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Pinpointing the Location of Bones

We’ve all lost something and then spent lots of time looking where we placed it.  You could say that was somewhat the case for this National Monument.  An archaeologist knew the bones were here…it just took a long time to figure out exactly where they were…

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A Cattleman’s Scheme

Criminals may do just about anything to get their hands on what they want.  But in western Kansas in 1879, one cattleman was duped by a scheme far different that anything anyone has ever seen–before or since… SharePrintEmail

One of the Youngest to Sign the Declaration of Independence

He was one of the youngest men to the sign the Declaration of Independence.  He was also the first to die from natural causes after the new nation was born… SharePrintEmail

A Man Named Thomas Stone

When you think of the men behind the Declaration of Indpendence you don’t think of people like Thomas Stone.  However, one could argue it is men like Stone who made up the majority of the 56 men to sign the document… SharePrintEmail

The Rock Café

It’s not the Hard Rock Café…and frankly…that is just fine with about everyone that stops here.  It’s been called the Rock Café since it was built in the depression…rock, not because of the music, but because of the material used to build it… SharePrintEmail

Talking About Someone Famous For a Living

Did you ever meet someone famous and then tell everyone about your encounter?  That’s in a sense what Jack does for a living.  But it’s more than just telling a story about some well-known celebrity… SharePrintEmail

Making It on the Screen

How to you become a well known actor in Hollywood?  Well, that’s what Jack had to figure out, but it was his dream to head west and make a go of it on screen… SharePrintEmail

The Big Break

Sometime you just need a break, a stroke of luck, the ball to bounce your way.  Jack Stahlman got it.  He just happened to run into a man who could help him, but he had no idea who he was… SharePrintEmail

The Technology of Ethanol

We often think of ethanol as a home grown and domestically consumed product.  That statement is true, but there is a growing export market for the fuel and that may have a big impact on economies here and abroad… SharePrintEmail

Ethanol-The Farmer’s LInk to Solving the Energy Crisis

Once upon a time, I gave a speech as a FFA member titled, “Ethanol, the Farmer’s Link to Solving the Energy Crisis.”  I’m don’t know if my speech still holds water today, but with a lot of talk lately about E15 blended gas…well, I thought if time to learn more… SharePrintEmail

A Man Named Squanto

His name is one from our history books, but perhaps we have forgotten just how important his role was in saving the lives of the Pilgrims.  We know him as Squanto, a native American that made six trips across the Atlantic in his lifetime and a man who those first settlers said was sent from […]

A New Crop for a New Home

Some regions of the country are better suited for specific crops.  That was the case for the Pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony.  They brought lots of seeds with them, but it was a crop that was new to them, that was actually best suited for their new home… SharePrintEmail

Survival of the Pilgrims

In 1620, the men and women we call the “Pilgrims” landed near Cape Cod, and eventually established Plymouth Colony.  As we near Thanksgiving, we take a look at the fact and fiction about the story of their survival in a new land… SharePrintEmail

Covering the Presidents

When Tom Hoy was a newspaper man in Washington D.C. he had the thrill of covering two of the most influential men of the twentieth century…Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.  He sat down with us and recounted some of those memorable stories… SharePrintEmail

Pictures of the Famous

His pictures have appeared in newspapers and books from coast to coast and around the world…and even though you may have never heard of his name, you have certainly heard of the people who’s lives he covered… SharePrintEmail

Behind the Scenes with Tom Hoy

When you sit down with Tom Hoy you will get a behind the scenes look at some of the biggest events of the 1950s and 60s.  So how did he get access to some world changing moments? SharePrintEmail

The Capitol of Deseret

If you know your fifty states and their capitals…you of course remember that Fillmore is the capital of Deseret…at least that was the way it was supposed to be… SharePrintEmail

The Story of Kate Shelley

If you live in the state of Iowa you perhaps know the name of Kate Shelly.  At one time she was known the world ‘round, and certainly her act of bravery is one that still brings visitors to this small town to relive the heroic deed that saved so many SharePrintEmail

Disaster Lurking in the Darkness

There was a disaster lurking in the darkness.  A rail bridge had washed out and a passenger train would soon be passing this way.  Certainly the tragedy would kill many.  But then, a fifteen year old girl risked her own life for a chance to save many. SharePrintEmail

Jumping Off the Train

Imagine a train chugging south out of Kansas with people jumping from the cars all along its route.  This is the reason they jumped and mass chaos took place that September day… SharePrintEmail

The Cherokee Strip

It’s called the Cherokee Strip…a stretch of land in north central Oklahoma originally given to the Cherokee and later opened to settlement by the U.S. government… SharePrintEmail

The Trio Who Saved the Nation and a President

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of John Paulding, Isaac Van Wart or David Williams.  Yet, each has a county in Ohio named after them.  The trio arguably saved the nation and the life of our first president… SharePrintEmail

The Simple Rules of Being a Spy

If you’re going to be a spy, it’s best to not be carrying incriminating evidence.  So when this man took off his boots and secret papers began to appear, well, this story was going to have a most interesting ending… SharePrintEmail

Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

If you are a soldier in battle, you usually don’t want to be trapped behind enemy lines.  Yet that is exactly what had happened to John by his own fault.  Now the race was on to see if he could wiggle his way back to safety without being discovered… SharePrintEmail

Known By the Friends Kept

There is a cliché that says, “We are known by the friends we keep.”  One of the friends of this couple was up to no good – at least in the eyes of many, and soon that friendship would blossom into a story we still know well from history… SharePrintEmail

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