Trying to Stay a Step Ahead of the Union Troops

He was the president of the confederacy and in the Spring of 1865, he and members of his cabinet were trying to stay a step ahead of the Union troops who hoped to capture them…

A Peaceful Part of the Middle East

The country of Jordan is bordered by Syria on the north and Iraq on the east.  Despite the unrest in those countries, Jordan has remained peaceful – a place where tourists still come to explore many sites…

In The Outback of Austalia

Today we head back to the outback for a fascinating look at central Australia.  It’s a place where the views go on forever and the rainfall can cease for months and years.  Yet it’s a place where large ranches have been able to manage a living for decades

The Historic Surrender Table

300px McLean House parlor Appomattox Court House VirginiaThere are several portraits that show the surrender of General Lee to General Grant at Appomattox.  Those scenes usually display a small table on which the surrender documents were signed.  When the ceremony was complete, who ended up with that historic table?

Managing the Biggest Telescope in the World

Today we say hello to our listeners in the Archbold, Ohio area.  One of their farm kids grew up to manage, not the biggest farm, but the biggest telescope in the world.  Today we feature a man who grew up on a peach farm and found himself managing a true marvel of the world…..

Just What Is a Close Call With an Asteroid?

IMG_0014On occasion you may here a story about an asteroid making a close pass to our planet.  So who tells you whether it will be a “close call” or a direct hit?  And how far in advance could they tell you the answer?  Today we visit with a man who can provide many of those answers…..

Farming Next to the Ocean

The scenery that surrounds this place looks anything but Midwestern.  Yet, it’s the work that is done here that impacts the Midwestern U.S. every year.  Today we go to a farm on the beach and see why it’s so important to what happens in the rest of the world.

President’s Week 2013: Teddy Roosevelt

He is one of four faces on Mt. Rushmore…but what you may not know is exactly how he became president.  It all happened during a tragic set of events in Buffalo, New York…..

President’s Week 2013: Grover Cleveland

James Buchanan was the only U.S. president to never marry, but this president was also a bachelor when he arrived at the White House.  The difference is, today’s featured president changed his marital status during his term. Our Presidents Week series returns…..

President’s Week 2013: Ulysses Grant

Presidential birthplaces are visited by many tourists each year.  But no home may have quite the story as this small place.  You could call it General Grant’s mobile home.  Our special President’s Week series continues…..

President’s Week 2013: Thomas Jefferson

His face is one of four carved into Mt. Rushmore…but few know the story of how this well known president changed the face of agriculture.  The story is part of our special Presidents week series…..

Mastodon State Historic Site

Imagine you found the bones of an animal and had little idea exactly what you had found.  Now imagine making up a fanciful tale about the creature and traveling the nation to tell its story.  That’s exactly what happened just south of St. Louis…..

Jay Eudy’s Pedal Tractors

Lots of kids love riding a pedal tractor and these days there are plenty of colors, sizes and models to fit the needs of any child.  Step into Jay Eudy’s shop and you’ll find tractors from the 1940s to today…some of which are worth thousands of dollars…..

Looking For Someone to Paint Tractors

It all began with some local implement dealers who needed a young man who could paint tractors.  When they asked the local ag teacher about a person to fit the bill, a much larger story began to unfold…a story that became an important part of that teacher’s life…..

The Role of Lincoln’s Parents

We may remember that President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th.  But we often forget the important role of his parents long after his birth.  Today we journey to the Lincolns’ final homestead and farm, a place where a mother bid her son farewell…..

Abraham Lincoln’s Step Mother

Abraham Lincoln lost his mother to a sudden illness when he was just nine years old.  Within a year his father remarried and young Abraham adjusted to a new step mother running the household.  The role of both mothers would be instrumental in his road to the presidency…..

The History of Cereal

Grocery stores devote plenty of shelf space to cereals, but the historic route those breakfast foods took to get there may just surprise you…..

The First Nationally Televised State Funeral

In November of 1961, this small town in north Texas was overwhelmed with people coming to pay their respects to a man who had led the House of Representatives longer than any other person.  Local residents were employed just to shuttle all the dignitaries from the nearest airport to the largest building in town, the First Baptist Church…..

The Power of Speaker of the House

Many governors, senators and representatives may aspire to one day become president of the United States.  However, this man believed the real power was leading the legislative branch of government.  After all, there are not term limits to being a representative, but there are for the president…..

Sam Rayburn

In Bonham, Texas you can find the boyhood home of Sam Rayburn.  The small town is also host to the politician’s library and museum.  It’s an interesting look at a man who served his district for portions of six decades and the terms of eight presidents…..