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Clearing Out the County


FJ Alaska Banner AdIf two people are arguing, perhaps it’s best they both stop and take a rest from one another. That was the situation in Bates County, Missouri, but the argument was over slavery, and that rest would require both sides to completely leave the county…

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Tensions on the Missouri – Kansas Border

In the decade leading up to the Civil War, tensions rose along Kansas’ border with Missouri. Even if one tried to stay out of harm’s way, it seemed trouble would still find them. That was the case for residents of Bates County, Missouri… SharePrintEmail

A Place Called Penneytown

Virginia Houston holds a unique distinction. She was the last child born in Penneytown. It’s a fact that holds much significance in her life and has influenced the work she does today. We’ll go to a place called Penneytown… SharePrintEmail

Establishing a City for Newly Freed Slaves

Establishing a new city can take plenty of planning. Now imagine trying to begin that new town when others are very motivated to stop you. It was the case for newly freed slaves in the years after the Civil War… SharePrintEmail

Jim the Wonder Dog

Any betting man or woman would love to know the winners before placing a wager. The people of Marshall, Missouri know that there was once a way you could predict the future. It all had to do with one very amazing canine… SharePrintEmail

Going Beyond the Basic Dog Tricks

Many people have dogs and some of us have even taught our dogs to do tricks. But Sam had a very unusual dog, for it seemed the dog learned all of the amazing tricks by himself, and no one could ever figure out how he did it… SharePrintEmail

More Than An Excellent Hunting Dog

It all began quite by accident. A pup mysteriously arrived on a train, addressed to a man who loved to hunt. That pup grew to become an excellent hunting dog, but soon, the canine was remembered for something far more impressive that helping point birds… SharePrintEmail

Getting An Appointment

Getting an appointment to one of the military academies can be difficult. But Mike Hagee had a hometown connection that he thought might be able to help him make the cut. The top admiral of World War II once lived just down the street… SharePrintEmail

The War in the Pacific Museum

Where is the War in the Pacific museum located? It stands to reason it would be next to the Pacific Ocean of course. However, it’s actually located hundreds of miles from any large body of water. The reason why has everything to do with one very important military leader… SharePrintEmail

Pineapple Straight From the Field

There is perhaps nothing sweeter and more delicious to taste than a pineapple cut straight out of the field. Steve Potter will let you stand at the end of the row and cut the fruit for you to taste until you’re belly is full, but if you want to experience it in the U.S., you’ll […]

Planting For a Bit Longer

Gardeners and farmers are used to planting seed and then waiting in due time for their harvest. But for those who happen to plant pineapple, well, the wait is a bit longer, but the crop is certainly sweeter… SharePrintEmail

Hawaii’s Last Pineapple Farm

There once were thousands of acres in the Hawaiian islands devoted to growing pineapple. Much has changed over time. Today there is but one major farm growing the crop… SharePrintEmail

The GMO Free Movement in Hawaii

Many seed companies have research stations in locations that can grow multiple crops each year.  However, one of those locations is in jeopardy of being erased due to ballot measure directed at the very research they conduct SharePrintEmail

The Realities of Farming in Hawaii

Many farmers must deal with conditions that are both hot and cold, wet and dry, tough and tougher.  So, on the surface, farming in the tropical climate of Hawaii sounds like the perfect place to put down roots.  However, the challenges to farming on the islands may be the greatest of any state SharePrintEmail

Bananas from Kahuku Farms

The average American eats about 25 pounds of bananas each year.  It’s safe to say most of us can’t tell you much about how to grow bananas though.  That’s where Kahuku Farms steps in… SharePrintEmail

Growing Food in Hawaii

American Countryside listeners recently had  a chance to tour agriculture in Hawaii.  One of the highlights was a farm growing fruits common for us to eat, but uncommon for us to actually grow… SharePrintEmail

Thousand Foot Long Docks

They are some of the largest boat docks you’ll ever see.  Not mere spots on a lake from which to fish, but rather one thousand foot long steel railways for trains to dump their contents onto waiting ships.  It’s a process that’s been taking place here for over 150 years… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2014 – The Rights to a Cowboy Song

In the 1930s a cowboy song began to get quite a bit of air time on radio stations.  But suddenly the music stopped, when one couple claimed they were the lawful owners of the song and had not been paid their royalties… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2014 – Burning the White House

It was an act that seemed unthinkable.  Another nation’s army marched into the United States capital and burned its most important government buildings to the ground, with the president and other government officials fleeing the advancing troops.   It all happened 200 years ago… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2014 – The Navajo Codetalker

When World War II began, many men here in Navajo country volunteered for the armed forces.  Some of those men were asked to use their native language to send coded messages that were unbreakable by the enemy…. SharePrintEmail

Best of 2014 – The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

It’s difficult for many of us to name many specific battles or events in World War I.  We may have learned the war began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.  That is somewhat true, however the story of what happened to the assassin and items associated with him… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2014 – Feral Camels

American farmers and ranchers may have predators and feral animals that pose problems to their business.  The same can be said her in central Australia, but the challenging animal is a camel… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2014 – A Permanent Trip to Luckenbach

Hayden Whittington began driving to Luckenbach, Texas before most people had ever heard of it.  He remembers the days when you might be the only person in town sitting under the shade trees next to the general store.  Over time, the crowds grew and he would up being employed by the town… SharePrintEmail

The Holiday Christmas Store

If Santa Claus needed a place to buy all of his decorations, this would be it. It’s big business in small town Michigan and it brings Christmas cheer every day of the year… SharePrintEmail

Twas The Night Before Christmas

We know the words of “’twas the night before Christmas;” words that helped solidify the image of Santa over 200 years ago. Here’s the the place that marks the beginning of their story… SharePrintEmail

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