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An Interesting Phenomena


People like to have answers, and perhaps that’s what makes this phenomena so interesting.  There seems to be no explaining it…

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The Christiana Riot

It’s called the Christiana Riot – a showdown between a slave owner and those harboring his runaway slaves.  It led to bloodshed here just a few miles north of the Mason Dixon line… SharePrintEmail

The Bravery of Former Slaves

In the years before the Civil War, many people stood up for the cause of freedom and equality.  Some of those who showed the most bravery were former slaves… SharePrintEmail

Dancing With a Spring In Your Step

Most people like to work in buildings that have a solid floor underneath them.  The fact that this place has a floor with springs is what has kept it around for over a century… SharePrintEmail

An Important Product to Keep the Economy Afloat

This city had one important product that kept its economy afloat.  That’s because the product, actually floated.  Sound confusing?  We’ll unravel the story… SharePrintEmail

The Philipse Manor

When America won her independence, there were thousands of men and women who remained loyal to England during the war.  What happened to them?  In some cases, they perhaps fared far better than if they had supported the patriots… SharePrintEmail

The French Lick Railroad

The heyday of passenger rail travel was about a century ago.  But don’t tell that to the folks in southern Indiana, for they are riding the historic rails of this town as they did in times of old… SharePrintEmail

The Healing Waters of French Lick

Airlines might devote more flights to popular winter destinations like Phoenix or Florida.  One hundred years ago they were adding trains for this popular spot in Indiana… SharePrintEmail

The Fromm Brothers Fur Trade

In the woods of northern Wisconsin there is a lodge that housed some of the leading businessman of the world.  They came to one tiny town for a shot of acquiring the best of the best… SharePrintEmail

Sly As A Fox

The Fromm Brothers might be said to have been as “sly as a fox.”  That’s because their business plan led them to develop the silver fox, an animal that brought them fame and fortune… SharePrintEmail

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