A Casino With A Great History

Ask someone to name a casino in Vegas and they can rattle off names like the Belagio, Stratosphere, MGM and others.  But ask someone about the casinos that built Vegas into the gaming center it is today…and this one will certainly rise to the top…

Buying Land With a Catch

All Shawna’s father wanted was a five acre patch of land to access the Colorado River.  He soon learned that if he wanted that land, there would be a catch.  He’d actually have to buy a larger tract and take what came with it.  That decision changed the course of one family’s history…

Hiring Women to Populate a Town

The proposal had to sound ridiculous to just about everyone who heard it, save the men who sprang the idea.  Their offer was to pay for the transportation of women to come and inhabit their boom town since there were currently only men residing there…

The El Dorado Mine

This canyon was once a bustling place full of men looking to make big money in the gold mines.  The mine is still here and there are some miners around, if you count Shawna’s family that is

An Unusual White Rock

A place can be deceiving.  That was exactly the case here in what is today’s desert south of Las Vegas. There appeared to be little of interest except for a rumor about an unusual white rock…

A Valentine’s Wedding Record

My grandparents were married on Valentine’s Day and they celebrated 76 wedding anniversaries.  But today, we honor a Valentine’s wedding record measured not in the number of years, but in the number of ceremonies performed…..

More Weddings Than Anywhere in the Nation

This county performs more weddings than any other in the nation.  You probably have a good idea where that county might be located, but do you know why it became known as the place to tie the knot?

Flying a World Record Endurance

If you’ve ever flown into the Las Vegas airport, you may have noticed a colorful Cessna airplane hanging from the ceiling over the baggage claim area.  Most people think it’s just an interesting prop.  However, it’s actually a world record holder, for no other manned airplane has ever remained aloft for more continuous days that this one…..

The 24 Hour Las Vegas Museum

You may recall we recently discussed a pair of brothers in Mississippi who in 1935 set a record by keeping an airplane in flight for 27 straight days.  It’s an impressive feat, but in 1959, two other men more than doubled that feat…..

Protestors and Nuclear Testing

Our nation’s Bill of Rights guarantees its citizens freedom of speech and the right to assemble. When you are director of the Nevada nuclear test site, you see plenty of people exercising those rights…..

Nuclear Weapons Testing

From the 1950s to 1992, this area north of Las Vegas was where the U.S. conducted most of its nuclear weapons testing and this man was director of the site when that work came to an end…..

Drilling Holes in the Ground

Andrew McCrea interviews former Nevada Test Site Director, Nick Aquilina

Drilling a hole in the ground may not sound too important. However at this site, much of today’s drilling technology was perfected, and that location may surprise you…..

Promoting Las Vegas

Most cities would not promote nuclear tests and fishing at lakes void of fish. But that’s what this place did, and it grew as a result…..

The City Known for Its Water?

When this city got its start, it was known for its water. Its safe to say, few know it for that today…..

Death Valley

Because Death Valley is such a difficult environment to support plant and animal life, most suppose that is how it earned its name. But the real origin of the name is attached to a family who actually had a heroic story of survival to tell…..

Crossing the Nation’s Hottest Valley

On the border of California and Nevada you will find a place that has daunted countless travelers for the past 150 years. Whether they attempted to cross by wagon train or in today’s automobiles, it’s still a place with beauty, intrigue and danger…..

Four Decades Work of the Cold War

During Troy Wade’s four decades at the Nevada Test Site, he went from designing weapons to stop the Russians to actually sitting down with his Soviet counterparts to work on nuclear reduction treaties…

The Nevada Test Site

Deep under the earth just northwest of Las Vegas, Troy Wade worked to win the cold war…

The Golden Nugget Casino

Ask someone to name a casino in Vegas and they can rattle off names like the Belagio, Stratospher, MGM and others. But ask someone about the casinos that built Vegas into the gaming center it is today…and this one will certainly rise to the top.