Working Together at Pipestone

This place is so important in native American culture, that even when warring tribes arrived here, they put down their weapons and worked together…

A Farmer on the Big Screen

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014Most farmers would not consider themselves movie stars.  This Minnesota hog farmer certainly doesn’t.  However, that hasn’t stopped
him from fielding autograph requests and tv interviews about his time on the big screen.  We met him and his role in a movie about the job he loves.

More on Lake Bemidji

Wednesday’s show featured information on the statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his trusty blue ox sidekick, on the shores of Lake Bemidji. That’s a gorgeous part of the country, and we thought you might want some more information.

You can get lots more information about the area at the Visit Bemidji website. Or you can check out their Facebook page.

If you want a taste of the outdoors, check out Lake Bemidji State Park. There are also other outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.

As we head into fall, you might also be interested in checking out the fall leaves. Here’s information on a color tour you can take of the region.

Paul & Babe on the Shores of Lake Bemidji

On the shores of Lake Bemidji stand Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  The pair have been immortalized in books and folklore for generations.  It is perhaps this community that knows them better than anyone else, for it was this town that first paid tribute to the lumberjack and his sidekick that performed amazing feats across the nation…..

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox

Just about all of us have heard of him and most of us would say he’s just a make believe character.  Certainly some of his feats are beyond human, yet many folks will tell you he is real.  Today we go in search of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox…..

A Company With a Different Beginning

Roll back the clock to the late 1800s and the people of Two Harbor, Minnesota would tell you this company was a flop.  In fact, the stock was considered worthless.  However, today, it’s that initial business failure that has its own museum in town…..

A New Variety of Diet

There are many people that tout a variety of diet plans.  We may have a new idea to add to the list.  When you hear the story of the Edna G Tugboat, you realize just how much weight a person might drop when things go awry…..

The Need for More Lighthouses

It’s been over a century since one major storm hit the shores of western Lake Superior.  However the twenty plus boats that crashed into the shore are still a catastrophe talked about in this small town.  The event showed the need for more light stations to keep ships from peril…..

Aboard the William Irvin

William_Irvin_2Life aboard a ship on the Great Lakes can be difficult.  The work is hard and the weather can be fierce.  However, those crews do have some perks and they quickly learn how to navigate the good and the bad on the water.  We visit with a man who spent much of his life on board….

The Importance of Shipped Goods on the Great Lakes

Giant lake freighters are constantly passing through the port here in Duluth, Minnesota.  However, one ship is moored here permanently…a regal ship that helps people understand the importance of ships goods on the Great Lakes……

Two Women Artists

There’s a good chance you may have never heard of these two women artists.  Yet the work they created and the exhibit about them, says a lot about the early settlers of the northern plains……

Sailing a Viking Ship Across the Atlantic

On the surface it seemed to be a ludicrous project.  A man with no experience building boats, was going to cut his own trees, build his own Viking Ship and then sail it from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic.  So what happens when a junior high school counselor has such a dream?

Cruising a Different Way

Robert Asp had a dream to visit Norway someday.  It was, after all, the land where his family traced their heritage.  Most people would take an airplane.  Robert decided on the mission of a lifetime to make the trip of a lifetime and his work now attracts visitors from around the world…..

Scenic Route – A Modern-Day Viking Ship

Photo courtesy the Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County

Photo courtesy the Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County

How does a junior high guidance counselor come to be the builder and owner of a full-size Viking ship? And how do the counselor’s children end up sailing to Norway to fulfill his dying wish?

That’s the story of Robert Asp of Moorhead, Minnesota–and it’s the topic of the latest episode of The Scenic Route, our long-form podcast that takes a more leisurely look at the American Countryside.

Where the Mississippi Flows North

The Mississippi River flows over 2500 miles, southward through the Midwestern U.S.  That is, unless you are here, where the river actually meanders north for about 50 miles…..

The Headwaters of the Mississippi River

Lake Itasca Mississippi SourceThe Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico just south of New Orleans, Louisiana.  But where does the mighty river begin?  That question puzzled explorers for many years, leading many on a search through the woods of northern Minnesota…..

The Runestone

The ancient writing on this stone shows that Europeans had traveled to the interior of North America over a century before Columbus sailed to its coast…..

A Rock in a Farmer’s Field

Many a farmer has found a rock in his field, but the rock Olaf Ohman found was different than anything anyone in Minnesota had ever seen. We welcome our listeners on KXRA in Alexandria, MN who know well the story that rock tells…..