One of the Youngest to Sign the Declaration of Independence

He was one of the youngest men to the sign the Declaration of Independence.  He was also the first to die from natural causes after the new nation was born…

A Man Named Thomas Stone

When you think of the men behind the Declaration of Indpendence you don’t think of people like Thomas Stone.  However, one could argue it is men like Stone who made up the majority of the 56 men to sign the document…

Volunteers Helping Others in Tragedies

Today we see these volunteers helping others around the world after natural disasters and other tragedies.  It all began with one woman who left her job at the patent office…

One of the Most Recognized Organizations

Today it is one of the most recognized organizations helping those in need…and its story began with one women helping the soldiers of the Civil War…

The Sailing Capitol of the United States

It is known as the sailing capitol of the United States. It also happens to be a state capitol, a former national capitol and home to some of the most prominent institutions in the country…..

Five Places to Find Columbus in the New World Today

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue. And ever since, people have been building monuments to him. In fact, one Internet site has a list of nearly 600 monuments to the European explorer.

Since we’re celebrating Columbus Day this week, we thought it would be interesting to help you find a few of the best Columbus monuments and other Columbus-related sites across the American Countryside.

Fort_San_Cristóbal_guerite,_San_Juan,_Puerto_RicoSan Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan is one of the first places Columbus encountered, on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Puerto Rico is a great place to take a relatively inexpensive Caribbean vacation, and there’s still lots of history to see there. The sites include a huge stone fort built to withstand attack from both the sea and land. The fort is open to the public, and gives a glimpse of the world as Columbus experienced it hundreds of years ago.

640px-Salt-River-Bay-1Salt River Bay, St. Croix
Speaking of the world Columbus inhabited, you can get a great look at it in its natural form at Salt River Bay in St. Croix. People lived in Salt River Bay for 1,500 years before Columbus showed up, but to this day, you can see the natural ecology of the place. A national historic park preserves marine estuaries and mangrove forests. And you can also see the remains of a fort built by French explorers in the 1600s. You can also see the precise place where European explorers met and clashed with natives of St. Croix.

Santa_Maria_43215Columbus, Ohio
Columbus might never have visited Ohio, but one of the best places in the country to connect with his voyages is in the Ohio city named for him. For the 500th anniversary of the explorer’s first visit, Columbus, Ohio, built a 98-foot-long replica of the Santa Maria, one of his ships. Today, tourists can walk through the ship, and even book events there. The real Santa Maria never made it back to Spain, crashing off the coast of Haiti before the return trip.

Columbus_and_AOL_Time_WarnerColumbus Circle, New York City
One of the busiest spots in the world features one of the most well-known monuments to Columbus. “Columbus Circle” is a traffic circle with a marble statue of Christopher Columbus set atop a massive column. It was erected in 1892 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his voyage. Tourists in New York City almost always stumble across the monument, even when they’re not looking for it, because it’s right in the heart of New York City at the edge of Central Park and just north of the Theater District.

800px-Inner_Harbor_from_the_Baltimore_AquariumBaltimore’s Inner Harbor
Another of the largest monuments to Columbus is at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Carved out of Italian marble, the monument was dedicated in 1984. It includes intricate scenes of Columbus’s voyage and arrival in the New World, carved into the side. The statue is set in the middle of a larger area known as Columbus Piazza, dedicated to the memory of the explorer’s voyages.

Charles Carroll

Of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, this man was the only one to sign more than just his name. He had plenty of reasons not to sign the document, yet his support for the cause was one that the new country would remember until the day he passed….

Annapolis, Maryland

It is known as the sailing capitol of the United States. It also happens to be a state capitol, a former national capitol and home to some of the most prominent institutions in the country…

Catoctin Mountain Park (Part 2)


Catoctin Mountain Park (Part 1)


Antietam Battle

antietam2Even by today’s standards, the cost of this battle was staggering. It was a 12 hour conflict that saw a man killed every second; that’s every second for 12 straight hours…

Chad Hymas: From Salt Lake to Las Vegas

ChadHymasYou can make a quick drive from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas or an even shorter flight if you hop on a plane. Chad Hymas pushed himself there in a wheel chair…

Antietam Battle’s Blood Lane

antietam3The fields were filled with ears of corn nearing harvest during September, but the kernels would never be shelled. In fact, it was these fields that were not large enough to bury the dead from both sides of another battle in the Civil War…

Knowing Someone Else’s Battle Plan

antietam1Imagine going into a battle and having the enemy’s plan of attach in your hands. It sounds like it would not be a fair fight, but this is the story of what one general did with the plans he discovered…

Battle at Antietam

antietam0You may have heard stories of family members fighting against one another during the Civil War. At this famous battlefield, it was the teacher who sought to defeat his student…