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Shawnee Mission


As Europeans crossed the Atlantic, those who had been living on the eastern seaboard for centuries were often forced to leave their homes

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Napa Valley Resorts

This place quickly became a playground for the well-to-do to escape the city during the summer.  In fact, the tales of the place perhaps began to stretch the truth, but there’s no doubting it was, and remains, a premiere place for people to get away… SharePrintEmail

Napa Valley Agriculture

California’s Napa Valley has long been associated with wine.  However, wine is newcomer when compared to all this area grows… SharePrintEmail

Napa and the Gold Rush

If you tell someone you’re headed to Napa, they probably expect you to be sampling some wine and perhaps staying at a resort.  In 1850 if you told someone you were headed to Napa, chance are you had a much different trip in mind… SharePrintEmail

Nathan Combs

You’ve probably never heard of a man named Nathan Combs.  However, you have heard of the place he helped create.  The young pioneer landed in California, and through hard work and some vision, he established a town that draws many yet today SharePrintEmail

A Trading Network on the Northern Plains

It was the site of a vast trading network on the northern plains.  It’s history spanned forty years and today, this fort has been reconstructed to remind us of its importance… SharePrintEmail

The Circle From the Ryan

If you’ve ever been to the Grand Ole Opry, you have seen a circular piece of wood that’s been inserted into the stage.  The circle of course is from the Opry’s previous home, across town at the Ryman Auditorium… SharePrintEmail

The Union Gospel Tabernacle

It was one of the largest venues in the nation when it was constructed – Union Gospel Tabernacle.  But just about a decade after it opened, one prominent man’s funeral was held inside the building and at the conclusion of the service, the audience decided the place should bear his name… SharePrintEmail

What Started As A Tent Revival

You’ve probably not heard of the evangelist, Samuel Jones.  However, there’s a decent chance you know at least the last name of the man determined to ruin Rev. Jones’ tent revival.  What happened next is still a storied piece of history… SharePrintEmail

Rough Around the Edges

Tom was quite the entrepreneur.  He built a great steamboat line and became quite wealthy.  But he was also a bit rough around the edges, willing to mix things up and find his way into an occasional fight.  His story is one well-known in this town… SharePrintEmail

The Knife River Indian Village

Two centuries ago, these villages contained more people than the city of St. Louis…yet only a handful of Europeans and Americans had ever seen them… SharePrintEmail

At The Heart of the Town

It’s important that your heart is healthy if you want to live a long and productive life.  The same can be said for the life of a town.  So what is at the heart of a town? SharePrintEmail

Flip This Building

Turn on the tv and you can find shows about flipping properties, but in a moment we’ll take you to meet a man who wants to flip your town.  His mission is to help America’s small towns come back to life… SharePrintEmail

Helping Rural America

It’s a common story in many small towns and big cities across America.  Many places have downtown buildings that are vacant and in disrepair.  This man decided to do something about it and he began in a place most overlook – rural America… SharePrintEmail

More Than Buying, Renovating and Selling

You’ve heard of people flipping homes for a living.  For many years, that’s how Ron Drake made part of his living.  However Ron has a passion to do more for rural America that simply buy, renovate and sell homes… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2016: Take A Little Trip with Colonel Jackson

What you know about this battle probably comes from a song you’ve heard.  So today we’ll “Take a little trip along with Colonel Jackson” to see how much is fact and fiction… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2016: Judge Roy Bean

We may not like the rules, but every place needs them.  And with the rules comes a person to enforce them.  But Langtry, Texas had few rules and no one to lay down the law.  That changed with a man named Roy Bean… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2016: A Nuclear “Event”

It was an attention getter.  A statement that showed the world the United States was serious about using nuclear energy for peace.  But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the humor in the event… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2016: General Patton’s Special Drink

Sometimes people will use secret codes to keep vital information from slipping into the wrong hands.  General Patton used such a code in World War II, just so he had something to drink… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2016: The Moldy Cantaloupe That Saved The World

You could call it the “moldy cantaloupe that saved the world.”  It was an unlikely find, but one that indeed help save thousands of lives SharePrintEmail

The Effect of The Three Wise Men

The Bible tells us that after Jesus’ birth, wise men from the east came to honor the child.   Interestingly, those visitors not only came bearing gifts in their day, but their journey may have saved the very church marking the spot of their destination… SharePrintEmail

Away In A Manger

At Christmas time we may sing, “Away in a manger no crib for a bed.”  While the phrase may be true, the picture we have in our minds, or the vision depicted in nativity scenes may be different than the real things… SharePrintEmail

The “Little” Town of Bethlehem

It’s a “little” town forever associated with Christmas.  In a moment you’ll see that town is today a large city, but it remains a place honored for a most important birth… SharePrintEmail

Where Santa Gets His Decorations

If Santa Claus needed a place to buy  all of his decorations, this would be it.  It’s big business in small town Michigan and it brings Christmas cheer everyday of the year… SharePrintEmail

Getting An Ice Cold Drink

These days we don’t give a second thought to getting ice out of a machine to cool our drinks.  There was a time though when much of the world had never seen ice, and transporting it to those warm places was big business… SharePrintEmail

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