The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route is where we'll take more time exploring the American Countryside subjects you love. Andrew McCrea and his guests will visit in-depth about interesting places, people, or moments in history.

Scenic Route – Santa Claus House

No matter our age, we all have a fascination with Santa’s journey of delivering gifts around the world. Take a trip to North Pole, Alaska for a visit with Santa’s grandson-in-law, Paul Brown…

Scenic Route – Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost town in the United States. It’s population is mostly native Alaskans. Centuries-old traditions still influence life. On this Scenic Route, Andrew visits with lifelong Barrow resident Phoebe Kippi about months without sun, whaling and more…

Scenic Route – Tom Brand

American Countryside Producer and Editor Tom Brand faced multiple heart attacks in the summer of 2013 that not only affected his life, but left him with a story that will challenge how you look at your own life, your faith, and your interactions with others. It’s a story that goes beyond the story of surgery at a hospital, but a story that touches heaven itself…

Scenic Route – Navajo Code Talker

FJM-HV-Hawaii2014Beginning in 1942, Navajo men began using their native language to send coded messages in combat during World War II.  The role they played in those battles in the Pacific was not known until 26 years after the conclusion of the war.  Today we know them as codetalkers, and on this edition of the Scenic Route, Andrew McCrea visits with one of them…Roy Hawthorne who lives near Lupton, Arizona…

Scenic Route – The Curtain Springs Station

In central Australia you will find Ayer’s Rock…the iconic red monolith that’s the country’s well-known landmark. Just 60 miles east of that famous site, you’ll find the Curtin Springs Station. In Australia, ranches are called stations, and this one’s over one million acres in size. Andrew McCrea visits with Lyndee Severin, who along with her husband and father-in-law own and manage their cattle herd……

Scenic Route: Inside the World Trade Center

If you were old enough to remember September 11th, 2001, you know exactly where you were when you heard the news of the terrorist attacks that day. Joe Torrillo was driving to midtown Manhattan that day. He only knew there was as fire at one of the trade center towers, when he turned his car toward his old fire station that sat adjacent to that site. Soon he found himself in the middle of one of the most significant events in the nation’s history.

Scenic Route: Inside the ER After the JFK Assassination

Phyllis Hall was a nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and she was on duty on November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated.  Her account of that day is riveting, and at times disturbing, and she sat down with Andrew McCrea to talk about it on our latest episode of The Scenic Route.


Scenic Route – Conversation with an Assassin

Pierce Allman was working as a young man at a Dallas radio station in November 1963. He was only feet away from President Kennedy when the first shot was fired. He not only witnessed the assassination — but he also talked to the assassin a short time later. He told his story to Andrew McCrea on this edition of The American Countryside.

Scenic Route 14: The North Dakota Boy and the Top of the World

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.43.11 PMCarl Ben Eielson grew up in North Dakota, but his aviation career took him much further north than that. The latest edition of The Scenic Route takes a look at one of aviation’s great forgotten pioneers.

Scenic Route 13: Paula Neuman Gris

On this edition of The Scenic Route, Andrew talks to Paula Neuman Gris, who was just three years old when her family was broken up at the beginning of the Holocaust. She tells her story of survival in a half-hour interview. Thanks to the Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in Atlanta for arranging the interview.

Scenic Route: Witness to an Assassination

You may think you know all there is to know about the JFK assassination. But there was one man wounded that day who you’ve probably never heard of. His name is James Tague, and he shares his story with Andrew McCrea on the latest edition of The Scenic Route.

Scenic Route: Supporting the Troops Before the USO

Before the USO was sending Bob Hope overseas, a little-known organization went to the war front to support soldiers in the Civil War. John Wega founded his own museum to share its story — and on this Scenic Route, he shares it with Andrew McCrea.

Scenic Route: Gettysburg Remembered

As America celebrates the anniversary of its founding, it also celebrates the 150th anniversary of one of its most important battles — the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. On this episode of The Scenic Route, Andrew McCrea talks to Gettysburg battlefield ranger Eric Campbell for an in-depth look back at one of the battle’s forgotten Union heroes.

Scenic Route – Saving the World and Not Getting Credit

Would you believe there’s a man who helped save the world from nuclear holocaust, and you don’t even know his name? Andrew McCrea has his story in the latest episode of The Scenic Route.

Scenic Route – Rippa Villa Plantation

You’ve heard of marriages arranged because the bride and groom have certain cherished last names? How about marriages arranged based on a bride’s first name? That’s just one of the odd stories behind the Rippa Villa Plantation, featured in the latest episode of The Scenic Route podcast.

Scenic Route – Sheriff Buford Pusser

America’s lawmen have a special place in our hearts — and a special place in Hollywood. On the latest Scenic Route, Andrew McCrea checks in on the legend of Sheriff Buford Pusser, the famous subject of the movie Walking Tall. Julie Stevens, curator of the Buford Pusser Museum in Adamsville, Tennessee, shares the story.

Scenic Route – Presidential Limousines

They’re not the biggest or the fastest, but some of the most interesting cars in the world are the ones that get our presidents where they’re going. On this episode of The Scenic Route, Andrew talks to Matt Anderson about those luxurious mobile fortresses.

Scenic Route – Buffalo Bill & the Legend of the Wild West

Perhaps more than any other man, Buffalo Bill Cody helped shape the legend of the Wild West. But what’s truth and what’s legend about the man himself? The latest Scenic Route podcast features an interview with historian and Buffalo Bill expert Tom Martens, who helps us separate fact from fiction.

Scenic Route – A Series of Miracles

Serge Kreisberger was a little boy in Romania during the Holocaust, but he made it out alive through what he calls “a series of miracles.” He told his story to Andrew McCrea on the latest episode of The Scenic Route.

Scenic Route – Big Little Town

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 12.30.42 PMAbout 300 people live in Shickley, Nebraska, but that “big little town” has raised more than $2.5 million for community projects in the past decade. And they did it without government grant money or raising taxes. Andrew McCrea finds out how on the latest episode of The Scenic Route.