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Settling King City, Missouri Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)New York City as the Empire State building, Seattle the Space Needle and for many years, King City, Missouri had…

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Living Past 100 Years Old Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Helen Netherton may still be able to purchase long term care insurance, but at the age of 110, she’s still…

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Helen Netherton Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Today we make history on our broadcasts. Out story is with the oldest person we have ever interviewed for the…

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From Japan to the United States Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)As a Japanese teenager, Barbara was taught to defend herself from American soldiers arriving in her country. She ended up…

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World War II From the Other Side of the Globe Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Probably all of us have heard stories about World War II. Perhaps we have friends or relatives who have shared…

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Graham Cave Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)One of the first men to farm this plot of land used the nearby rocky overhang to shelter his herd…

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Crowley’s Ridge Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Today we say hello to our listeners on KOTC in Kennett, MO.  Is it really true the Mississippi River once…

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Benjamin Crowley Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Lots of rivers, towns and mountains are named after people who settled in a specific area.  This man never imagined…

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Keeping the Old Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)The cliché says, out with the old, in with the new.  If Ramona had followed that advice, she might have…

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The Munger Moss

It’s called the Munger Moss.  What is it?  People have been asking that since the days of World War II…..

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Towosahgy Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Many Midwestern cities can trace their beginnings for over 150 years or more. This one can go back 1000 years…..

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Big Oak Tree Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)The Mississippi River bottom lands stretch for hundreds of miles. It’s flat, fertile farmland producing a bounty of crops.  But…

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Juggler Greg Frisbee Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Lot of people juggle. Some people can juggle clubs. Others can juggle knives. A few even juggle torches. Greg Frisbee…

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Strongman Steve Download (Duration: 2:02 — 954.7KB)(Leslie, Missouri)–Every dentist that has ever advised not to crush ice or hard candy with one’s teeth will not want…

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Menno Attema Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Imagine growing up on a farm and then in your early twenties traveling on your own a half a world…

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William Quantrill Download (Duration: 2:00 — 1.8MB)Mention the name William Quantrill in Kansas or Missouri, and you’re likely to get stories of Quantrill’s Raiders sweeping into…

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Free Range Chickens Download (Duration: 2:00 — 1.8MB)When Herman’s son brought home an antiquated animal production book that he happen to find in his high school ag…

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A Future for Sleighs Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Santa needs a sleigh to make deliveries around the world. This man makes sure he will never run out of…

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The Denver, Missouri Sleigh Works Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Winter weather can make travel treacherous, but once upon a time you simply hooked up your horse or team to…

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The Farm Foundation Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.8KB)The world will add approximately three billion people in the next forty years. Farmers will be asked to feed those…

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