The King of Marriage

Tom Mix was known as the King of the Cowboys, starring in over 300 films from 1910 to 1935. He might also be the king of marriage…having tied the knot five times…

The King of the Cowboys: Tom Mix

He was king of the cowboys, a real-life ranch hand that won the hearts of the nation with his amazing feats on Tony the Wonder Horse. In fact, he was such a daredevil, movie companies pleaded with him to stop doing his own stunts so they could insure he would stay healthy and keep his starring role…

The Rock Café

It’s not the Hard Rock Café…and frankly…that is just fine with about everyone that stops here.  It’s been called the Rock Café since it was built in the depression…rock, not because of the music, but because of the material used to build it…

Springing Up a State Capital Overnight

If a city grows quickly, we might say it sprang up overnight.  This state capital literally sprang into existence in just one night…

Pawnee Bill

It may have seemed this famous western showman had married the wrong woman.  After all, his bride was a city girl who didn’t grow up around horses and cowboy life.  It turned out that she might have been the better cowboy of the pair…

The Cowboy Named Gordon Lillie

Many of us had childhood heroes, and for Gordon it was the famous showman Buffalo Bill.  What he might never have imagined was how he would eclipse the fame of the legend…

Best of 2017: A Store Named Pops

Most people travel Old Route 66 for the nostalgia.  So on the surface, this convenience store might not seem to fit in, because it was built well after the heyday of the Mother Road.  However, it’s a place that draws many locals and tourists alike…

Pop’s Plac

The next time you think about getting a soft drink, think about reaching for a bacon-flavored soda or even a key lime pie pop.  It sounds odd but those are real options here…

700 Unique Choices of Soda

Just about every convenience store sells soft drinks and you can usually find a selection to fit just about anyone.  However, a trip to this store is far different, because all of the pop comes in bottles and you’ve got over 700 unique choices from which to select

A Modern Convenience Store on Route 66

Most people travel Old Route 66 for the nostalgia.  So on the surface, this convenience store might not seem to fit in, because it was built well after the heyday of the Mother Road.  However, it’s a place that draws many locals and tourists alike.

A Meal in Meers

Just northwest of Lawton…in the Wichita Mountains of Okalahoma, you will find a town named Meers.  Its one business is a restaurant that has people coming back time and time again…

Meers Store & Restaurant

If you can find your way to Meers, Oklahoma you won’t have a problem spotting the restaurant…it’s just about the only thing there…but it’s mighty good eating…

Reviving the Longhorn

Like the buffalo that roamed the great plains,Cheap Jerseys from china longhorn cattle are an icon of the old west.  But by the early 20th century most of the herd had vanished.  So how did the Longhorn survive?

Oklahoma Oil

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The price of oil is a figure many Americans closely follow. Now imagine a time when the price dipped so low the top producer cut drilling to help spike the price. It all happened inside our nation’s borders and its today’s American Countryside

Striking Oil at the Governor’s Mansion

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If you struck oil underneath your home, well you might just move in order to strike it rich. But what happens when you strike oil next to the home of the governor.

A Hangar to Park a Plane

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014When Frank bought a plane he needed a hangar in which to park it. Soon the plane wasn’t the only thing in the building. In fact, visitors still come here to see that plane an much, much more…

The Phillips Home

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014The president of this oil company was looking for a place to entertain business leaders from the east coast and around the world. He settled on a ranch in northeastern Oklahoma. This is the story of the ranch where million dollar deals are still done…

The US Marshals Museum

Who makes sure that the scientists of Antarctica are accountable to the law?  It may sound like a strange question, but the answer will be told here, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  The two places share an important link…..

The Critical Role of the US Marshals

They are the longest tenured federal law enforcement group in the United States.  Their important work has played a critical role in U.S. history, however their contributions are often behind the scenes.  This city hope to shed more light on those who have preserved law and justice in the land…..

From Norway to Oklahoma

It’s a long way from Norway to Oklahoma.  That’s precisely why this story seems so hard to believe.  However, could it be true that ancient Vikings sailed all the way to the Midwest and left notes for us to find centuries later?  That could very well be the case…..