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The Judge ‘West of the Pecos’


He was the man who dispensed law “West of the Pecos.”  His unique way of ruling on legal questions is just part of the mystique that continues to draw visitors to his courtroom yet today.  We head to Langtry, Texas…

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The Law of Langtry

We may not like the rules, but every place needs them.  And with the rules comes a person to enforce them.  But Langtry, Texas had few rules and no one to lay down the law.  That changed with a man named Roy Bean… SharePrintEmail

The Adventures of Roy Bean

Roy Bean found a steady job supplying railroad work camps.  Then he discovered something rail workers really wanted…something to drink… SharePrintEmail

The Farmer’s Branch

The name Farmer’s Branch sums up the beginning of this place.  A rich ag community along a north Texas stream.  Today the landscape has changed…but you can still find those roots… SharePrintEmail

The Kickapoo Attack at Fort Lancaster

You might think of a “fort” as a place with high, secure walls that could repel an attack.  The reality in the west was few forts had such walls because it was very rare there was ever a direct attack.  The exception was this place… SharePrintEmail

An Abandoned Fort in the Civil War

When the Civil War began, U.S. troops at some forts suddenly found men headed two different directions, north or south.  The fate of those forts was also in question… SharePrintEmail

The Army’s Camel Train

Before the days or cars and trucks, horses and mules were often called upon to bear the load.  But at one point, the army had a different idea on the best way to transport its supplies here in the southwestern U.S… SharePrintEmail

Fort Lancaster, Texas

Today’s traveler might meet the occasional challenge of a traffic jam or a flat tire, but the travelers here back in the 1850s had a lot more on their minds.  That’s in part, why this place was constructed… SharePrintEmail

Missouri Star Quilt

It’s a nice sunny day in Hamilton, Missouri, with a population of not even 2000, but unlike a lot of small cities, you may have a hard time finding a place to park.  It’s a good problem to have… SharePrintEmail

Small Town – Big Quilt

What kind of businesses help bring small towns to life?  Today’s example may surprise you, but it has folks from literally around the world coming here… SharePrintEmail

Retrieving a Boot – In Front of 80,000

Imagine you could run so fast that you lost your boots!  That’s what happened here.  This is the lady who had to go get that boot…in front of a lot of people… SharePrintEmail

Helping Train a Well-known Horse

There are many teenagers that like to ride horses, but few get the chance to train a horse that’s seen by over 80,000 people at once… SharePrintEmail

Moore’s Creek

It is a small bridge over a small creek.  It was a big victory in an even larger war… SharePrintEmail

All Kinds of Currencies

One, five, ten, twenty? Now imagine there were more denominations and dozens of different types of bills in circulation. What you would have is a major mess–and that’s exactly what banking could be like in the 1850’s… SharePrintEmail

Offering a Blank Check for a Cabin

It’s a place so important, the owners were once offered a blank check if they would sell.  It’s a story you can hear on radio and catch on TV this weekend on U.S. Farm Report… SharePrintEmail

President Roosevelt’s Favorite Song – Why it Matters!

It’s one of the best known songs of that past century.  In fact, one president said it was his favorite.  But then a lawsuit stopped it from being played… SharePrintEmail

My Western Home – A Poem You Know!

You may not fancy yourself a poet, and you may have forgotten a poem called My Western Home.  But in a moment you’ll find that you do know those words quite well… SharePrintEmail

The Most Dangerous Route the Mail Ever Took

It’s said to be the most dangerous route a postman ever took.  In fact, the route was eventually removed from the earth in order to keep people safe… SharePrintEmail

Hijacked to America

He did not want to come to America and once he got here he quickly made arrangement to go back from wince he came.  But then something got in his way and changed his life and the history of this area… SharePrintEmail

The Best House at the Fort

Life at a frontier outpost could sometime be isolated and lacking the amenities of affluence.  This commander had a plan to remedy that problem… SharePrintEmail

What are the Dalles?

It’s one of the more unusual place names in America.  The Dalles.  Where is it and what is it?  If you were a westward traveling pioneer, you probably knew the name well… SharePrintEmail

A Great Train Robbery

Great train robberies are the stuff of some great wild west movies.  In real life though, they say the first such event occurred here.  Today we travel to the spot were an infamous gang pulled the rails and waited for a big pay day… SharePrintEmail

The Walter Kronkite Memorial

How fast do you speak?  You’ve probably never thought about it, but this man knew the exact pace he needed to become one of the best in his profession SharePrintEmail

The Most Trusted Man in America

He was known as “the most trusted man in America.”  That’s a big title to live up to, but one this newsman filled for several decades… SharePrintEmail

A Heroic War Correspondent

This man made a name for himself as a war correspondent.  In fact, he even flew into the front lines on a glider just to get the story from the perspective of the soldiers in the heart of the battle… SharePrintEmail

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