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Fighting the Greatest Battles


Today’s guest has not spent time fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, yet he has fought some of the most important military battles in this nation’s history…

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Arco, Idaho’s Claim to Fame

It was an attention getter.  A statement that showed the world the United States was serious about using nuclear energy for peace.  But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the humor in the event… SharePrintEmail

The Town that Made History – And Didn’t Know It

Arco, Idaho is a town that made history, but no one knew it when it happened.  Yet what happened here became worldwide news and makes it a historic landmark today… SharePrintEmail

After the Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project helped produce the first atomic weapons used at the end of World War II.  But when the war was over, many of those scientists went separate ways.  Some came here… SharePrintEmail

The Stardom of Jenny Lind

Imagine Taylor Swift was forced to stay in a small town and put on a free concert for the local citizens.  That’s what happened to this world famous star and the town still hasn’t forgotten it over 150 years later… SharePrintEmail

The Hottest Ticket in 1850

Name any female music star today and this Sweedish star of the mid 1800s would eclipse them all.  Her fame brought her to America where she made millions of dollars in today’s money… SharePrintEmail

Fooling Mr. Tiffany

If something seems too good to be true, then you might ask a lot of questions.  But what happens when your experts are even fooled by the story?  It results in a con for the ages… SharePrintEmail

The Great Diamond Hoax

It was one of the greatest swindles of its day.  A wild mining scheme that fooled some of the nation’s richest investors who placed their money behind finding diamonds… SharePrintEmail

Striking Diamonds

You’ve heard of California prospectors that discovered silver and gold, but did you ever hear of one that struck diamonds?  Two men said they did… SharePrintEmail

The Great Fire & Eclipse of Elizabethtown

When several tragedies strike within a short period of time, people might say “the world is coming to an end.”  That’s what the folks thought in this small town when a rare celestial occurrence coincided with raging fire… SharePrintEmail

Custer’s Prize Horses

We all know Custer and his men met their fate at the Little Big Horn.  However, a chapter of the story you’ve probably not heard is how a town in Kentucky played an important role in that event… SharePrintEmail

The Chance Meeting of Future Presidents

One day they would both become president of the United States, but when the two spent the summer in the same town passing each other on the street, you wonder if they ever noticed each other… SharePrintEmail

Craters of the Moon

It is a place on earth that looks like it doesn’t belong on the planet…perhaps that’s the reason they call it Craters of the Moon… SharePrintEmail

A Boy Named Sue

You’ve probably heard of a boy named Sue thanks to Johnny Cash.  But was there really a boy named Sue?  The answer is yes, and he played an important role in history… SharePrintEmail

A Trial that Captivated the Nation

Imagine a packed crowd in a sweltering courtroom.  Refreshment vendor are allowed inside during recesses and chimps perform on the lawn outside.  It was a spectacle that drew worldwide attention… SharePrintEmail

John Scopes on Trial

His last name is forever linked to one of the most publicized trial in American history.  It was John Scopes that probably did not teach evolution, yet was tried for violating an act that polarized the nation… SharePrintEmail

Bringing a Trial to Town

Cities might devise many plans to help increase commerce and spur business growth.  Bringing a trial to your town would seem to be an odd choice, but nearly a century ago, that’s exactly what this town did… SharePrintEmail

Picket’s Charge

Every Independence Day we remember those who have fought for our freedom.  One well known battlefield still draws thousands of visitors who learn about a man who made an ill fated charge… SharePrintEmail

John Burns & The Battle at Gettysburg

Imagine hitting the age to retire and then deciding to volunteer for the army.  That is what John Burns did.  The military rejected him. but then the battle came to him… SharePrintEmail

The Ride of Jack Jouett

You no doubt have heard of Paul Revere.  However, you’ve probably not heard of Jack Jouett.  When you hear the two stories, you’ll wonder why the history books remember Revere and not Jouett… SharePrintEmail

The Advance of the British

It was June of 1881 and British troops were advancing on the home of future president Thomas Jefferson – in fact, they were under a mile away… SharePrintEmail

Jack Jouett

There’s a good chance you’ve not heard of Jack Jouett, yet he may have been the man who saved some of the founding fathers in their revolution against England… SharePrintEmail

The Good Shepherd

In the Bible, Jesus is referred to as “The Good Shepherd” who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep.  Today’s feature is also about the “good Shepherd,” which in this case, is the story of a specific type of lamb that might provide life to people who are suffering… SharePrintEmail

Afflicted With a Debilitating Illness

At first glance, today’s story will seem to be one of little hope.  Yet, there hope and it’s coming from the livestock industry for people afflicted with a rare but debilitating and fatal illness… SharePrintEmail

The Name Behind the Tsukamoto School

The Tsukamoto school in Sacramento is a place of triumph.  Some may not know the story behind the name, but when you dig deeper, you find a farm family who worked to make the best of a bad situation… SharePrintEmail

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