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The Forgotten Founding Father

Some have called him the forgotten founding father.  Have you too forgotten about the man who was president before George Washington?  We dig into our history books to the founding of the nation…

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The University of Arizona’s Old Main

When you walk across the center of this large university campus as I did, you’ll find a wide, permanent line stretching several hundred yards.  The story behind it is one you know from history… SharePrintEmail

When Pigs and Cows are ‘New’

Imagine a school teaching agriculture in a place where few students have seen a farm animal.  It’s a unique setting that’s making a large impact on the lives of students… SharePrintEmail


It’s called “KINEKS.”  It’s an acronym for positive personal characteristics each of us should possess and it’s the name of a foundation working to help young people in agriculture… SharePrintEmail

A Young Man of Influence

There is probably someone in each of our lives that truly inspires us.  Jeffrey Thimgan was one such young man.  But in his absence, his friends and family are working to accomplish all he had dreamed and more… SharePrintEmail

A Battle in Kansas

The shots at Ft. Sumter in April of 1861 are often considered the first military action of the Civil War.  However, one could make a case that the battle in this Kansas town five years prior was the event that made the war inevitable… SharePrintEmail

John Brown: The Early Years

In the years just ahead of the Civil War, thousands of people came to Kansas ahead of a critical vote on whether the new state would accept or reject slavery… SharePrintEmail

The Elephant Hotel

When you run across a building named the “Elephant Hotel,” well, there’s probably going to be an interesting story behind the place.  That is the case… SharePrintEmail

A Time Before Zoos and Circuses

Just about everyone one of us has visited a zoo and seen a circus.  Now let me take you to a time when neither existed.  It was a farmer from Sommers, New York, Hachaliah Bailey, that perhaps introduced many to those exotic animals… SharePrintEmail

The Elephant That Changed the Course of American History

  It all began with a man who wanted to farm, not with a team of horses or mules, but rather with an elephant.  And from there, the opportunities were endless.  This is the story of an elephant that changed the course of American history… SharePrintEmail

Fort Bridger

This fort serviced the Pony Express, the Oregon Trail, and was around so long it even slept travelers by car.  It’s a big history in a place with a lot of stories to share… SharePrintEmail

New Ownership of a Fort

You usually don’t think of a fort coming under new ownership.  But that’s what happened to this site that bears the name of a frontier legend… SharePrintEmail

One of the Best Known Mountain Men of the 1800s

He was one of the best known mountain men of the early 19th century.  A man who was skilled in the fur trade and later established a fort that still bears his name… SharePrintEmail

Remembering Fred Mares

Image a man who speaks over ten languages, can play multiple musical instruments and serenade customers with his wonderful voice.  Today we remember the life of a friend of northwest Missouri – Fred Mares, who passed away a few days ago…. SharePrintEmail

Best of 2018: The Hartsdale Pet Cemetary

Ed Martin Jr. has helped bury dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and he’s even heard of a lion cub on the grounds.  It’s just part of the day-to-day life of the overseer of the world’s oldest pet burying ground. SharePrintEmail

Best of 2018: Dan Meers

Dan Meers has nearly a dozen suits he wears to work.  The odd thing is, all the suites are alike.  It’s an odd suit for a very unique job… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2018: Wall Drug

What’s the first thing a father teaches his son about being a good businessman?  How to make donuts of course!  It’s one of the most important jobs around here and 20,000 people per day may show up… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2018: Todd Syrup Farm

Lots of people enjoy pure maple syrup.  But if you ask this farmer what he thinks of it, well you’ll quickly find that he doesn’t think it is even close to the right type of syrup you need for breakfast… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2018: Billy the Kid

When two different cities, in two different states claim to have the body of the same man, well, you know there’s going to be a tale to tell.  We won’t tell you which place has the story right, but we will share the story nonetheless… SharePrintEmail

The Holiday Christmas Store

If Santa Claus needed a place to buy all of his decorations, this would be it. It’s big business in small town Michigan and it brings Christmas cheer every day of the year… SharePrintEmail

Twas the Night

We know the words of “’twas the night before Christmas;” words that helped solidify the image of Santa over 200 years ago. Here’s the the place that marks the beginning of their story… SharePrintEmail

The Scene of a Winter Battle

The Union army was defeated at Fredricksburg, Virginia in mid December 1862.  President Lincoln needed a victory to bolster the north and the Emancipation Proclamation that came into effect on January 1st.  What resulted was a winter battle here… SharePrintEmail

That Smell in the Air

The college president smelled something.  It was not a bad odor, but rather something pleasant.  And soon his nose led his mind to an idea that is still a very important part of this place yet today… SharePrintEmail

A Christmas Tradition

Many of us have Christmas traditions.  At this college there is a Christmas tradition that has raised money for these students and this campus for closing in on a century now… SharePrintEmail

A Business Totally Run By Volunteers

It’s a business that is run totally by volunteers.  What’s interesting is many of the volunteers are middle and high school students who give of their time to work here and, in turn, the profits they generate are helping others in their community… SharePrintEmail

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