abraham Lincoln led the country through the Civil War, but it was this man who defeated him for the Senate two years earlier. We’ll go to the home of the man known as the “little giant…” SharePrintEmail

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