More Than a Winner on the Field

The goal of just about every coach is to win a game.  That certainly true of this coach, but he’ll tell you the definition of winning might be a little different for his group of football players…

Turning a Team Into a Winner

When this coach took over his new team, they hadn’t won a game the season prior.  In his first season at the helm, they won only one game.  Then things changed…a lot!

Coaching At Boys Town

Kevin Kush grew up with the game of football, and today football remains a big part of his life.  However, he could have never imagined where his desire to coach would lead him…

Home Away From Home

It’s a home away from home…a place to come when homelife has a formidable set of challenges that keeps a young person from finding hope for the future.  It’s century-old story…

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

You may have heard the phrase, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”  It became the motto of this place based on a real-life event that sums up it’s mission…

Beginnings of Boys Town

When this man saw a need about a century ago, he began his own town to help young men succeed.  Today the name of the place is synonymous with helping the most challenged find a place to call home…

An Airplane Born From Tragedy

AMC_Brazil2016It’s a plane that was born from tragedy, and interesting, a plane that would go on to haul millions of passengers and help win battles around the globe…

Zig-Zagging Down the Runway

AMC_Brazil2016The first time Don tried to fly this plane, he must have appeared to be a drunk pilot, for his plane ziz-zagged back and forth down the runway.  That plane would end up being a cherished friend in battle…

Glur’s Tavern and the $1000 Bill

One thousand dollar bills were last printed in 1945 and they were officially discontinued in 1969.  You can still find a few in the hands of collectors today.  They were rare even when they were in use…but when used, they could create quite a stir.  That’s exactly what happened when one well known celebrity paid his tab at this tavern with such a bill…..

A Tavern With A Storied History

If you drove past Glur’s Tavern in Columbus, Nebraska you might not give it a second thought.  However, if you know it’s storied history, you’d be sure to stop and at least take a look at the walls and relive a part of the place’s incredible history…..

Restoring Our Airborne Past

Restoring old aircraft perhaps sounds like a peaceful and fun way to
spend one’s working or volunteer hours. Mark Hamilton enjoys the job,
but it his many years around a variety of aircraft, he’s seen just
about everything when it comes to getting one of these storied pieces
back in shape. It’s today’s edition of The American Countryside.

America’s Strategic Air Museum

It’s the largest and fastest Blackbird you’ll ever see. But it’s just
one of many intriguing items associated with America’s strategic
command of the air. We’ll go there for a look ourselves on today’s
edition of The American Countryside.

The Higgins Memorial

Every Memorial Day we remember are family and friends who have passed.  Many communities will also remember their veterans and that’s certainly true in Columbus, Nebraska where a unique military memorial not only pays tribute to the soldiers, but also a very important inventor, who General Eisenhower said won the war for the allies……

The Home of the Buffalo Bill Show

In 1883 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show debuted in Omaha.  Much of the practice and many of the performers were from Columbus, Nebraska.  Today we go back to that town for a look at what happened to the traveling show during its multi-decade run…..

A Wild West Traveling Show

It was a national and international hit…a traveling show that captivated audiences with scenes from the wild west.  Most people don’t know it all began in this small town 130 years ago.  We head to the practice arena with Buffalo Bill…..

Scenic Route – Buffalo Bill & the Legend of the Wild West

Perhaps more than any other man, Buffalo Bill Cody helped shape the legend of the Wild West. But what’s truth and what’s legend about the man himself? The latest Scenic Route podcast features an interview with historian and Buffalo Bill expert Tom Martens, who helps us separate fact from fiction.

Two Million Dollars Raised in Less Than Ten Years

I had heard much about the Shickley, Nebraska, a town of just over 300 people in southern Nebraska.  When I went there to visit with locals, I was impressed with how much has been accomplished…over two million dollars raised for local projects in under ten years.  It’s a plan that might just work for your community too…..

Shickley, Nebraska

For the next two broadcasts you’ll hear the story of Shickley, NE–a town of just over 300 that has raised over two million dollars for local projects in just ten years…..

Scenic Route – Big Little Town

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 12.30.42 PMAbout 300 people live in Shickley, Nebraska, but that “big little town” has raised more than $2.5 million for community projects in the past decade. And they did it without government grant money or raising taxes. Andrew McCrea finds out how on the latest episode of The Scenic Route.

A Palm Beach Girl on the Ranch

She was a very unlikely candidate to manage a cattle feedyard in central Nebraksa.  She grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida and knew next to nothing about ranching.  However it’s who she met at college that influenced her life and career–and the lives of the many she communicates with…..