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A Reminder of the Cost of Freedom


AMC_Brazil2016Every independence day we celebrate our freedom.  This soldier is reminded of the cost of that freedom…as he protects the resting place of America’s heroes…

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Wearing The Uniform

Some jobs require you to wear a uniform.  Imagine a job where that uniform had to be worn with perfection…where a deviation of 1/64 of an inch could cost you your position SharePrintEmail

Campaigning Against Another Player

Ty Cobb was a great baseball player, but he was also known as a guy who would bend and break the rules.  So it’s somewhat unusual that Cobb would campaign to kick another player out of the majors for his behavior… SharePrintEmail

A Baseball Career Not Recognized By Cooperstown

Carl Mays had a career worthy of the baseball hall of fame, however many in his hometown will tell you that he’s not in Cooperstown because of one pitch he threw in his 15 year career… SharePrintEmail

A Gun Without Bullets

Some boys grow up hunting animals in the woods.  That was the case for Carl Mays, but he didn’t use a gun to hit his target and that made all the difference in his future career… SharePrintEmail

The Colville Indian Reservation

The name of their current tribal home is not an ancestral name, but rather the name of a fort where many of the native Americans of the area came to trade furs. It’s a reservation larger than the state of Rhode Island… SharePrintEmail

A Trip Off the Beaten Path

It is the largest hydroelectric dam in the nation…spanning just a few feet shy of one mile across and over five hundred feet high It’s a place where few people live and it’s a many hours drive for most tourists to visit… SharePrintEmail

The 1930’s Largest Lake in the World

In the 1930s it became the largest lake in the world…and interestingly, that record setter was nestled in the undeveloped forestland of the Midwest… SharePrintEmail

Possibly the Only Expert in the World

If you have a valuable heirloom you’d like to sell, you might see an expert appraiser to assess its value. For this type of item, Leeila Cohoon may just be the only expert in the world. We tap her knowledge… SharePrintEmail

Curator of A Unique Museum

You might not picture our founding fathers wearing broaches or other jewelry. However, this lady says it’s just one of the interesting pieces of history she’s uncovered in her role as curator of a most unique museum… SharePrintEmail

An Odd Method of Tracking A Family History

Today many people like to trace their family tree.  Before the age of photos and computerized records, there was another way to keep track of one’s family…a method that seems quite odd to folks today SharePrintEmail

An Airplane Born From Tragedy

It’s a plane that was born from tragedy, and interesting, a plane that would go on to haul millions of passengers and help win battles around the globe… SharePrintEmail

Living in Death Valley

Very few people have attempted to live inside Death Valley National Park, but one that did built one of the grandest castles in the world… SharePrintEmail

The 20 Mule Team

Some of you might remember 20 mule team borax and the old episodes of the Death Valley TV show.  Today we head to the place were those stories were true-to-life… SharePrintEmail

How Death Valley Earned Its Name

Because Death Valley is such a difficult environment to support plant and animal life…most suppose that is how it earned its name.  In reality, the name is tied to one specific family… SharePrintEmail

Zig-Zagging Down the Runway

The first time Don tried to fly this plane, he must have appeared to be a drunk pilot, for his plane ziz-zagged back and forth down the runway.  That plane would end up being a cherished friend in battle… SharePrintEmail

A Place of Beauty and Danger

On the border of California and Nevada you will find a place that has daunted countless travelers for the past 150 years.  Whether they attempted to cross by wagon train or in today’s automobiles…it’s still a place with beauty, intrigue and danger… SharePrintEmail

Walk the Streets of a Fictional Town

Many movie greats have walked the streets of this fictional town, and you can too.  It’s a story that has spanned over 75 years now… SharePrintEmail

Building Homes and Movie Stars

It’s tough to find someone skilled in building an adobe home.  So this movie studio called on some experts who would up in the movies themselves… SharePrintEmail

A Town Built for Hollywood

It the early days of movies, most were shot on lots in Hollywood, but one of the first ventures outside the state led move makers to this barren desert… SharePrintEmail

A Boom Town Called Tombstone

In the 1880’s, stagecoaches brought dozens of people each day to a boom town called Tombstone.  But it was a cycle of boom and bust in the wild west… SharePrintEmail

Dig Your Grave When You Get There

When this man set out to find his fortune he was told he’d need to dig his grave when he got there.  He decided to mock those who made fun of him with the name of his new town… SharePrintEmail

Demonstrating a New Rifle at the White House

Imagine that you had developed a new type of rifle that could helpful to the US Military.  How would you go about selling your device? This man simply took his rifle and ammunition and showed up at the White House… SharePrintEmail

The World’s Greatest Athlete

In 1912, he was proclaimed “The World’s Greatest Athlete” and some of his Olympic records stood two decades later.  He was a well-rounded athlete that even won the Dancing With the Stars competition of his day… SharePrintEmail

Bartering Is What Built the Place

When people can’t pay cash for items they want, they may try to barter. That’s what this saloon did, and what they received became a bigger attraction than the drinks they served… SharePrintEmail

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