The Danes Come to America

Immigrants from many countries came to the U.S. wholesale jerseys from chinaduring the 19th century, but the young men from this country often came because the farms in their homeland were simply too small to support more people…

Albert the Bull

He is the biggest of his kind and you certainly won’t miss him if you drive into Audobon, Iowa.  He’s been in the movies and even an answer on Jeopardy.  We’ll take you to meet Albert…

Operation T-Bone

It’s called Operation T-Bone and for over six decades it’s had an impact on west central Iowa.  It’s a mission that has changed over the year’s but is still very relevant today…

The Empty ‘Big House’ Makes a Comeback

It’s one very large and empty house.  It’s what some call “The Big House.”  But this historic and currently empty place could soon be changing.

Not So Pleasant of a Stay

Most people would say this river town is a pleasant place to live.  However, for those who happened to find themselves inside the walls, it may not have been so pleasant of a stay here…

The Betsy Ross House

In Ft. Madison, IA you will find the Betsy Ross house.  But hold on you say…American flag maker Betsy Ross lived in Philadelphia and never came to Iowa.  There’s a good reason such a house is in Iowa…

The Long Walk for Food

It’s a long walk from Fort Madison, Iowa to St. Louis, Missouri.  However, that’s exactly what was facing a few dozen men if they didn’t receive food very soon…

Capture the Flag

When the native Americans laid siege to this remote American outpost, it was a part of a coordinated effort to retake the middle of the continent.  Interestingly, their sights may have been set on taking a symbolic prize rather than taking lives…

The Oldest City in Iowa

What is the oldest city in the state of Iowa?  The answer has a lot to do with the fight to keep a young nation independent and free…

Glen Miller – Musician and Soldier

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He was one of the most famous Americans in the early 1940s…a man who was making up to $20,000 per week. But he knew he wanted to use his talents to serve his country and he would give his life in the process.

Glen Miller – Hitmaker

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Even if you are not old enough to have enjoyed this man’s music when he originally created it, there’s no doubt you’ve heard it. In fact, he recorded fifty-nine, “Top 10” hits in just four years time…a feat never matched.

It Started with a Trombone

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The gentleman who ran a store in Grant City, Missouri could have never imagined what would happen when he bought one of his young employees a trombone.  That purchase propelled the young musician to become world famous.

Hallowed Ground in a Field

FJ Alaska Banner AdIn northern Iowa you will find many picturesque corn and soybean fields dotting the landscape.  But one of these fields it hallowed ground for many.  In fact, music fans still regularly come here to pay their respects to the legends of rock n’ roll…

The Day the Music Died

FJ Alaska Banner AdDon McClean wrote the song “American Pie” about the day “the music died.”  It was the night of February 2nd, 1959 and Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens had just finished played a concert at Clear Lake, Iowa…

A Night at the Surf Ballroom Over 50 Years Ago

FJ Alaska Banner AdIt’s been over fifty years now since a big time music tour rolled through the upper Midwest.  It was called the Winter Dance Party Tour and it included the biggest rock n roll names of that era.  On the night of February 2nd, 1959 they played the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa…

The 70th Anniversary of a Special Nativity Scene

FJ Alaska Banner AdThis year in Algona, IA, residents will celebrate the 70th anniversary of a very special Nativity scene.  It was a gift from prisoners far from home, who were about to leave the friends they had made in a foreign country

A Nativity Scene On Display Year-Round

FJ Alaska Banner AdDuring the advent season, many families and churches will set up Nativity scenes.  They figures remind us of the birth of Jesus.  But here, the Nativity scene is always set up, for it is by far too large to ever be taken down…

Escaping a POW Camp in the Midwest

FJ Alaska Banner AdIf a soldier is taken as a prisoner of war, they may try to escape to freedom.  That was the case for the Germans living in this U.S. based POW camp.  However, when they escaped in the middle of Iowa, they found it was a long way back home

Enemy Soldiers Working the Fields of Home

FJ Alaska Banner AdImagine the pain of losing a son or daughter who was fighting in a war.  Now imagine hiring one of the enemy soldiers to work with you, taking the place of that child.  It sounds unthinkable, but the situation played out many times here

A Shortage of Labor at Home During World War II

FJ Alaska Banner AdWhen young men went to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II, many communities were left with a shortage of labor.  To help ease that burden, POWs, mostly from Germany, were sent into the countryside to work field and perform many other jobs.