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The Ride of Jack Jouett


You no doubt have heard of Paul Revere.  However, you’ve probably not heard of Jack Jouett.  When you hear the two stories, you’ll wonder why the history books remember Revere and not Jouett…

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The Advance of the British

It was June of 1881 and British troops were advancing on the home of future president Thomas Jefferson – in fact, they were under a mile away… SharePrintEmail

Jack Jouett

There’s a good chance you’ve not heard of Jack Jouett, yet he may have been the man who saved some of the founding fathers in their revolution against England… SharePrintEmail

The Good Shepherd

In the Bible, Jesus is referred to as “The Good Shepherd” who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep.  Today’s feature is also about the “good Shepherd,” which in this case, is the story of a specific type of lamb that might provide life to people who are suffering… SharePrintEmail

Afflicted With a Debilitating Illness

At first glance, today’s story will seem to be one of little hope.  Yet, there hope and it’s coming from the livestock industry for people afflicted with a rare but debilitating and fatal illness… SharePrintEmail

The Name Behind the Tsukamoto School

The Tsukamoto school in Sacramento is a place of triumph.  Some may not know the story behind the name, but when you dig deeper, you find a farm family who worked to make the best of a bad situation… SharePrintEmail

A Smaller Than Normal Home

When Marielle arrived in Arkansas, she found her new home must have been constructed for a group of second graders.  It was a humorous incident wrapped inside a regrettable chapter in American history… SharePrintEmail

Bob Fletcher, Hero

Bob Fletcher is a hero to many around Sacramento.  When others were wronged, he stepped in to make things right – giving of his time and money to help save their farms and preserve family’s homes… SharePrintEmail

Selling a Car for $5

Why would anyone sell a perfectly good car for just five dollars?  It was the sad truth that was happening in many areas around Sacramento… SharePrintEmail

Executive Order 9066

Farming in California’s central valley can have it’s challenges, however it can also provide the right soil and climate for bountiful crops.  However, this family faced a new obstacle directed at a specific group of people… SharePrintEmail

The Value of Whaling

The residents of this city were so wealthy, their annual per capita income was the equivalent of purchasing two homes in the town.  It may take you awhile to guess the identify of that place… SharePrintEmail

A Good Place To Hide

A slave escaping his master needed a good place to hide.  Perhaps that what made this job perfect for those willing to accept the risks of dangerous profession… SharePrintEmail

A Different Kind of Oil Industry

Oil has long been big business for certain areas of the country.  Two centuries ago this city was known for oil, although it was much different than what you might think of today… SharePrintEmail

Predicting Earthquakes

Earthquakes are unpredictable and often very deadly.  So how could one predict those events to help save lives?  This man says he has a way that’s been proven effective… SharePrintEmail

Another Old Faithful

Old Faithful geyser is in Yellowstone National Park.  Well, one of the nation’s “old faithfuls” is in the park, the other is owned by this man who has quite a story… SharePrintEmail

Kokee State Park

Most people head to Hawaii for the balmy weather, so it’s quite unexpected to find this place has beautiful ocean views and temperatures that can dip below freezing… SharePrintEmail

The Highest Point in the Flattest State

You can see for many miles from the summit, but it helps when you’re looking across the flattest state.  Still it’s a view people from around the world come to see… SharePrintEmail

On the Slopes of Mt. Sunflower

They’re called “highpointers” – people who seek to summit the highest point in each of the 50 states.  There’s not much climbing to do here, but it seems to be one of the most fun places to reach… SharePrintEmail

A Place to Check the Herd…and Much More!

It was a great place to check on his herd.  Who knew it would one day be a place that would attract over two visitors a year…to the middle of seemingly nowhere… SharePrintEmail

Jazz Funerals

You’ve heard the song “When the Saints Go Marching In” but did you know it’s still a very important part of many funerals today.  We head to a most unique celebration of life… SharePrintEmail

Cemeteries in the Movies

People often enjoy a chance to tour the sets of famous movies.  Some of those backdrops are public places easily accessible most of the year, but this spot may seem a bit unusual as a prime spot to put on the camera… SharePrintEmail

Putting the ‘Fun’ in Funerals

A funeral is often an tearful occasion.  While we honor and respect loved ones, it is an emotional time for family and friends.  However, this city proclaims it puts the “fun” in funerals… SharePrintEmail

New Orleans’ ‘Unusual’ Cemeteries

In New Orleans you’ll find what many consider an unusual way to bury the dead.  It involves moving bodies over a year after their death and throwing the caskets in the dumpster.  It commonplace here… SharePrintEmail

When Caskets Floated

Once a casket is buried, you probably expect it to stay in the ground.  The fact that the caskets here didn’t do that, created a unique situation in this city… SharePrintEmail

Campbell’s Resort

There are lake resorts all across this nation…but it’s not everyday that you encounter a family owned operation that has been in business for over a century… SharePrintEmail

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