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Children on the March in Birmingham


The images from Birmingham were difficult to watch.  Kids under the age of 18 where being knocked off their feet by water cannons and attacked by police dogs, in an effort to keep them from peacefully protesting the city’s segregated facilities.  Gwen Webb was one of those on the march……

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A Pivotol Moment in Civil Rights

Gwen Webb was a high school student in one of Birmingham, Alabama’s segregated public schools.  In early May 1963 she was ready to participate in what … [Read More...]

The Effort to Change

It is said that in the early 1960s, there was no large city more racially segregated that Birmingham, Alabama.  It was the city in which Gwen Webb was … [Read More...]

The Museum of Osteology

It’s called the Museum of Osteology.  It’s a one-of-a-kind place.  But many of you are asking what’s osteology? … [Read More...]

The Bone Collector

Jay’s father could have scolded him for what he’d unearthed.  Most parents would say, “Put down that filthy thing!”  His father didn’t do that though, … [Read More...]

The Message of the Mailbox

Mailboxes come in many shapes, colors and sizes.  But the mailboxes given as gifts every May in Brookfield, Missouri are very special; not because of … [Read More...]

The Impression of an Actor

Everyone knows John Wilkes Booth as the assassin of President Lincoln.  However, before his deadly deed in April 1865, he was a well known actor, and … [Read More...]

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