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Wearing a Suit to Work

Dan Meers has nearly a dozen suits he wears to work.  The odd thing is, all the suites are alike.  It’s an odd suit for a very unique job…

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A Bungee Jump and a Zipline

Maybe you’ve conquered fear and made a bungee jump in your life.  Or perhaps you’ve rode a zip line on some adventure.  Imagine combining both and doing it in a 70,000 seat stadium.  That’s what this man attempted to do… SharePrintEmail

A Long Career in the NFL

If a football player makes it to the NFL, chances are their career may last three or four years on average.  This man’s career has stretched about three decades and that has many people asking him a lot of questions about how’s been able to make it that long… SharePrintEmail

The Right Resume for the Job

Dan had a potential problem.  He had a four-year college degree from a major state university, but he was concerned his resume might not be strong enough to land a great job.  Fortunately, he had another resume… SharePrintEmail

General Washington’s Fight

The battle George Washington waged against this invisible enemy may not seem that glamorous and it certainly doesn’t get much space in any history book.  Yet the decision he made here in central New Jersey saved hundreds and perhaps thousands of lives… SharePrintEmail

Washington’s Delaware River Crossing Destination

When Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night 1776, he was of course headed somewhere.  That “where” was right here… SharePrintEmail

More Than An Old Military Barracks

On the surface this place might not seem that important.  It’s just an old military barracks.  Yet it is the groups of men who lived here and the time period in which they did so, that makes this an important historic site in the nation… SharePrintEmail

Small Town Opportunities

Are small towns full of opportunities of full of overwhelming challenges?  Certainly the answer can be both, but Deb Markley is hoping rural America will take the lead in showing others what a great place it can be to call home… SharePrintEmail

A Different Kind of Silo

Drive into farm country and you’re likely to see some silos.  Deb Markley talks about silos a lot when she is in Rural America.  However she has a different picture in her mind… SharePrintEmail

A Horse Race You Don’t Want to Miss

The first Kentucky Debry was run in 1875.  The first edition of this annual horse race was run over two centuries before that.  Hang on to your hats for a horse race you won’t want to miss… SharePrintEmail

An Italian Contrada

It’s called a “contrada” and unless you are from this city, you probably can’t fully understand the power of something akin to a family.  The contrada is your identity and perhaps your life…for it’s a powerful unit that governs life in this centuries old city… SharePrintEmail

The Home of Saint Francis

He said, “It is no use walking somewhere to preach unless your walking is your preaching.”  It’s just one of the quotes from a man who simply set out to live God’s call for his life and in so doing found many who wanted to emulate his path for following Christ… SharePrintEmail

Italian Truffles

We continue with our recent listener trip to Italy with a stop today to taste a real delicacy.  You’ve perhaps heard of this very expensive treasure that some liken to a mushroom, but it takes quite a nose to find it… SharePrintEmail

A Stop in Milan, Italy

What is an appropriate bedtime for a kid in Kindergarten?  For this family it’s 10:30 at the earliest.  We go to a place where the hours may seem to run much different that our norm… SharePrintEmail

A Casino With A Great History

Ask someone to name a casino in Vegas and they can rattle off names like the Belagio, Stratosphere, MGM and others.  But ask someone about the casinos that built Vegas into the gaming center it is today…and this one will certainly rise to the top… SharePrintEmail

A Peak Inside the Italian Farm’s Castle

Living inside a castle may sound like a posh lifestyle, but the reality is that it can be a bit rough at times.  Structures built in the middle ages sometimes lack the comforts of today.  We’ll peak inside and outside once such place today for a view of a most unique farm… SharePrintEmail

10,000 Olive Trees

It’s not everyday you find a farm growing olives, so today we take you to a place with 10,000 such trees and we learn a bit about the cryptic terms on the outside of the bottles… SharePrintEmail

A Farm With Centuries-Deep Roots

We had several listeners recently join us on our American Countryside tour of Italy.  We hope you’ll join us on future trips, but for now, we’ll take you along on this most recent adventure to a farm with roots that go back centuries… SharePrintEmail

The Castle is a Home

There’s a cliché that says your home is your castle.  For the owners of this farm, it’s one in the same, for the castle is the family home – a home that has stood for centuries now… SharePrintEmail

A Place Called Hildene

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and lived most of his adult years in Illinois.  But where did future generations of the Lincolns reside.  Most people don’t know it was in this beautiful stretch of mountains far from Abraham’s Midwestern roots… SharePrintEmail

The Son of a President

Being the son of a U.S. president has its perks.  However, it does provide a very high bar of achievement for that second generation.  Which presidential child did the best?  It might just be the son of one of the nation’s greatest presidents… SharePrintEmail

The Youngest Pilot of Her Kind

She’s the youngest pilot of her kind in the state of Arizona.  If you think flying a plane is hard, this may be far more difficult, for while it’s relatively easy to get into the air, you have very little control over where you will go… SharePrintEmail

Love and a Unique Hobby

You must admit, today’s story about how one couple met and fell in love is certainly unique.  Now add the fact that the place of their meeting has influenced the life and unique hobby of their daughter and you’ve got quite a story… SharePrintEmail

A Wealth of History and Natural Beauty

It’s a relatively new site in the National Park Service and for most of us, you’ll have to drive a ways through the woods to reach it.  However, a venture to Michigan’s Upper Pennisula will reveal a wealth of history and natural beauty… SharePrintEmail

Some of the Longest and Deepest Holes Dug In the Earth

A trip here will reveal some of the longest and deepest holes dug into the earth.  In fact, some of the tunnels are so long, it took the world’s largest winch to move men and supplies up and down the line… SharePrintEmail

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