Time to Make the Donuts

What’s the first thing a father teaches his son about being a good businessman?  How to make donuts of course!  It’s one of the most important jobs around here and 20,000 people per day may show up…

Disassociation with Wall, South Dakota

If you’ve heard of Wall, South Dakota then you’ve heard of Wall Drug.  But there was a time when a young man from that small town did not want to be associated with the place.  His story is one that impacts travelers yet today…

Offering A Drink of Water

If someone is thirsty you might offer them something to drink.  What seems commonplace served as a business inspiration that brought customers in droves.  The store that offered that free drink is our story…

Putting Down Roots for a New Business

The Depression was in full swing and a young family was looking for a place to put down roots and begin a new business.  It was the backdrop for a new pharmacist looking to open his new drug store…

The Good Shepherd

In the Bible, Jesus is referred to as “The Good Shepherd” who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep.  Today’s feature is also about the “good Shepherd,” which in this case, is the story of a specific type of lamb that might provide life to people who are suffering…

Afflicted With a Debilitating Illness

At first glance, today’s story will seem to be one of little hope.  Yet, there hope and it’s coming from the livestock industry for people afflicted with a rare but debilitating and fatal illness…

Going To A Stranger’s Home for a Free Meal

If you showed up at a strangers’ home and asked for a free meal, they  might slam the door in your face…or just maybe you’d find a kind soul  who would take you in.  The later will be the case this weekend in one  city…

A Unique Homecoming Theme

Many high schools and colleges pick a theme for their football homecoming.  In Brookings, South Dakota the theme remains the same…perhaps the most unique in the nation…

Nick’s Hamburger Shop

This hamburger shop has been around longer that just about everyone living in Brookings, South Dakota.  When you’ve been in business over eight decades, you are probably doing something right.  In fact, the burgers here are so well known, people will go to extraordinary lengths to get here…..

Why Brookings?

Just about every town has a namesake.  Perhaps it’s a president, general or early settler whose name was chosen to identify the place.  Brookings, South Dakota is one such place, but the man for which it is named, knew little about this place…..

The Jumpin’ Jesse James

After a failed bank robbery attempt in Northfield, Minnesota, the James gang headed west toward the Dakota Territory.  Near what is today’s border between South Dakota and Minnesota, the pursuers of Jesse James had him cornered.  What happened next is still up for debate, but folks in this town believe they know what happened….

Devil’s Gulch

Long before Europeans ever discovered this deep ravine, native Americans had been coming here.  It was a sacred place they associated with their brave warriors.  The place still carries that significant meaning, but it’s grown to encompass an even larger legend…..

The Little House on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in several Midwestern states during her lifetime.  She was well into her 60s before her first of the “Little House” series of books was published.  Today you can still come to DeSmet, South Dakota and see many of the places she lived and worked…..

The Story the Author Told

In 1879 there was no town here.  It was a vast open prairie that could at time be beautiful and at times be so brutal it tested the mettle of the pioneers that attempted to settle it.  Thanks to one author, we learned much about this place when we were children…..

The Wonderful Flying Machine and Henry Heitz

You probably haven’t heard of Henry Heitz.  However, the folks in Elkton, South Dakota know that he invented a flying machine…that didn’t fly.  But perhaps most interesting was one of Henry’s biggest fears.  You can still see that part of his story long after his death…..

An Elephant on the Run

The people of Elkton, South Dakota were excited that the circus was in town.  But when bad weather forced its cancellation it wasn’t the end of the show.  One of the elephants turned on a drunk trainer who had abused it and began to turn over circus wagons in its rage.  Soon it was headed into the town proper…..

The Circus Comes to Elkton

Just about everyone loves the circus, so people in Elkton, South Dakota were disappointed when bad weather forced the cancellation of the show that had stopped in town.  However, the folks here had no idea the mark this circus would leave on their town, for one of the animals was going to stage quite a final performance…..

Sitting Bull

He is one of the greatest Indian chiefs ever to lead his tribes in peace and battle.  Ironically, two different towns claim his burial spot…..

Hansen Wheel and Wagon

wheelandwagonIf American automakers are struggling to make ends meet, perhaps they should meet one of the country’s premiere wagon builders. The times certainly seem to not have passed him by, with a brisk business for vehicles from over a century ago…

A Special Job and A Special Thanksgiving

potusgwbushRegardless of your political affiliation, the event that took place on Thanksgiving 2003 was remarkable. Today, we visit with a man who was not only there to witness the event, but played a part in making it happen…