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Not So Pleasant of a Stay


Most people would say this river town is a pleasant place to live.  However, for those who happened to find themselves inside the walls, it may not have been so pleasant of a stay here…

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The Betsy Ross House

In Ft. Madison, IA you will find the Betsy Ross house.  But hold on you say…American flag maker Betsy Ross lived in Philadelphia and never came to Iowa.  There’s a good reason such a house is in Iowa… SharePrintEmail

The Long Walk for Food

It’s a long walk from Fort Madison, Iowa to St. Louis, Missouri.  However, that’s exactly what was facing a few dozen men if they didn’t receive food very soon… SharePrintEmail

Capture the Flag

When the native Americans laid siege to this remote American outpost, it was a part of a coordinated effort to retake the middle of the continent.  Interestingly, their sights may have been set on taking a symbolic prize rather than taking lives… SharePrintEmail

The Oldest City in Iowa

What is the oldest city in the state of Iowa?  The answer has a lot to do with the fight to keep a young nation independent and free… SharePrintEmail

Baking Powder & the Indy 500

Maybe you’ve heard of the Clabber Girl brand of baking powder.  It’s been around for over a century.  But perhaps you didn’t know it’s connection to one of the largest annual sporting events in this country… SharePrintEmail

Clabber Girl

Perhaps you think a story about baking powder would be quite bland, but the tale of these two brothers is one that still very much touches our world today… SharePrintEmail

Angel Fire

My in-laws had been telling me about a place called Angel Fire for many years.  They make an annual trip there to remember friends and family lost in the Vietnam War.  I was inspired when I recently made my first trip there as well… SharePrintEmail

Doc Westfall’s War Memorial

When Doc Westfall lost a son to the Vietnam War, the event changed his plans for the future.  His new dream was one that honored all who fought…and we do mean ALL who fought.  Come meet his dream… SharePrintEmail

Rancher Turned Veterans Memorial

The Westfalls had dreams of a ranch resort where they could retire.  Then tragedy struck and the plans for the ranch became a dream that inspires thousands who come here… SharePrintEmail

The Clinton House Museum

When Kate Johnson began her babysitting job, she had no idea that the folks she was working for would one day become the nation’s first family.  Today she helps oversee one of the museums that tells their story… SharePrintEmail

Sinclair Oil, Chicken Pot Pies AND a US President!

What’s Sinclair Oil, the invention of the chicken pot pie and a former U.S. president have in common?  It may sound like a joke, but they all have a connection to one specific house… SharePrintEmail

Bill & Hillary at the U of Arkansas

Regardless your politics, it’s often interesting looking back on the lives of our presidents.  One such place is drawing plenty of attention as the home of a president and the home of a presidential candidate… SharePrintEmail

Peace Treaty Pageant

A three-day event dedicated to an old peace treaty may sound a bit odd.  However, this town’s event draws thousands and can be traced back nearly a century… SharePrintEmail

The Foiled Medicine Lodge Bank Robbery

About as long as there have been banks, there have been bank robberies.  The one that took place in Medicine Lodge, KS over a century ago proved deadly for both bank officials and the robbers… SharePrintEmail

HardWork U

Today we hear a lot about the rising costs of higher education.  While that may be true, students here have found that some hardwork on campus can get you a top flight degree… SharePrintEmail

Carry Nation’s Hatchet Job

This lady was known to back up her words with her hatchet.  And that hatchet is still well known over a century later.  In fact, you can come here to see it… SharePrintEmail

Carry Nation’s Crusade

If you attended David Nation’s church in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, many would say the real sermon began when David’s wife began the after-sermon lecture… SharePrintEmail

Medicine Lodge History

In south central Kansas you’ll find a place long important to Native Americans – a place where they and later white settlers would meet to discuss peace on the High Plains… SharePrintEmail

A Quaker Community Determined to End Slavery

In the heart of the south, there was one Quaker community determined to not only bring an end to slavery, but to help former slaves get the education they needed to build successful businesses.  The homesteads they built remain… SharePrintEmail

Tuition is “Free” But Hardwork is Required

I recently visited a college campus unique from many others.  It’s a place where students work on campus to pay for their education.  A place where honoring God and country is even more important than the learning taking place here… SharePrintEmail

The Mendenhall Plantation

We might imagine that prior to the Civil War, most large farming operations in the south used slave labor.  Today, we take you to a homestead in the south that was working to abolish the practice… SharePrintEmail

When the Road Gets Moved

Major highways can be a very important way to get people to your business.  What do you do when your competitor moves the road?  Well this man had a solution that brought him even more prosperity. SharePrintEmail

The Ralph Foster Museum

What is the most famous truck in the nation?  There are a variety of answers, but no doubt this old time ride is still in the minds of many, on the screens of many a tv rerun… SharePrintEmail

A Museum with a Wealth of Exhibits

At one point, this museum might have begun to look a bit like your grandmother’s attic – full of just about anything and everything from yesteryear.  Today it’s a wealth of interesting exhibits that draws visitors from across the country… SharePrintEmail

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