A Small Chapter of the Civil War

Whether you are a student of history or not, we each know something about the Civil War.  However, the next chapter is one few have heard about yet it’s one that is very important.  It’s the tale of a very determined lady who worked tirelessly to help those in need…

The Surrender of Lee at Appomattox

FJ Alaska Banner AdAfter four years of Civil War the conflict had claimed over 630,000 lives.  It was time to begin the long process toward peace and healing.  We look back 150 years on the surrender of Lee at Appomattox…

The Place Where the Final Chapter of the Civil War Began

FJ Alaska Banner AdMost Americans know it as the place where the Civil War ended.  Although that is not technically true…it is still the spot where the war between the states entered it’s final chapter…

President Lincoln at the Gettysburg Depot

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014There was a mix of emotions when President Lincoln stepped onto the platform at this Gettysburg, Pennsylvania railroad depot.  There were feelings of sadness and loss, represented by the coffins awaiting shipment to loved ones.  Yet there was hope, signified by the commander and chief’s visit and the words of comfort he was about to share…

A Historic Railroad Depot

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014Many communities have saved and then restored their old rail depots.  That’s the case for this small Pennsylvania town.  However, the depot here has more history than most, for it had connections to a famous battle and a favorite president…

A Chaplain in the Civil War

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014In the fall of 1861, Father William Corby, a Notre Dame educated priest, not yet 30 years old, joined the 88th New York and the Irish Brigade as their chaplain. The regiment was a part of many of the fiercest battles of the Civil War. But it’s Corby’s action on July 2nd, 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg that will long be remembered…

A Small Rock Marking a Big Impact

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014There are hundreds of monuments here at Gettysburg National Battlefield. Many times it’s difficult to know the story behind each one…there are simply so many. That’s why one statue placed upon a small rock may not draw that much attention. But when you learn the story about the man it depicts, you’ll be intrigued by his interesting route into this battle…

The Role of Chaplains in the Civil War

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014If you are a student of the Civil War, you probably know some of the important names like Generals Lee and Grant, or battles like Antietam and Gettysburg. It’s easy to overlook important aspects of the war that often go unnoticed. Today we take a look back at one of those areas…the role of the chaplain…

The Importance of Faith in Battle

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014A soldier needs many resources in battle. One of those items is perhaps most important, yet intangible. It’s the importance of one’s faith…and today we take a look at the role of an army chaplain…a position that helps one minister to the needs of those who may be on the front lines

Overwhelming Dead in Gettysburg

The numbers of dead and wounded soldiers and horses overwhelmed the population of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1863.  It was up to them and surrounding citizens to repair and rebuild the homes and businesses engulfed by a major battle…..

The Impact of Gettysburg

Most people who visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania tour the battlefield and learn about the fighting that took place in the first week of July 1863.  Many fail to grasp the long term impact the battle had on those who were living here at the time.  Today we take a look at the story of average citizens coping with the horrific aftermath of war…..

Getting Caught in the Battle of Gettysburg

When the battle began here in Gettysburg, Hettie Shriver and her two young daughters left town and went to stay with her parents.  Unfortunately, her parents didn’t live far enough away.  The story of ordinary citizens caught in an extraordinary battle…..

The 150th Annivesary of the Gettysburg Address

Just four months after the Battle of Gettysburg, over 50,000 people came to that town for the dedication of a cemetery to honor the war dead.  Today marks the 150th anniversary of that event…..

Where’s Waldo?

A few years ago, you may remember the popular Where’s Waldo books that had kids searching for a man hidden in pictures.  Today, we search for a Waldo ourselves–a real man with links to the Presidency as well as the Civil War…..

Remembering the Civil War in Atlanta

It’s been over a century and a half since the beginning of the U.S. Civil War, yet many Americans are still fascinated by the battles, artifacts and stories from that war.  That’s why this popular location in Atlanta is hosting several events to broaden people’s perspective of the conflict…helping them connect with subjects once forgotten…..

Civil War Deaths Off the Battlefield

Many soldiers died in the Civil War to things uncommon today. Simple adjustments in sanitation and cleanliness were a big part of that story. Today we take a look back at battlefield medicine 150 years ago. (And remember you can hear our full series for a free download on The Scenic Route podcast.)

Raising the Civil War Death Toll

In recent years, the casualty estimates from the Civil War have been raised. Joe Houts says there’s a good reason for it, and his great-great grandfather’s journal is just one of the many items that lends support to that theory. A unique look back at one surgeon in the War Between the States is today’s edition of The American Countryside.

Medicine in the Civil War

Most of us would do good just to know the name of our great, great grandfather. Joe Houts not only knows his name, but could write a few books about what the man accomplished. In fact, it’s the subject of an entire exhibit at a St. Joseph, Missouri, museum. We go there on today’s edition of The American Countryside.

Video: St. Joe’s Early Entrepreneur

The latest American Countryside video features St. Joseph, Missouri, and one of its early entrepreneurs. William Wyeth helped outfit settlers as they headed west from Missouri — and even helped them stock up along the trail.

The video was produced with the help of Freedoms Frontier National Heritage Area. Freedoms Frontier is dedicated to preserving stories from along the Missouri-Kansas border, where the fight over slavery played a big part in the start of the Civil War.

Gettysburg Week: Supporting the Soldiers

When a soldier heads to battle, there are many organizations that volunteer their services to help he or she and their families. During the Civil War, this organization grew from the YMCA to fill those needs. It’s a piece of history that few know. The story of the group is today’s edition of The American Countryside.