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One of the Most Sobering Stories of World War II


When Japan surrendered to the U.S., Americans rejoiced to know that the conflict was coming to an end.  Buried in the news that very same day was one of the most sobering stories of the war…

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One of the Worst Disasters in US Naval History

It was one of the worst disasters at sea in U.S. naval history.  The loss of life combined with the horrific conditions were overshadowed by the end of WW II though… SharePrintEmail

Top Secret Cargo Across the Pacific

As August of 1945 neared, one ship took a top secret cargo across the Pacific.  But for the men of the U.S. Indianapolis that shipment would soon overshadow their own fate… SharePrintEmail

One of the Most Important Stories of Survival Ever Told

He grew up in the heart of the Midwest, but during world war II, his life at sea would become one of the most important stories of survival to ever be told… SharePrintEmail

Success At An Early Age

Major General Arnold Fields spent 34 years in the Marines. He attributes much of his success to an organization known for black jackets with a cotton boll on the back… SharePrintEmail

An Interesting Phenomena

People like to have answers, and perhaps that’s what makes this phenomena so interesting.  There seems to be no explaining it… SharePrintEmail

The Christiana Riot

It’s called the Christiana Riot – a showdown between a slave owner and those harboring his runaway slaves.  It led to bloodshed here just a few miles north of the Mason Dixon line… SharePrintEmail

The Bravery of Former Slaves

In the years before the Civil War, many people stood up for the cause of freedom and equality.  Some of those who showed the most bravery were former slaves… SharePrintEmail

Dancing With a Spring In Your Step

Most people like to work in buildings that have a solid floor underneath them.  The fact that this place has a floor with springs is what has kept it around for over a century… SharePrintEmail

An Important Product to Keep the Economy Afloat

This city had one important product that kept its economy afloat.  That’s because the product, actually floated.  Sound confusing?  We’ll unravel the story… SharePrintEmail

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