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Unearthing the Bones of an Unknown Animal

Imagine you unearthed the bones of an animal and had little idea of what you found. Now imagine making up a tale about the creature and traveling the nation to tell its story. That’s exactly what happened just south of St. Louis…

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The History of a Popular Apple

It’s one of the world’s most popular varieties of fruit and we have it because one farmer couldn’t get a nasty spout to go away.  It’s a story that will take us to two state fairs  before a delicious taste is discovered… SharePrintEmail

An Unusual Herd

Farms come in many shapes and sizes, raising crops, livestock and many other combinations.  But in central Arkansas, there is a centuries-old farm that has been raising an unusual herd that people just keep coming back to see… SharePrintEmail

Aboard A Luxury Ship

The Queen Mary II, the largest and most luxurious ship to ever sail, recently left Britain for Ft. Lauderdale.  That voyage had ironically increased the passenger list on her predecessor that hasn’t left the dock in over thirty years… SharePrintEmail

The Carousel City

Bob Ketterling never set out to be famous or have others recognize his deeds.  He just wanted to do something nice for his community.  But drive into this town today and you’ll quickly see what people thought of Bob.  They painted it on their water tower… SharePrintEmail

Bob Had a Secret

Bob had a secret.  Not a bad secret, but a secret nonetheless from his childhood.  When his wife learned what it was, she found crowds flocking to their backyard… SharePrintEmail

Tabloid Reporting Over a Century Ago

If the tabloids report it, is the story really true?  Over a century ago, many American believed this star had robbed a man to get the money she needed to support a drug habit.  It’s a story of one woman’s fight against the largest newspapers of the day… SharePrintEmail

Shooting Apples Off Heads

Perhaps you’ve heard of someone shooting an apple off of someone’s head or hitting a cigarette in someone’s mouth.  It was real life for this talented family… SharePrintEmail

Amazing and Totally Unexpected Skills

Her skills were amazing and totally unexpected.  A young lady from the frontier was outshooting men of all ages and that fact had crowds flocking to see the talents of that girl and her gun… SharePrintEmail

Greenville, Ohio’s Most Popular Person

She is arguably the most famous person to grow up in Greenville, Ohio.  You’ve most likely heard of her and the skill that took her around the world to perform in front of packed crowds… SharePrintEmail

The Story of Daddy Bryson

His name was Daddy Bryson…and he became one of the best-known train engineers in the Smoky Mountains…not because of his skill on the rails, but instead for the unfortunate accident that cost him his life… SharePrintEmail

Logging to Create A Park

Visitors to Smoky Mountain National Park can wander miles of trails that meander through endless forests.  It wasn’t that long ago many of these forests had been cut.  This is the story of the man who logged much of that timber and then gave the land to create a park… SharePrintEmail

A Bell That Took Time to Become Famous

July 4th, 1776.  It’s Indpendence Day in the United States and one of the symbols of our freedom is the Liberty Bell.  But most folks don’t know the real story behind that bell…a bell that really was not famous at all until more than a half century after that famous July 4th in Philadelphia… SharePrintEmail

When George Washington Surrendered

It was the only time General Washington ever surrendered an army…and that just may have everything to do with July 4th being our Independence Day… SharePrintEmail

Shaping Independence

It’s a war most American know little about, yet it’s a conflict that shaped America’s war for Independence just a few years later…Please update now SharePrintEmail

Naturalist John Muir

Over a century ago, President Roosevelt was so interested in preserving natural wonders, he traveled all the way to California to take a camping trip with this well known naturalist.  The result of that outing would be the protection of some of this nation’s most loved landmarks… SharePrintEmail

Nature Closer to Home

When this man’s trip to the Amazon fell through, he instead began to travel this country to see all that nature held closer to home.  It was his vision of protecting a portion of that beauty that led him to become the father of the national park system… SharePrintEmail

An Unusual Museum

When you pull up to this small building, you may be surprised to learn that people are making detours just to see what’s inside.  In fact, some are so inspired, they decide to take up residence here.  Not bad for a place this little town willed into existence a couple of decades back… SharePrintEmail

Knowledgeable About Vinegar

It’s a product you can find named in the Bible and in ancient texts.  However, it’s something that is familiar yet unknown to most of us.  This small town hopes to make you more knowledgeable about it… SharePrintEmail

Putting the Town on the Map

Lawrence Diggs is not you average citizen.  If he seemed out-of-place here, he certainly wasn’t for long as the residents of this community of under 200 soon embraced his ideas to put the place on the map… SharePrintEmail

An American Idol

You never know who you might meet when doing an interview.  On a recent trip to Alabama to a historic recording studio, I was asked if I would like to interview they guy recording next door.  You may have just seen and heard him on tv… SharePrintEmail

A Place Known As Traveler’s Rest

It was a meeting place, a point were Lewis and Clark twice stopped during very important points in their journey… SharePrintEmail

The Lolo Trail

It was the most difficult climb in their journey west–the Rocky mountains of Montana and Idaho.  We hit the Lolo trail… SharePrintEmail

Poker Alice

She was simply known as Poker Alice.  She was an expert card player who used to begin each game by proclaiming, ““Praise the Lord and place your bets. I’ll take your money with no regrets.”  And she did take plenty of money… SharePrintEmail

Rapid City’s Historical Museum

Today we say hello to our listeners on KOTA in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Residents there know of an amazing local museum that tells the story of the history of this area… SharePrintEmail

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