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Survival in the Cold


Human beings need to keep their body temperature close to 98 degrees in order to survive.  So finding an animal that can drop its core body temperature to just 32 degrees and survive is a bit out-of-the-ordinary…

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The Warmest Coat

Animals that live in extreme cold of course have a heavy blanket of fur or hair to keep them warm.  But what animal has the warmest coat – a coat that even helps it overcome predators? The answer is in Alaska… SharePrintEmail

Camp Floyd

For three years, 3500 soldiers served alongside one another in Utah Territory.  It was the largest military outpost in the country.  But within a matter of months, the place would become a virtual ghost town and those same soldiers would be fighting one another… SharePrintEmail

The Only Remaining Packard Showroom

Name your favorite brand of car and you can probably find a dealership within a reasonable distance of your home.  But if you favorite car is a Packard…well, you’ll most assuredly need to come to the only showroom that remains… SharePrintEmail

The Luxury Car of the 20th Century

It was the luxury car of the first half of the 20th century.  Today the company is gone, but the legacy of their fine engineering is still to be found in this city… SharePrintEmail

Positioning A Product

Many Americans are growing more concerned about their health and diet.  That means this farmer has to put some thought into how to position his product and how to best visit with consumers about it’s use.  It can be a health wonder or a burden on the waistline… SharePrintEmail

A Crop Nearly Everyone Enjoys

Ben LaCrosse grows a crop just about everyone enjoys.  However, it’s a crop that is difficult to harvest and one that needs special conditions to grow.  On average each of us will annually consume three quarters of a pound… SharePrintEmail

Running the Buses Below Zero

Sometimes the snow blows or the chill sets in and it’s just too miserable to have school.  However, here, the classes go on, even when the wind chill dips to over 40 degrees below zero or more… SharePrintEmail

Headed to Prudhoe Bay on the Ice Road

If you’ve seen the show Ice Road Truckers, then there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed a part of the story we share today.  We’re on the Dalton Highway headed to Prudhoe Bay… SharePrintEmail

The End of the Road in Alaska

Today we head north, to the end of the road in Alaska.  That means traveling up the Dalton Hwy to the Arctic Ocean to the town of Deadhorse at Prudhoe Bay… SharePrintEmail

An Alaskan Dairy

This family’s dairy herd is not large when compared to the nation.  They joke that to get repairs for their milking equipment they have to call a museum, not a parts store.  However they’re thriving here… SharePrintEmail

The First Farmers to Come to Alaska

Some of the first farmers in Alaska came here in the 1930s.  They were called colonists and many picked up farming roots in the Midwest for a new opportunity in the then territory’s Matanuska Valley… SharePrintEmail

The Most Visited Area of the Fair

What’s the most visited area of a state fair?  Here it’s the crops department.  It may sound unusual until you learn what fair we’re attending… SharePrintEmail

The Northernmost State Fair

Just about all of us have been to our state’s fair.  This year we’re taking you to the northernmost such event you can attend in the U.S., and it’s quite a draw… SharePrintEmail

A Five-Time World Record Holder

Scott Robb holds five world records.  That fact makes him a well recognized man among Alaskan farmers and among those who attend the state’s fair.  We visit with him about those giant titles… SharePrintEmail

The Best in His Category

Imagine a record that stood for over a century.  That’s quite a mark to be broken, but today, Scott Robb is the world’s best in this category… SharePrintEmail

Plenty of Hours to Get Things Done

Sometimes you might wish you just had more hours of the day to get things done.  For a portion of the year, the people who live here, feel as if that’s exactly the case, and their gardens can prove it… SharePrintEmail

A Route to Healing

It’s sometimes difficult to forgive someone.  In this case, Eva was willing to forgive the perpetrators of murders against her family and thousands of others.  However it was her route to healing… SharePrintEmail

Taken From Mother’s Arms

Their story is one that will make you cry.  Ten year old twin girls, taken from their mothers arms – in an instant their entire family was gone forever… SharePrintEmail

Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor

Today we begin a three part series with Eva Kor, a Holocaust survivor with a story you won’t want to miss… SharePrintEmail

The Capulin Volcano

Many people traveling in northeast New Mexico pass this site and fail to realize the historical significance and the amazing views if they simply drive a couple of miles out of their way.  For those who do stop, the story and scenery are amazing… SharePrintEmail

Inside the Volcano Crater

Which state has the most volcanoes?  The answer will most likely surprise you.  We’ll head to the crater… SharePrintEmail

A Town Named Young

It’s just a small town of about 500 people. You’ve driven through bunches of them. But you probably have not driven through this town of a half thousand unless you were specifically headed there. That’s because you must drive 26 miles of dirt roads just reach the remote location… SharePrintEmail

Owning A Gold & Silver Mine

Not many people set out to own a historic gold and silver mine.  That was the case for Andre, but soon he found himself owner of much of the land below the city that he served as mayor…and today he’ll take you on a tour of what’s underground… SharePrintEmail

The Good Enough Mine

When the first miners hit veins of ore here, they knew it was “good enough” to open a profitable mine.  And thus, the name “Good Enough” mine stuck.  But what they found underground was far more than simply good enough…it was great… SharePrintEmail

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