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Each Thanksgiving we are likely to remember the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock.  But is that rock really the spot they disembarked and eventually celebrated a meal we trace to our holiday?  We’ll go rock hunting…

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The Origins of Thanksgiving

Each November we celebrate Thanksgiving in this country.  But how did we get the annual holiday?  While it may have begun with the Pilgrims, the story of how and why it became our yearly event is one that played our over a couple of centuries… SharePrintEmail

A One-Time Feast

We often trace our Thanksgiving holiday back to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony.  It’s true they did have a feast of thanksgiving, but it seems to have been a one time event – an event about which we have very few clues… SharePrintEmail

The Oldest Museum in the Nation

Where is the oldest museum in the nation?  You might guess New York or Washington, D.C., but the town is much smaller, yet still very significant in American history… SharePrintEmail

Farming With the Methods of 400 Years Ago

Farming can be a challenging way to make a living, especially when you consider factors like the weather that are out of one’s control.  Now imagine farming with the methods of 400 years ago and you’ll find a very difficult yet rewarding way of tilling the land – and a very valuable lesson to share […]

The First Thanksgiving

We associate the first Thanksgiving with the Native American and Pilgrims living in Plymouth Colony.  However, we know very little about that event.  Today we head to Plymouth Plantation and look back about 400 years to a meal that we still celebrate… SharePrintEmail


His name is one from our history books, but perhaps we have forgotten just how important his role was in saving the lives of the Pilgrims.  We know him as Squanto, a native American that made six trips across the Atlantic in his lifetime and a man who those first settlers said was sent from […]

A Crop Best Suited for a New Home

Some regions of the country are better suited for specific crops.  That was the case for the Pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony.  They brought lots of seeds with them, but it was a crop that was new to them, that was actually best suited for their new home… SharePrintEmail

People Called Pilgrams

In 1620, the men and women we call the “Pilgrims” landed near Cape Cod, and eventually established Plymouth Colony.  As we near Thanksgiving, we take a look at the fact and fiction about the story of their survival in a new land… SharePrintEmail

Meet Amberly Snyder

Amberly Snyder is quickly making a name for herself at rodeos across the nation.  However, her life is one of inspiration far from those arenas.  We ride along for that amazing story… SharePrintEmail

Riding a Horse Without the Use of Your Legs

Riding a horse requires skill, especially if you’re on the pro rodeo circuit.  Now image that task without the use of your legs… SharePrintEmail

A Shipwreck That Still Influences Today

Each November 10th, the bell here in Whitefish Point will chime 29 times for the crew that died aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Forty years later, that shipwreck still affects the way vessels travel here… SharePrintEmail

The Mystery of the Edmund Fitzgerald

It’s a mystery that is now 40 years old…a mystery that lives on through a song that tells the story of a grand ship and a storm that sent her to the bottom of Lake Superior.  We remember her and the crew… SharePrintEmail

A Dangerous Place for Ships

If you come here to the shores of Lake Superior in the summer, you are likely to find lovely waters and a picturesque setting.  Come in November, and the same place can be dangerous to ships and people… SharePrintEmail

A Variety Show In The Basement of City Hall

It had a inauspicious beginning.  A variety show held in the basement of city hall that attracted a couple dozen patrons seated in metal folding chairs.  But it’s grown into one of the longest and best known acts in the country… SharePrintEmail

The Baldknobbers

They were called the Baldknobbers – a group of vigilantes that roamed the Ozarks dispensing justice as they saw fit.  The group still exists but it’s far different that the renegades from the 1800s… SharePrintEmail

One of the Biggest Stars in Country Music

Today we visit with one of the biggest stars in country music – Kenny Chesney.  But it’s a story with a twist…and a story that has many headed to a very popular music show… SharePrintEmail

Making It Big Someday

Perhaps some of us have an dreams of making it big someday on stage.  That was the case for Todd, but unlike many people, he actually loaded up the car and headed out in pursuit of his music dreams… SharePrintEmail

Trying to Prevent a Bank Robbery

You probably have not heard of a man named Joseph Lee Haywood.  He died on September 7th, 1876 trying to prevent a bank robbery.  But the story of how and why he died in the robbery is a story of heroism that lives on over a century later… SharePrintEmail

A Capital City for Exiles

In a sense, this capital city is a place established for exiles.  If your thoughts and ideas were too radical for the establishment, peoples from many walks of life could find a home here… SharePrintEmail

Too Radical for the Time & Place

Roger Williams’ ideas were simply too radical for his time and place, and for that, he was about to be sent back to England.  That is until he escaped and helped found one of the 13 original colonies… SharePrintEmail

The Smallest of the Fifty States

This week we are in the smallest of the fifty states, Rhode Island, for the story of the man who helped found the colony – a man whose life was one of controversy… SharePrintEmail

Capturing Someone’s Voice

In an age centuries before a recorder could capture someone’s voice, young Roger could accomplish the same thing by hand.  However, you know him not for his stenography skills but the founding of a colony… SharePrintEmail

Overcoming Challenges 50 Years Later

Next week at the National FFA Convention, there will be a recognition of the 50th anniversary of two groups joining together.  However, a half century later, that combination of organizations still has its challenges… SharePrintEmail

The Voice That Inspired the Declaration of Independence

Over a century before the founding fathers would write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, this man was expounding on the ideas those documents would guarantee.  It was his voice that perhaps inspired parts of them… SharePrintEmail

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