The Scene of a Winter Battle

The Union army was defeated at Fredricksburg, Virginia in mid December 1862.  President Lincoln needed a victory to bolster the north and the Emancipation Proclamation that came into effect on January 1st.  What resulted was a winter battle here…

The Story of Daddy Bryson

His name was Daddy Bryson…and he became one of the best-known train engineers in the Smoky Mountains…not because of his skill on the rails, but instead for the unfortunate accident that cost him his life…

Logging to Create A Park

Visitors to Smoky Mountain National Park can wander miles of trails that meander through endless forests.  It wasn’t that long ago many of these forests had been cut.  This is the story of the man who logged much of that timber and then gave the land to create a park…

The Circle From the Ryan

If you’ve ever been to the Grand Ole Opry, you have seen a circular piece of wood that’s been inserted into the stage.  The circle of course is from the Opry’s previous home, across town at the Ryman Auditorium…

The Union Gospel Tabernacle

It was one of the largest venues in the nation when it was constructed – Union Gospel Tabernacle.  But just about a decade after it opened, one prominent man’s funeral was held inside the building and at the conclusion of the service, the audience decided the place should bear his name…

What Started As A Tent Revival

You’ve probably not heard of the evangelist, Samuel Jones.  However, there’s a decent chance you know at least the last name of the man determined to ruin Rev. Jones’ tent revival.  What happened next is still a storied piece of history…

Rough Around the Edges

Tom was quite the entrepreneur.  He built a great steamboat line and became quite wealthy.  But he was also a bit rough around the edges, willing to mix things up and find his way into an occasional fight.  His story is one well-known in this town…

A Boy Named Sue

You’ve probably heard of a boy named Sue thanks to Johnny Cash.  But was there really a boy named Sue?  The answer is yes, and he played an important role in history…

A Trial that Captivated the Nation

Imagine a packed crowd in a sweltering courtroom.  Refreshment vendor are allowed inside during recesses and chimps perform on the lawn outside.  It was a spectacle that drew worldwide attention…

John Scopes on Trial

His last name is forever linked to one of the most publicized trial in American history.  It was John Scopes that probably did not teach evolution, yet was tried for violating an act that polarized the nation…

Bringing a Trial to Town

Cities might devise many plans to help increase commerce and spur business growth.  Bringing a trial to your town would seem to be an odd choice, but nearly a century ago, that’s exactly what this town did…

Scenic Route – Rippa Villa Plantation

You’ve heard of marriages arranged because the bride and groom have certain cherished last names? How about marriages arranged based on a bride’s first name? That’s just one of the odd stories behind the Rippa Villa Plantation, featured in the latest episode of The Scenic Route podcast.

Two Times A Prisoner of War

Imagine being taken a prisoner of war, not once but twice and while you were away from home, the opposing army used your house to treat their wounded soldiers.  It was real life here in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  Remember you can follow our program and get the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter as well as here full length interviews on the Scenic Route…all online at…..

Not Thrilled With a Choice of Spouse

There are times when a family is not thrilled with a son’s choice of a spouse.  There may be many reasons for their displeasure, but in Nathaniel’s case, it was something very simple.  She had the wrong name and Nathaniel’s father was willing to pay a big sum of money to make sure the wedding didn’t take place…..

The Sheriff Bufford Pusser Festival

This weekend in Adamsville, Tennessee, the annual Sheriff Bufford Pusser Festival will be held.  It’s the 25th such event and people from far and wide will come to enjoy the events and also pay tribute to one of the great lawmen of the 20th century.  Today we take a look at the questionable events that led to his untimely death…..

Carrying a Stick Instead of a Weapon

This week we’re in Adamsville, Tennessee, former home of famous lawman Bufford Pusser.  The famous lawman from Walking Tall was known for carrying a stick instead of a weapon…..

The Life of Sheriff Buford Pusser

220px-BufordBadge1If you’ve ever seen the movie “Walking Tall” then you know part of the story of Sheriff Buford Pusser.  He was a man who could seem larger than life itself, yet a man who’s real life accomplishments restored legalities to his home county…..

The Bus Line of the 1800s

260px-SteamboatBenCampbellbYou could say it was the bus line of the 1800s.  A network of transportation that could take you just about anywhere a person needed to go.  The passengers and cargo have changed, but this route is still an important one today.

Beefing Up the Hulls of Ships

300px-New_ironsides_sailsNecessity is the mother of invention.  When the Civil War began, it was relatively easy to sink wooden ships, so both sides immediately began beefing up the exteriors of their hulls.  What resulted was a famous type of ship that was only on the naval scene but for a few short years…..

Shiloh National Battlefield

Each year, thousands of people will travel to southern Tennessee to see the famous national battleground at Shiloh.  What most people don’t know is that this place would most likely have become a national historic site even if a battle had never been fought there…..