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The Battle of Island Mound


You may have never heard of the Battle of Island Mound, However the skirmish that took place here is still remembered not for its outcome, but rather who fought in the battle…

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Recruiting Students for Careers in Agriculture

If you were recruiting students for careers in agriculture, a large city might be the last place you’d think to make your pitch.  However this man believes it’s the first place many businesses need to be looking… SharePrintEmail

An Unlikely Choice for FFA President

Twenty years ago a the Future Farmers of America made an unlikely choice for their national president…for his years were spent far from any working farm… SharePrintEmail

Life Without Limbs

He’s a nationally known speaker who will never experience his knees  shaking or his palms sweating.  That’s because he has neither… SharePrintEmail

A Life with No Arms or Legs

Imagine living in a world where you had no arms or legs.  Some might say it’s a life not worth living.  But today you’ll meet a man doing more than many able bodied people… SharePrintEmail

Dressing For Success

How should you dress for work?  It’s a question many businesses must address with their employees.  Here, the answer may seem a bit unique, but it’s one adopted by the CEO himself… SharePrintEmail

Influencing People in Agriculture

How do you influence people in agriculture?  To some, it may seem like an odd question.  However the answer is one that this CEO thinks is paramount to his company and to how folks in agriculture can better connect with the world around them… SharePrintEmail

Dreams of Becoming a Vet

He had dreams of becoming a vet, and while that did not come true, his work today is certainly a position well recognized in the world of agriculture… SharePrintEmail

Rounding Up the Island Herd

Every fall there is a round-up of the herd here just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  You can even bring a horse, or rent one and help corral hundreds of bison roaming one of the largest islands in the nation… SharePrintEmail

Grazing Animals on an Island

Until the 1960s, ranchers took animals by a barge from the mainland to this island for grazing.  The vast rangeland was difficult the reach and winter storms could produce swells of ten feet or more on the lake.  Yet, ranching continued here for well over a century.  We’ll go to that once hard to reach […]

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