The Home of the Buffalo Bill Show

In 1883 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show debuted in Omaha.  Much of the practice and many of the performers were from Columbus, Nebraska.  Today we go back to that town for a look at what happened to the traveling show during its multi-decade run…..

A Wild West Traveling Show

It was a national and international hit…a traveling show that captivated audiences with scenes from the wild west.  Most people don’t know it all began in this small town 130 years ago.  We head to the practice arena with Buffalo Bill…..

Scenic Route – Buffalo Bill & the Legend of the Wild West

Perhaps more than any other man, Buffalo Bill Cody helped shape the legend of the Wild West. But what’s truth and what’s legend about the man himself? The latest Scenic Route podcast features an interview with historian and Buffalo Bill expert Tom Martens, who helps us separate fact from fiction.

Two Million Dollars Raised in Less Than Ten Years

I had heard much about the Shickley, Nebraska, a town of just over 300 people in southern Nebraska.  When I went there to visit with locals, I was impressed with how much has been accomplished…over two million dollars raised for local projects in under ten years.  It’s a plan that might just work for your community too…..

Shickley, Nebraska

For the next two broadcasts you’ll hear the story of Shickley, NE–a town of just over 300 that has raised over two million dollars for local projects in just ten years…..

Scenic Route – Big Little Town

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 12.30.42 PMAbout 300 people live in Shickley, Nebraska, but that “big little town” has raised more than $2.5 million for community projects in the past decade. And they did it without government grant money or raising taxes. Andrew McCrea finds out how on the latest episode of The Scenic Route.

A Palm Beach Girl on the Ranch

She was a very unlikely candidate to manage a cattle feedyard in central Nebraksa.  She grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida and knew next to nothing about ranching.  However it’s who she met at college that influenced her life and career–and the lives of the many she communicates with…..

The Snowstorm That Built a Radio Station

Many radio stations have interesting stories of how they were born.  This station in central Nebraska was the product of one of the worst blizzards ever to hit the state.  What resulted is a station still providing ag news and markets to listeners across the Midwest…..

Rock Creek Station

Mention the name Wild Bill Hickok and many people have images of a western lawman not afraid to enter a shootout to bring about justice. However, when you look at the tale of his first such encounter, you begin to see there are two sides to every tale…..

Ruts That Are Never Filled

If someone cuts ruts down a muddy dirt trail, someone else will probably need to come and fill them in before the road can be used. However, here the ruts are never filled, for that would defeat the purpose of why people come to this spot…..

Temple Grandin

Many people in agriculture know her name well. This weekend, the world will get to know the subject of a new HBO film…