Of Golden Eggs, Geese, and Backyard Farms

Canada_Goose_EggsWe’ve all heard of the goose that laid the golden eggs. While it would be hard to find such a bird, a goose that raises regular ol’ goose eggs may be the next best thing. Today we visit a flock where goose eggs are the gold standard.

Working to End Hunger

Food. We may not think much about it, until we go without a meal. I hope you’ll join me in giving thanks and helping those who are in need. Today’s broadcast is brought to you by FarmersFeedingtheWorld.org. Let’s work to end local and global hunger and share agriculture’s life changing story. Watch our Thanksgiving Ag Day television broadcast or join the effort at farmersfeedingtheworld.org.

More Than An Ice Cream Cone

When is an ice cream cone, more than just ice cream in a cone? We solve that riddle…..

Aroostook County’s Potato Harvest

This week, many schools in this county are giving their students a couple of weeks of vacation.  It is a vacation from school, but for most, it is not a vacation from work.  In this county, the largest county east of the Mississippi River, everyone is needed to pitch in…..

Robert Rothschild Farm

It all began with a west coast couple that wanted to grow some raspberries in the Midwest. It became one of the most recognized names in today’s food industry…..

Feeding People in a Different Way

If you were dropped inside this building and had no idea what it was, it might take you awhile to figure out what business operated here. That’s because this place looks at its role of feeding Americans in a unique and proactive way…..

An Old Mattress Warehouse

What can you do with an old mattress warehouse? Use it to feed thousands of people in twenty counties. That’s what this organization is doing…..

Lindberger Cheese

It’s a story that radio can not do justice. Not because you need to see it, but because you need to smell it.

If your restaurant sat in an alley underneath a parking garage, you would not have a prime location to attract customers. But if you’re a listener on KBIZ in Ottumwa, Iowa, you know it’s the perfect place to attract a crowd almost every day of the year…..


A Delicious Fruit

It’s one of the world’s most popular varieties of fruit and we have it because one farmer couldn’t get a nasty spout to go away. It’s a story that will take us to two state fairs before a delicious taste is discovered…..

Springfield, Illinois: The Cozy Dog

Route 66 is full of pieces of Americana, and in Central Illinois you’ll find a drive-in over 65 years old, and customers traveling from other continents just to experience it…..

Pollinition with Bees

Whether it’s flowers, fruits or vegetables, most rely on insects to pollinate and produce their bounty. Could their pollination be in jeopardy though?

A Florida Strawberry Festival

In the 1930’s, citizens of Plant City, Florida began a strawberry festival.  The annual event continues today. Although it’s mostly concerts and amusement rides, it still serves as a vital link between farm and city…..

A High Value Crop Grown Right in the Middle of Town

Imagine attempting to grow a high value crop in the middle of one of America’s largest cities.  That’s exactly what happens here….

The Secret to Growing Great Strawberries

What does it take to grow great strawberries? A good railroad of course. That’s one of the reasons many of the strawberries you eat come from this location…..

A Lettuce Tour Ticket

What’s the hottest ticket in the nation?  There might be some music stars and sporting events near the top of the list, but a tour of a lettuce field may be one of the toughest to get…..

Agriculture in Yuma, Arizona

This county enjoys the longest growing season in the country and it supplies most of the winter vegetables you’ll find on your plate……

What’s Left of Hawaii’s Sugar Industry?

Hawaii is the land of sugar and sugar cane. At least that is what we may believe. However things have changed here on the islands…..

The History of Sugar in Hawaii

Many of us remember the commercials that sang of C&H pure cane sugar–that’s the one. You may be surprised who began the modern sugar industry in Hawaii…..

70 Truckloads of Butter a Day

We all know Santa’s elves must work year round to meet toy demand at year’s end, but who knew this family dairy operation would need to ramp up for the holidays too. We’re in Greenwood, WI loading 70 semi trucks a day of this important product…..