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A Hangar to Park a Plane


FJM-HV-Hawaii2014When Frank bought a plane he needed a hangar in which to park it. Soon the plane wasn’t the only thing in the building. In fact, visitors still come here to see that plane an much, much more…

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The Phillips Home

The president of this oil company was looking for a place to entertain business leaders from the east coast and around the world. He settled on a ranch in northeastern Oklahoma. This is the story of the ranch where million dollar deals are still done… SharePrintEmail

The Best Climate to Help Ease An Ailment

Today we may rely on the latest advancements in science and medicine to help cure disease.  Of course, in the 1800s, science provided some answers, but many folks simply looked for the best climate to help their ease their ailment… SharePrintEmail

James’ Peak

You’ve perhaps never heard of James’ Peak.  It more accurate to say you’ve heard of the mountain, but you simply don’t know it by that name.  In fact, you may have been to the top of the peak that James climbed, but he didn’t get the credit so to speak… SharePrintEmail

A Landmark With a Name

As Lewis and Clark headed west and north in 1803 to explore the newly acquire Louisiana Purchase, another explorer headed to the southwestern reaches of that territory.  One of the landmarks he found still bears his name today… SharePrintEmail

Going to Hell

We go to great lengths to gather the stories you here on this program…and this time we literally went to hell and back to get the feature you’ll hear… SharePrintEmail

The Inventor of the First Automobile

Who invented the first automobile?  You might be surprised that it wasn’t Henry Ford…but this man from Kokomo, Indiana… SharePrintEmail

A Landmark Burned to the Ground

It was perhaps the most important stop on the entire length of the Santa Fe Trail. However, under two decades after its establishment, it was burned to the ground… SharePrintEmail

800 Miles and One Stop

Today you can travel down just about any interstate highway in America and find plenty of truck stops. Now turn back the clock nearly two centuries and imagine an 800 mile long interstate with just one such stop… SharePrintEmail

An Enterprising Fort

When you think of forts in the western U.S., you may remember military fortresses built to keep the peace and secure the routes of settlers.  That’s what makes this early fort unique, for it was not built by the government, but rather an enterprising group of men on the Santa Fe Trail… SharePrintEmail

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