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Veterans Day Download (Duration: 2:00 — 1.8MB)On Veterans Day, we remember those who have served our country and those who have fought to preserve freedom at…

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A Flight Plan for Life Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.0KB)Vernice Armour was a combat pilot in Iraq.  It was an extraordinary mission, working to rebuild the country and protecting…

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Vernice “Flygirl” Armour Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.0KB)Vernice had a dream to fly. However, that dream wasn’t simply to take to the air, but to push the…

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Dozens of Currencies Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.0KB)One, five, ten, twenty? Those are the denominations of bills we normally see when paying for items. Now imagine that…

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The Nation’s First Banks Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.0KB)Today, you can find banks and ATM machines seemingly everywhere. But in the first few decades following the founding of…

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The Red Skelton Festival Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)If you go to Vincennes, Indiana this weekend, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a clown.  Actually, there’s a chance…

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From the Hall of Fame to a Wiffle Ball Bat Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Collecting and selling sports memorabilia can be big business.  John Baker ended up in it somewhat by accident and the…

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Collecting Sports Memorabilia Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Many of us have enjoyed picking up a ball and glove and playing catch. Now image picking up a ball…

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Race Trials for Automobiles Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)In the early days of auto building, hundreds of car makers battled for their own slice of the pie. With…

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Vincennes Rendevous Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)In 1779, soldiers of the American Revolution set foot here to capture lands for the new United States. Over two…

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Bee Populations Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)You may have heard bee populations are declining.  What’s behind it and should we be concerned?

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Tippecanoe, Indiana Download (Duration: 2:00 — 938.2KB)Perhaps you’ve heard the Presidential slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler too.”  Today’s feature is literally at Tippecanoe.  What is it and…

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Beginning A New Farm Business Download (Duration: 2:02 — 953.7KB)Many farmers have considered beginning their own small business on the farm that might sell ag products direct to consumers….

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Mike Rowe: Dirty Jobs Download (Duration: 2:03 — 960.4KB)Mike Rowe is known for the dirty jobs he has to perform. But how many times do those jobs really…

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Dirty Jobs Download (Duration: 2:03 — 957.8KB)Some people believe they have bad jobs. Dirty jobs. Jobs no one else would want to have. So, now they…

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Inventor Elwood Haynes Download (Duration: 2:03 — 957.8KB)Who invented the first automobile? You might be surprised that it wasn’t Henry Ford, but this man from Kokomo, Indiana…

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The Dusenberg Download (Duration: 2:02 — 1.0MB)In northeast Indiana there is a town that once produced the top cars of the day. In this very showroom,…

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