President’s Week 2017: Calvin Coolidge

It all happened in the middle of the night.  The citizens of the United States went to bed on August 2nd, 1923 with Warren Harding as president.  The awoke to find find Calvin Coolidge had become 30th president of the United States…

President’s Week 2017: Herbert Hoover

It’s Presidents Week on the and today’s feature focuses on a graduate of Stanford who used his engineering degree to travel the world…

President’s Week 2017: Woodrow Wilson

He was the son of a Presbyterian minister who went on to teach school and lead the nation during a time of world conflict…

President’s Week 2017: Theodore Roosevelt

To date, no U.S. president has been born in North Dakota…but this commander-in-chief’s experiences there may be the reason he achieved the office…

President’s Week 2017: William McKinley

Some history students will remember the slogan “Remember the Maine”, a war cry that sent the U.S. into battle against Spain.  It was this president who was in office at the time…

The Man Who Was President For a Day

President Trump was recently sworn in as this nation’s 45th president.  Or was he?  That question is not a debate about the new president, but a debate about an additional name to the list that would make the new commander the 46th chief…

David Rice Atchison

His name is David Rice Atchison.  If you know the name, you probably know his unique and sometimes debated place in history.  But there’s much more to the story and today we uncover the details behind a leader and politician on the western frontier…

President Lincoln at the Gettysburg Depot

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014There was a mix of emotions when President Lincoln stepped onto the platform at this Gettysburg, Pennsylvania railroad depot.  There were feelings of sadness and loss, represented by the coffins awaiting shipment to loved ones.  Yet there was hope, signified by the commander and chief’s visit and the words of comfort he was about to share…

A Historic Railroad Depot

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014Many communities have saved and then restored their old rail depots.  That’s the case for this small Pennsylvania town.  However, the depot here has more history than most, for it had connections to a famous battle and a favorite president…

The Great Johnstown Flood

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014It was one of the worst disasters in American history…the break of the south fork dam that created the great Johnstown Flood. In a moment we return with the stories of tragedy and heroism…

The Dangers of Being Kicked By A Cow

If you’ve spent much time around cattle, there’s a good chance you’ve been kicked.  The right blow can put a person down in pain.  Now imagine a secret service corp tasked with protecting a world leader, not from bullets, but a swift jolt from a bull…..

The Eisenhower Farm

It may be an overstatement to proclaim that a herd of cattle helped thaw the cold war.  However a visit to the Eisenhower farm was a way for the president to size up world leaders and better accomplish the global tasks at hand.  We look back at a visit by the leader of the Soviet Union…..

The President’s Farm

Many U.S. presidents grew up on a farm.  However, their duties as chief executive often took them away from rural life for months or years.  However, this general turned president not only liked farm life, he bought and then helped manage a farm while he was in the oval office…..

A Couple From Kansas

The Dunhams were just another pair of Kansas high school graduates.  They stayed in touch with classmates and tried to attend alumni reunions when possible.  But then in 2008 something happened that made their lives and their lineage national news…..

President’s Week: James Monroe

Thomas Jefferson’s home is one of the best known and most visited in the United States.  However, just drive down the hill a mile and you’ll find his neighbor…another president of the United States…..

President’s Week: The Most Famous First Lady

He was one of our most important presidents…yet the first lady may just be better known than her husband.  The story of that famous president’s wife is part of this week’s president…..

President’s Week: Thomas Brand

Thomas Jefferson is known to have composed much of the Declaration of Independence…but he wasn’t happy with the final product.  We’ll discuss what made Jefferson grind his teeth and not talk to his fellow delegates as part of our presidents week series…..

President’s Week: Between Washington & Jefferson

His presidency was sandwiched between presidential greats George Washington and Thomas Jefferson…and unfortunately, much of his work in helping form this nation has been lost in the shadows of those two national heroes…..

President’s Week: Washington’s Birthplace

George Washington’s birth date was always clear…February 22, 1732.  The location of his birth though was difficult to pinpoint.  It’s still a mystery to most Americans as well…..

That Will Be a Half-Cent, Mr. President

Toll roads have been around as long as the nation.  Today those tolls are often paid on multi-lane turnpikes, often with just the flash of an automated reader.  Perhaps that’s what makes the toll paid in Pittsfield, Illinois so unusual.  The payment was just a half-cent, and it was to cross someone’s yard AND it was levied on a future president of the United States…..