Visit Missouri: Kimswick’s Blue Owl

kimswickKimmswick, Missouri officially has 92 residents. Most days you will find far more people in this little town. When Mrs. Ross, heir to the 7-Up company, revisited the town where she had grown up, she was disappointed to see that it was run down and most businesses had closed. She steadily bought and improved properties and helped new businesses to open. Today Kimmswick is a draw for visitors from states away. One of the highlights is the Blue Owl, a restaurant that serves “Levy High Apple Pie.” Believe me, the pie literally is eight inches tall! You’ll get more apples in a slice of their pie than anywhere else in the country.

Visit Missouri: Liberty Memorial


I can’t say enough about the World War I museum in Kansas City. It is a true gem in the Midwest and more people need to discover it. The museum lies underneath the Liberty Memorial and next to Union Station. I’ve been to hundreds of museums across the nation. I would put this place up against any museum in D.C. or any other large city. It has something for everyone. It’s not a stuffy place, but instead has plenty of technology and interactive exhibits to make it a great stop for any age.

Visit Missouri: Lake of the Ozarks

loto_blogThe Lake of the Ozarks has been a major attraction in Missouri for about 80 years now. At the time Bagnell Dam was constructed the lake became the largest in the world. It’s still a beautiful place to visit and has more shoreline that the state of California! Be sure to stop by Willmore Lodge, next to the dam. It was constructed in the 1930s and also houses the local tourist information office. The lodge contains plenty of old artifacts about the building of the dam and the history of the area from a century ago. It’s a nice mix of recreation and history.

Missouri’s Covered Bridges

sandycreekCovered bridges are really a neat slice of history. Many states have worked to preserve the few that remain. Missouri has four such spans and I recently visited the Sandy Creek covered bridge south of St. Louis. What makes this bridge such a great place to visit is that there are over 200 acres adjacent to it that are open for hiking, picnicking and swimming. It’s the perfect place to take a break from the day and enjoy a slice of history and nature.